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  1. Hello, So plants are going crazy ^^ The outdoor section is going strong and healthy!! Here they are: Smelling so good^^ Another 4 or 5 weeks of summer would be welcome E ALBUM: 2018 (FROM TH123 images)
  2. Hows life going for ya guys?.... Planning a big BBQ party next near for Anna some veggies ^^ really wanne know how life is going for ya? Grtzz, Barrie
  3. Barrie84

    55 days of flower

    Looking very sexy this time ^^
  4. Thanx Guys @HUFFnPUFF Nope i got it from my favourite game HearthStone....Dr.Boom is a very special LEGENDARY character (card) in this game ^^ played it allot.....dont have much time to play it anymore these days Took some pictures last day, yesterday was a beautiful day to pollinate the outdoor lady`s so i took some pics after it......diddnt have much pollen so the lady`s are dusted minimal... here we go Next picture is a fast lady, she is covert with mites but my experience with mites and outdoor growing going hand in hand, never had any probs with it ^^ Indoor going pretty well dont no how many days there in flower but i think around week 8 to 9 still no finish but as you know i`ve got plenty of time ^^ here we go: So not my best but still happy to have some smokes in the near future really need some good herb its bin a while ps: i will make a big sending next week for ya guys, im so busy last weeks with some projects, diddnt have any time to make some serious packs Grtzzzz, Barrie
  5. So here we got a nice Dr.Boom Pheno just wanted to show this ^^
  6. Yep like this for sure! Keep up with this kinda porn
  7. Keep it up my friend!! You allready deserve a place in Sannieshop in my opinion
  8. @lumatekfan Your almost right i got a very nice Kinky cheese male and crossed it wit a beautiful selected SSH X BlueShaze Female...still love ya
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