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  1. I used in flower simply as a foliar spray. I noticed that the foliage maintained a healthy dark green color and the leaves were thick and hearty.
  2. WOW... Your garden is doing beautifully. Those are some frosty nuggets of funk there for sure!
  3. You said they look better visually. Are they (Atami)frostier? Smaller (AN)? Dryer looking(AN)? Any pics of the two side by side?
  4. Awesome links ma dude. I couldn't understand all of the text, but what I lacked in translation was made up for by the pictures. I did a SCRog grow with my Golden Skush. Best grow was my last! So definitely looking for to new tips I learned from those posts. Like when I did my SCrog I didn't tie them back to the net. I just kept repositioning the leaves down through the holes so the main leaves were left up top.
  5. OMG.... Those plants were frigging phenomenal. The way they grew, their color, density, just beautiful. I couldn't believe the bud that fell over and had to be propped. Awesome...simply awesome!
  6. I'm dialed in and watching this one. Awesome grow you got going so far. I didn't catch it from the beginning so I will have to go back and catch up!
  7. This picture reminds me of how my plants looked when I was growing Golden Skush. Nice plants you got growing so far... Got my chair, a brew, popcorn, and my notebook. Ready to learn!!!
  8. Watching intently as I will be using the 100% Organics from AN myself. Looking for an OMRI friendly grow this time around. Your gear is looking rather sick there Hupla. Those are some beautiful ladies you've got growing. Can't wait to see the big finish and to hear the results.
  9. IME, having the CFL's closer to the plants worked better than having them farther away. The ones I used put off hardly any heat so I could get the lights down in their faces.
  10. Good lookin nugs dude! Nice smoke!
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome. Been a while since I been on a grow site. Been through them all I think. This one seems pretty cool, very low key. Loves it.
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