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  1. Cheers everyone! It's been a week and time for another update. Girls have started blooming and stretched a lot! I think I should have not given them any veg time at all, too thick forest in my tent) Here is the data on feeding: day temp 26-28C night temp 16-18C humidity 40% 26/12/20 Ec 1008 ---- 1020 ph 5.6 ---- 5.6 29/12/20 Ec 1030 ---- 1038 ph 5.6 ---- 5.7 01/01/21 Ec 1090 ---- 1095 ph 5.6 ---- 5.6 04/01/21 - Blooming fase started Ec 1054 ---- 1053 ph 5.6 ---- 5.5-5.6
  2. Hey everybody, it's been a week and I'm back with updates. Plants grew a lot and almost started flowering, so I'm adding Bloom day temp 25C night temp ~16 humidity 30%, gonna do something about it to make it higher 23/12/20 Ec 1006 ---- 1010 ph 5.6 ---- 5.6 26/12/20 Ec 1008 ---- 1020 ph 5.6 ---- 5.6
  3. Hi everyone, it's been a week, so time for update. Girls are doing good, switched to 12/12 already and waiting for them to bloom. From now I'm gonna record Ec and Ph of the solution before and after flooding 15/12/20 Turning to 12/12. Ec 770 ---- Ec 789 ph 5.6 ------ 5.8 18/12/20 Ec 975 ----- Ec 985 ph 5.6 ----- 5.7 +0.5/L Delta 9 Cannabiogen into the solution and some spraying on the leaves too Have a good week everyone!
  4. Hi everyone! I've been growing for a long time now, but my results have dropped, so I've decided to take more serious approach and do a well structured report. On one side it will help me track everything and on the other side I'll share some hopefully good pics with community e$kob@r, I've learned from you, master, thank you! Strain: Andromeda from THCCBD. New bank, new strain, feminized 80/20 indica hybrid with not much info or reviews. Setup: 1 square meter tent, 400W HPS + 2x75W LED lamps from a friend who used to make these lamps for tomato farms. Tent stays on a table, reservoir is under the table outside the tent, flooding tray is in the tent and holds 4 crates with 2 clones in each crate. 12/12/20 Planted pregrown clones into crates and flooded with 0.5 EC and 5.6 ph. Also gave Enzymes and Supervit. I'm using Hesi. Light is 18/6 for 3-5 days, then I'll switch to flowering I don't have access to the tent while writing this so the only pic is this one. Next pics gonna be from the tent
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