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  1. Do you use seeds for that triple paki or you got his sleepy mama cut?
  2. Wow that will be some power-smoke Is it will be on stock with Afghan and Ouzbeki? Peace AK
  3. whats is that dtrain??? I only know member with that name I know whtas is Aof and if that would be X18 x (PTK x Wild Pakistan aka AoF) it would be killer somek
  4. Thank you I will run them organic and see if there will be thats what im lookin for. If i will find some blacks or other beauties I will post here as full grow log will be on other forum. Could you tell me when will be next restock as I only got 3 packs to work with. Peace AK
  5. Hey @Cristalin Im waiting for birds with my Turkish What would you recomend me to grow, couse Im thinking that organic grow would fit well. With all landrace I try to grow 100% organic, what do you think about that?
  6. Ah yeah I got my Turkish hashplant and I hope will find some nice plants.
  7. And what about Senegal?? Anybody got some info?? 14-15 week sativa, sweet and fruit with celebral high, or Im wrong?
  8. @AGP Thank you y friend, I was so focus on that turkish hashplant that Iv forgot about that Maldabar taste of that ouzbeki:D So If I will have lucky I will grab few packs of turks and few others from Sanies and Esco. Maybe I should look for some help as Im seeds addicted
  9. Tkans God that Iv got somethink to keep stres off cous you guys will make me crazy, Im lookin for new stock few times every day.
  10. Cant wait to get those Turkish Landraceseeds. Could you tell more about bouquet? Are there any fruits, lime or floral scents? That Turkish landrace is sensetive to light leaks if flowering indoor?? Peace and many thanks AK
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