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  1. Mink

    Capi on Growcubes

    This should be fun im in! Have a great grow! Mink
  2. I just love watching the amnesia plants grow.beautiful!! Mink
  3. Well thats a shame this was my favourite thread to come by and observe nice plants and good growing. Peace Mink
  4. Hey Hamme great stuff as always! Are these plants on flora nova already and how do you like it so far? Ive been using it for some time in coco and in hempy buckets and must say it was the most consistent in results so far. Great grow!
  5. Mink

    Mapito diy questions

    Thanks for the usefull tips and i will read on this subject a bit more to inform myself on diy nutrients. And as for the help i always try to help as much as i can as im a firm believer in ''What goes around comes around'' so Karma up Thanks to everyone that has some good advice. Peace Mink
  6. Mink

    Mapito diy questions

    As im in europe i found a place near by where i can get YARA products,and would really like to try it. Hidronesia would you be so kind and describe how you use those at what ratios and how u mix them with water to make stock solution. Ill be very gratefull for help with this! Keep it green,Mink
  7. Mink

    Mapito diy questions

    Hey all, @hamme i think that you can get foam in larger hardwear stores or pet shops(reticulated PU foam for aqarium filters). But as Hidronesia said it might not be needed just the PE balls. I did one grow with just chunks nothing else and it was great. Mink
  8. Looking healthy and lush Ian great garden! Mink
  9. I must say Hamme im enjoying your phototopic very much! Great job and great pictures! Mink
  10. Ill be watching this also! Have a great grow! Mink
  11. Ian how are the ladys are they stretching their legs in crates already? Hope all is good. Mink
  12. Nice,i like how the amnesia is branched out filling the space.interested how she goes further into flower. I wish i could get some nice clones of AH where im at. Mink
  13. Mink

    Mapito diy questions

    Lol i know im kind of tired of paying for water...thats why im asking about salts to learn more and i know i can get the results with less money spent. I was looking at agrocultural websites in my country but dont know really what to look for. Any links with a good read about salts?or any suggestions about products in europe would be appreciated. Mink
  14. Lol that made me laugh. I also like the "really old strains"just the smell of buds takes me back in time in a flash. @Hamme nice job!
  15. Mink

    Mapito diy questions

    I did try 2 times growing with just base but seemed to lack the weight and budd were smaller than usual so i started using additives again. @ledfoot this time i tried just the cubes and it was great now ill try mixing 5-10% foam or polly balls and will see whats the difference. Now this stuff ive been trying to get my hands on but im in europe so nowhere to be found here and they said they arent shipping to europe.would love to try! But ive been looking at green house powder feeding as i would like to grow with salts and not bottles. Anyone has experience with their nutes? Thanks for stopping by everyone
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