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  1. note to myself: buy a camera you ass... I like bubles pic:) G
  2. I think that counts for the most of us, though I've seen people losing their heads smoking too much but that was also caused by mental illness, thank you all for your openness... greets GGV
  3. my brew of ALDI coffe just arived, not as exclusive as the names above, but still anjoyable, nice idea for a topic, to bad you can't smell the coffee (and stuff) it'd improve the atmosphere even more. GGV
  4. how nice, it is to see all kinds of goodand bad experiences... I never knew there were people on opengrow that have actualy seen the big, BOB M please keep on posting. cheers, GGV
  5. how nice to see, that even these tiny plants, devellop such big buds,, good luck! GGV
  6. everyone, thanks for your reactions, I will just try to let them grow up and see what it brings today I'm visiting groningen, to see what kind of growshops and seeds they have there... I can't thank you all enough, I realy didn't know what to do... as soon as it's worth looking at, I'll show some pictures. so long for now, greetings: GGV
  7. what can I say, one page, big progress... you just might want to talk to your plants, lovely words and such... it might just help, it might just don't but everything for them big buds keep up the good work as I should say now (but realy, I mean it) GGV
  8. hey there, UK, great country I think, got family there:) if you're going to grow outdoor, take care that your honeys are safe for rain (i'd use transparant foil to make an easy construction) I suppose you wouldn't like seeing your buds rot away in the unpredictable weather. I hope you shall have big buds, and high times... greets GGV
  9. I'd have to go with Gijs'es idea. lowryder is finished soon, and a small yield. small amount, good for outdoor, finished fast... (see sannie's shop, highest quality, lowest price, and also reliable) grow and blow, with the greetings of: GGV
  10. good luck, and I'll follow the progress for sure... nice Idea of the help tomas fund, I should try someting like that 2 (just kiddin) smell your's later GGV
  11. welcome, I might learn a thing or two here. g'luck on your growings^^ GGV
  12. this moment, I got 6 plants. they are an own experiment. the seeds is grown from a Hemp lady, sexed with a nice male master kush. since I'm kinda realy f*ckin poor (sorry about the naughty language I'm just kind of annoyed) I don't have money for seeds. Thoug I will not smoke crappy hemp buds anothe year. so my question is, do you think this master kush x hemp will be smoke-able? and, where do I get some low price outdoor seeds? if you have any good advise, thou shall be generously rewarded (in the afterlife I'm afraid) Yours sincerly GGV BIGGREENFRIEND
  13. to start of, my best weed experiences: first time, out in the woods, together with a mate, we smoked 5 grams of orange bud on a pipe made of an empty cola can. wasted as hell, we walked back home and watched some tv, it all was funny, I saw amazing colours. laughed 15 minutes about nothing:P another time, near the beach I was smoking waterpipe, apple flavour with santa maria and nepal hash (nice combi) it just gave this wicked relaxed feeling, don't know how to explain... the worst experience... a fieldtrip from school, to the hague... teached had warned me that if they caught me smoking mj I'd be suspended, like I gave a fuck those days. so I got myself 4 grams of white widow (watercured) and smoked a couple of j's on the scheveningen beach. empty stomach but tese days I had a high tolerance (not high enough for this WW) after that we went to a mc donalds and I had a cocos milkshake wich tasted sour (to thirsty to throw it away) after that I felt extremely tired and vague. I started feeling weak, next thing I know is I'm falling down, crawled to a baby's chair to help me get up, still had no sight, I was blindfolded (so it seemed I saw nothing) I tried to get up, and bumped my head to the telly, it broke... after that I got myself up to a normal chair and my eye-sight came back. I see half of my class lookin at me, like what the fuck did you inject man! they never told my teachers how pale and unconsious I was... lucky me. if I recovered like a minute later my classmates would have called an ambulance. so don't drink rotten milk when beiing hungry and stoned... that's it so far
  14. hey people, I know pictures are holy... the point is, i'm not a believer, and too lazy to take pictures of my food and post them... these are the nicest: take 2 slices of bread, loads of chocolate pasta one banana for four slices of bread. slice up the banana, put the slices on one slice of bread, on the other one you put the chocolate pasta. bake'm like a tosti. other one, take 1 pre baked pistolet. cut it open, but don't let the two halves be separated. put slices of tomato on the "catamaran" bread then you put salami, or even better chorizo on top of the tomatoes. as a final touch, loads of cheese, or even better, wet mozarella sliced up (realy nice when melted) put it in the oven till the cheese is melted and starts getting a slight brown crust. enjoy GGV
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