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  1. 9 and 10 are the only 2 I don't see in every dispensary I've been to.
  2. Here's an article from medicaljane regarding the benefits of juicing cannabis. https://www.medicalj...uicing-cannabis And the cliff's notes: Here are five reasons why including a glass of “weed juice” in your daily health regime may be a good idea: Juicing raw cannabis provides a concentrated source of essential nutrients Juicing raw cannabis provides the perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6 Juicing raw cannabis is a potent anti-inflammatory loaded with antioxidants Juicing raw cannabis is not psychoactive and will boost your energy Juicing raw cannabis is a complete protein The high concentration of raw cannabinoid acids in juiced cannabis, coupled with the perfect balance of fatty acids, could help improve cell function and reduce damage caused by free radicals. Additional benefits of raw, juiced cannabis include reduced inflammation and the facilitation of two-way cellular communication. Many cannabinoids also have anti-tumor properties which are readily available through the consumption of raw marijuana. It also mentions juicing leaves with a couple small buds, not just the fans.
  3. I've juiced using cannabis leaf in the same way. 7-10 medium leaves each time with other vegetables and fruit. I've read a few articles on the subject. Our livestock, before the prohibition, had hemp in their diets too. Which we all then ate. We have evolved with cbd-a and thc-a in our diets. I have a conspiracy theory that America's health decline (cancer, autism, etc) could be related, at least in part, to the removal of that from our diets along with our livestock considering our endocannabinoid system and immune system work together. Juicing it should boost immunity.
  4. Here are 10 madberry and 2 lanky skywalker OG in RDWC. The skywalkers came in late to replace 2 madberry that didn't survive the transplant. A couple of the others took a beating even at 120ppm, but it caused them to branch out like mad at the base of the trunk as if they were topped repeatedly. Sometimes shit just works out!
  5. Hi everyone! I just got the lab results back on my purple pheno of sugar punch. Here ya go. I'm very happy with the results. And here are some pics from my current run. I've a dozen blueberry headband in coco that are looking phenomenal, They are 21 days from flip, 15 from first flower. Approximately 4 week veg and they were topped once. LST only after that.
  6. 1st seed grow using Herijuana, Madberry, and Sugar Punch in 2 rooms in coco and RDWC.
  7. @Diesel with 1200-1500ppm Co2 the recommended height over canopy is 6 inches for my lights. Haven't burned anything yet, but damn they demand the nutes! I have seen many grow journals with light bleaching and the issues you mention with LED though. As you can see below I am less than 6" without any issue.
  8. Here are a few more pics of the RDWC. I'll post up my irrigation system changes tomorrow. As you can see in my first pic I have these things as tight as possible. I only left enough room to get a sawzall blade in there when I decide to expand or change the system.
  9. I spent the last week deconstructing and reconstructing my RDWC and my 20 site drip irrigation system. I'm so impressed with the RDWC that I converted from an 8 site to a 12 site. I will be changing all my systems to this over time. It's simply the lowest maintenance and requires less nutes and time. Most days I only have to monitor and adjust PH and top off. Everything grows faster and bigger in this system than any other I've tried. I do plan to run a 4x4 organic tent using doc buds high brix mix to compare overall flavor and quality. Here's the new system. I'm still running a 1200 gph danner pump and 1/2hp chiller as well as 3" supply feeding the buckets. The return lines have been enlarged from 3/4" to 1-1/2" to the pump where they are then reduced to 3/4" at the pump. I've added shut off valves so I can isolate and remove the pump or chiller without draining the system. I switched to a smaller net pot and sealed the baskets up using neoprene inserts to eliminate any chance of fungus gnat intrusion and added a reflective insulation to help light the lower branches and reduce raising temps of the nutrients. I also moved my gavitas into this room along with the 2 light rails. I'll be comparing this to my LED run in the future. All 12 sites are loaded with madberry and vegging.
  10. I now can say that the LEDs performed fairly equally to the gavitas. I ran sugar punch in 5 gallon pots of coco under the gavita (first run in this journal) and also in 5 gallons coco under the Spydr Xplus leds. Under the LEDs the colas were much denser than under the gavita. They also demanded more nutrients under the spydrs. Dry weight was roughly 5oz per plant under both, but the gavita grow had a longer (2-3week) veg time. Gram per watt the LED wins hands down, especially if you consider the heat the gavita produces and the cooling required to keep room temps down to optimal. If I wasn't running a sealed room w co2 the heat produced by the gavitas may be negligible with proper ventilation. Here are side by side photos of the sugar punch results... Under Gavitas - Buds were fluffy, giant colas but excellent! Under LED - Denser nugs - Just as excellent! Cooler temps brought out the extra purple. No giant colas, just more of them Here are a few more bud shots from this run starting with madberry. The cooler night temps also brought out blues and purples this time!
  11. It's been a while since I've had a chance to update my journal. I've been very busy changing the grow rooms around, harvest and trim, and a ton of branding/marketing and networking. I've decided to dive into everything head first in the deep end. I seem to thrive under pressure in a sink or swim environment so I figure why not? I've been reaching out to local dispensaries that are interested in any overages I have or what my patients won't use up before the next harvest. So far the herijuana, madberry, and sugar punch have all been huge hits! I'm very pleased to see these genetics sitting with all of the "popular" top shelf strains, and in many cases, outshining them! Sannie gets the credit for that! I just gave them what they needed to thrive. I've also been busy marketing/branding The Ganja Shaman, Ganja Shaman Farms, and Ms Jane's Incredible Edibles. I'm working with an amazing chef trying to put together some very tasty, and healthy treats I hope to share soon. A friend of mine is helping with web design, logo, and branding for the aforementioned as well as RDWC Designs...another brand I hadn't planned on initially, but kind of fell into my lap as some potential clients are looking to me to build RDWC and Irrigation systems similar to mine on a more commercial scale. I'm excited to see if this comes to fruition. So, if all goes well once Michigan starts taking apps for commercial this December I'll be throwing my hat in the ring for a 500 plant commercial license. That's the smallest available and more than enough for me. I want to focus more on quality than quantity, like a fine wine or top shelf alcohol. I think as long as I can maintain my momentum these goals are attainable. On to the journal and some pics...
  12. Thanks for the compliments guys! @Papa I decided to try the jackberry next. I just dropped all 10 seeds in a wet paper towel this afternoon and placed them in a humidity dome in a dark warm room. Hoping to find the purple/pink pheno... time will tell. It was a tough decision between that and the g-39, which I'll probably try to get running this summer. I also picked up a dozen blueberry headband clones from a good friend. It's a nice pheno.
  13. There are more than a few good brands out there, but you should do your homework. In my opinion the best are the Fluence Bioengineering Spydr Xplus. I run 2 of them and I also run 2 Gavitas (6/750w DE and 1000w DE). Having now run LED and HPS I prefer the LEDs for performance per watt, less heat, full spectrum. I just finished a run of Sugar punch under LED. When compared to my Gavita run (same clones from same mother) the sugar punch under LED had tighter nodes and more compact buds. Both plants yielded roughly 5oz, but the LED used less wattage and required less AC cooling. You'll pay for it up front, but the ROI with LEDs is worth it to me. I'll be adding a 3rd one soon.
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