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  1. Sounds great, but i can't say i've heard of that one. I'll check it out. Cheers wiscalyx
  2. Hey Scone, My deep purple beauty was shorter wider and faster than the pink or green pheno's that i grew. Nice one..should make searching a lot easier. Cheers for the info. Groovy's very good Great info, thanks DG. Sounds like you've got some nice stuff going. If you do ever find a very good Soma Lavender i'll be surprised and happy, but i'm not sure it's the same strain it was a dozen years ago. Good if you do decide to search. One strain i'd advise taking a look at is Bodhi's Soulmate. It's a pinesol wookie cross and i'm going to be taking down 5 of them tomorrow. It looks and smells really nice and the effects are top notch. Also finishes 65 days give or take a day or two. All the best
  3. Hey SPW, how you doing? Let me know if you come across a deep purple. All the best & may your buds be fat & smelly.
  4. Hey buddy, Thanks for the info. I'm not really into growing fems as i'm always on the lookout for something to keep. I'll check out your reports. Happy growing
  5. Hey DG, hope all's growing well for you. I'd love to find that purple beauty again. It's only the third plant that i've regretted letting go, after a particularly nice Mr Nice SSH and an even nicer Soma Lavender. I could probably still get the SSH pheno again, that's if i could be arsed to hunt through a forest of different phenos. But there's no chance of getting that Lavender again. What's your toke of choice at the moment? Cheers buddy
  6. Hey guys, I grew killing fields a few years ago and found 3 different phenos. 1 green, 1 pink, and 1 that was very, very purple with a really dark taste. I ended up keeping the bigger yielding pink one, but letting that purple one go has hurt me for years. She finished around 65 days and was quite greedy. The buds were amazing! not purple-ish! but deep dark purple that dried to an almost black colour. I gave some of the purple bud to a friend who i met up with a few months later in a car park at an exhibition. He gave me a pipe of the purple and nearly sent me over the edge. I went a sort of greeny shade of white. Great bud! Is it possible to still find this pheno in the killing fields F6?
  7. Nice one! Thanks RW - Happy growing
  8. Hi all I'm thinking of getting some of Sannies Buffer tablets. Are they the same as the Biotabs? The ingredients are the same but Sannies are only half the price of Biotabs. I'm hoping they're the same because that's a pretty nice saving! Cheers Phil
  9. Hi Sannie, Thanks for the info. No doubt a pack or two of silverfields will end up in my seed stash sooner or later.
  10. Great replies guys, Many thanks to all. I've already grown out shackzilla & sugar punch and both were very good but i'm looking for a mum or two to keep. My experience with clones from fem plants hasn't been that great so i'm only interested in making mums from regular seeds. My final choices are kolossus & lady cane to find mums, Plus some sugar punch just to grow and smoke.
  11. I've had a pack of extrema in my seed box for ages and funnily enough i got them out today, but they just didn't grab me and i'm not sure they ever will. Damn nice bud Rev and a cracking yield. I grow under 600 watters and like big plants, So yeah i'm definitely sold.The evidence is irrefutable
  12. Nice one guys, Very helpful. You've talked me into it, A couple of packs of kolossus it is. Think i'll add a pack of lady cane as well, Grew one out a few years back and that was a nice plant with a nice cuddly stone and a good yield. happy growing
  13. Much appreciated IH. Do you prefer the kolossus over the SF?
  14. Thanks AD. I grew KF for few years and she was a nice smoke and always yielded well. But i let her go as i felt like a change but i have not found anything yet that can match the KF for yield. So i'm looking for a big yielder to replace my old KF.
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