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  1. Always nice too see professionals do their jobs, Any chance open whole sale business for seeds? After many strains i still like herijuana..
  2. picture says yes, how is high and is is it burn right way ect If you see what crap landing here,, it is like clay or dust
  3. brave americans after all drugs are free land like that
  4. Nirsnars

    hawaian weed

    maybe this helps; http://www.rollitup.org/t/the-best-hawaiian-landrace.404010/
  5. all are see this but mexicans are so crazy hail el chapo
  6. must be cold room, temps are great.
  7. can you tell more ? never see pure stuff before. Can´t find ´air sifting´much information
  8. well, ii´m novise. just try tricks collect few times. 99% pure sounds super. I have 3 hashpag 130, 70 and 25. so -minus temperatures makes difference. i´m not grinding any left overs. i just let them full dry (around one month)and put then plastic bag for future use.
  9. is there technique collect all trics whitout nasty plant material, dust, ect is there any commerial technique? exs 1 kilo plast material give 10 - 30g pure stuff?
  10. again you guys did it. I like try "holy grain weed" is anyone has that african black magic seeds? sell? trade ect even updates this old thread?
  11. yo man I have autoflower-blueberry x autoflowerr-blue steak seeds. they are 11 - 13 weeks seed to ready. please, contact me pm. we use those in Finland short summer. I´m old reader this forum.
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