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  1. Nah no issues at this stage, same as with the other one I grew; I think you might be right about pulling it early, she sure seems to like it here anyway. Thanks for the compliments Mr Goodfellow, I'm happy to finally contribute something to this forum! Currently going through a daily battle as to whether she is ready or not haha. So far mostly just fruity, and really quite subtle. The purple one I grew out was definitely louder, but probably not quite as chunky. Not long now mate!
  2. Organic, outdoor Jahlicieus at approx 8 weeks. The last of 6 I think. 2 were males, 3 got eaten by snails or birds. This one got severely topped by either birds or labradors when she was a baby haha. Cheers
  3. All good, I've found something else which I think will work. Peace
  4. I lived on my parents boat, "The Wandering Albatross" for 2 years with the rest of my family while I was in High School. She was a 1961, 51ft, Karri Hulled, Wandoo decked, Motor Sailor with an old Gardner engine. Absolutely stunning if you are into old stuff(I'll try upload a photo one day). Not as fun as it sounds- living in a cramped cabin with three other brothers but we had some great times that's for sure. Poor old girl sunk a few years ago, just before my mum died. Peace
  5. Yup I think I saw in Sannies shop that you get a free pack of HBH or Spiderbite with any Dynasty order FWIW.
  6. Hey @baqualinapologies for revisiting mate but I wondered if you had an opinion on using Canna Terra Professional as a base mix for the soil mix you posted earlier in the thread. Only problem I can see with it is that it has some nutrients already in it, but I figure it might be worth playing with. As I mentioned earlier, I can't easily get pure Peat Moss around here but I have found that product within 500km of me. Description is as follows: Canna Terra Professional Canna Terra Professional combines many years of research, knowledge, expertise and experience of hydroponic growing into its easy to use, superior potting mix. Canna Terra Professional contains a blend of sphagnum moss peat, peat, perlite and a special “natural plant boosters” which are a blend of organic ingredients proven to stimulate root growth and to protect against root disease. Canna Terra Professional also contains trace elements and chelates and is enriched with a special feeding mix that contains all the elements that a plant needs for their first week of growth. When used in combination with Canna Terra Vega and Canna Terra Flores you will get the superior results. Cheers
  7. Hi @redz, great thread mate, I love your style. When you say you've done about 15 runs in that bed, do you mean with that same particular soil as you had at the start of the thread? Do you amend it with much after each run if so? Do you have drainage holes in that bed somehow too? Sorry for all the shitty questions mate, just trying to get my head around it. Your buds are big and beautiful by the way bro. Cheers
  8. Depends how much weed I have left haha. I'm usually pretty good at resisting, probably only have a tester within a week of her being ready. Always nice to clip some a bit early so I've got something to smoke on while trimming too.
  9. Cheers mate, That's a good place to start and i really appreciate the good advice. Peace
  10. Yeah good plan Misterdirt, I've dealt with a couple recently as I'm setting myself up, and I've got a bit of an idea from that as to who has integrity and who doesn't. Cheers I'll shut up now, apologies for jacking your thread Papalag. Peace
  11. So I did what you suggested Justcozz... and lo and behold they actually got back to me and said they are looking to expand internationally. The problem is, that they have asked as to my experience (in marketing or selling online i guess), which at this point is zero. I'm not exactly sure how to respond now as i wasn't expecting a response, but I'll just send them an honest reply back and try and sell myself or maybe some actual grow shops we have down here. Thanks heaps again for the suggestion mate, I guess at worst I may be able to give them some contacts or avenues into the Australian market, but I'm thinking they'll just cut me off when they realise I don't have my own shop. Not that I never implied that I do have a shop or anything, simply just expressed my enthusiasm and willingness to get the octopots in Oz. We have a huge gardening culture down here, and from the research I've now done and the reports on here, I reckon they would prove to be very popular. It'll be a huge win just to get them available here, which is really all I want. Any advice appreciated and wish me luck mate. Cheers
  12. I'm one eighth russian mate but unfortunately can't speak a word haha. Cool vid but.
  13. That is beyond cool Mr Goodfellow
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