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  1. Cheers for the advice bigun, appreciate it. When I was growing up, if one of our dogs killed one of the chooks, dad would tie the dead chook carcass around the dogs neck and make him live with it rotting away around the dogs neck for a few days to teach a lesson. Don’t think it was an effective technique tbh haha but you try and tell my old man that haha. I think I like your idea better lol.
  2. Yeah Shoeless that looks exceptional man. Easy trim too by the looks haha.
  3. Silverfields day 55 ish. ol’ flat top. Cheers
  4. Wu-tang fan? Anyways, dope looking cross. I actually just ordered starduster and Alpenglow off Sannies site too. Can’t wait.
  5. Haha cool man well I’ve got a yellow Labrador and also a golden retriever cross, who happens to be black coated. The Retriever cross is my boy who is obsessed with hunting/killing anything that moves in my backyard. I can’t tell you how many birds he has eaten. Partly instinct but partly boredom maybe too, I need to run him more. I love them both dearly. cheers
  6. Love your birds man. I’m hoping to get a couple ISA brown chooks for my first foray into poultry. One of my dogs will make life hard though- he is a natural hunter/killer and will be OBSESSED so I need to seperate them or build an impenetrable coop. Will be worth it though. cheers
  7. Not sure if anyone else has been waiting for James bean seeds to start posting to their country again, but they just told me that they are now hoping to reinstate international orders by January. I really want some of that Mosca OTIBG or a cross. It’s been so hard finding shops who will post to Oz since COVID. cheers
  8. hey man, is that the Selene f2? I have some of those seeds and yours look absolutely gorgeous.
  9. Ugly killing fields x unknown (freebie I think?)grown outdoors very late in season by old boy. I actually think she’s beautiful lol but most wouldn’t haha..
  10. All clones rooted which is awesome, if nothing else, I’ve learnt to clone this grow! Girls have moved around a little, pale girl at the back now never really recovered but is trying to push out buds. Smells very similar to the healthy girl on the right which is slowly building bud. The one in front is the best performed so far, so much quicker flowering than the others and frostier. Still yellowing a bit quick probably but it’s late enough now that I’m hoping to ride it out. Smell is milder though, rotten fruit and spice and less sugar. The other two are like candy cane/artificial Lolly sugar type smell- I can’t quite pick it but it’s prominent. Some nug shots from the girl in front, day 40. Cheers
  11. Cool, cheers Baq. I’ve ended up with two of each of the left and middle lady. Still hoping the cuttings from the right girl make it but it’s been 11 days now and they don’t look the best. Ya never know though, so I’ll keep them for now. Yeah I’d been spraying them every second day with a “clone accelerator” from professor nutrients but since chatting to a couple other growers it seems they just use tap water. I think my clone light (hlg65) is too low and maybe too bright but I can fix that easy enough. Can I ask mate, at what point would you normally open any air vents in a humidity dome with clones? Wondering if a bit more oxygen could help the stragglers? Cheers
  12. Cheers sunstone I appreciate it mate. I re-read your posts and it’s pretty clear what you were saying haha, i must have been reeeally baked or something haha. Cheers man.
  13. Cheers man, that actually really cheered me up, inspired you could say. I will keep on with the organics mate; all part of the journey hey.
  14. That’s cool man no need to excuse, I can be a bit slow to interpret sometimes lol. I feel stupid now but oh well. I see what you meant with genetic dominance bottlenecking now I just was a bit dumb sorry brah. A lot to learn. I appreciate your patience sunstone, much respect. Thank you for your patience and knowledge mate- good to know on the vigor aspect for clones too. Cheers
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