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  1. Yeah man it’s still not the best, people getting busted and raided in most states.. BUT all the meth, ice around here generally keeps the coppers disinterested in tiny operations like mine. Especially if you’re not selling then you should be ok unless your neighbours are intolerant. The roadside tests freak me out but so far I’ve never been swabbed, I think they are still expensive tests which limits their usage and unless you reek of weed or your eyes look like portals to hell, you probably won’t be swabbed. Some states you will still definitely go to jail for supplying, but it’s getting better. Here is one of the better results from south Australia if the link works. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/11680772 cheers
  2. Hey man, not sure what your set up is like but I’ve heard and read that unless you have a fully sealed growspace, id est not a tent, then CO2 is hardly worth it.I’ve never used it myself though so I can’t say for sure. Cheers
  3. Hey man I run a hlg 550 with a 6 inch internal fan in a 5x5 tent. I’m far from an experienced grower though but it seems to work ok for me. cheers
  4. Australia is VERY slowly taking steps to legalise (I hope), should be able to buy cbd oil over the counter this year. Still very illegal to grow or smoke it yourself though. baby steps..
  5. Hey Misterdirt, In one of the territories (ACT) you can now have 2 plants or up to 50 grams as a state law type thing, but it’s still technically illegal federally. Every other state you’ll get a criminal record or a fine if you are very lucky. Obviously larger amounts and you’ll end up in jail too. There is a process to apply to be a commercial grower but it is very, very strict and only really an option if you have loads of cash or investors I guess. Don’t even bother if you’ve ever even sniffed an illegal operation haha, intensive background checks apparently. Still, it’s all a step in the right direction and there is a couple of doctors you can get cannabis prescription from in my state but it’s still not easy. A friend of a friend had a prescription and was getting an Afghan strain for treatment but it was still really expensive @ $150 ausd a quarter ounce!! So yeah haha..
  6. Should be able to buy low concentrate cbd oils over the counter in Australia later this year. I am shocked, but happy. Also one of the largest medicinal cannabis plantations in the Southern Hemisphere is happening in my state. This is awesome but I can see that the only real people who are going to be able to make a mark on the industry here are big corporations type. Sucks but the important thing is that people will have access to medicine.
  7. Damn @Griot, hell of a line up man, all looks dank as hell. Would love to hear your opinion on the smoke of salmon river and oz dead head brah. Cherry AK is real pretty too. peace
  8. Silverfields- different pheno, this one smells sharper, fruitier.
  9. Cheers for the advice bigun, appreciate it. When I was growing up, if one of our dogs killed one of the chooks, dad would tie the dead chook carcass around the dogs neck and make him live with it rotting away around the dogs neck for a few days to teach a lesson. Don’t think it was an effective technique tbh haha but you try and tell my old man that haha. I think I like your idea better lol.
  10. Yeah Shoeless that looks exceptional man. Easy trim too by the looks haha.
  11. Silverfields day 55 ish. ol’ flat top. Cheers
  12. Wu-tang fan? Anyways, dope looking cross. I actually just ordered starduster and Alpenglow off Sannies site too. Can’t wait.
  13. Haha cool man well I’ve got a yellow Labrador and also a golden retriever cross, who happens to be black coated. The Retriever cross is my boy who is obsessed with hunting/killing anything that moves in my backyard. I can’t tell you how many birds he has eaten. Partly instinct but partly boredom maybe too, I need to run him more. I love them both dearly. cheers
  14. Love your birds man. I’m hoping to get a couple ISA brown chooks for my first foray into poultry. One of my dogs will make life hard though- he is a natural hunter/killer and will be OBSESSED so I need to seperate them or build an impenetrable coop. Will be worth it though. cheers
  15. Not sure if anyone else has been waiting for James bean seeds to start posting to their country again, but they just told me that they are now hoping to reinstate international orders by January. I really want some of that Mosca OTIBG or a cross. It’s been so hard finding shops who will post to Oz since COVID. cheers
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