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  1. Sugarpunch #2 at 16 weeks. Big, loose and hairy. She’s not really ready but had to come down today. Not the frostiest or best SP I’ve grown but smells pretty good.
  2. Hey e$kob@r sorry to bother you but I don’t suppose you would have any particular links or articles you wouldn’t mind sharing on the stuff you mentioned like VPD and crop steering? Sounds really interesting.
  3. Wow that looks really nice man. Stinky?
  4. Thanks webeblzr, This was about the only one to not get eaten by rats and rabbits or be a male haha. I can’t find anything about it online now but I’m almost certain it was a once off Dynasty genetics freebie I got from JBC and I think it was Ms. Universe x Agent Orange. But I’ve never seen Dynasty use Agent Orange anywhere else so I’m probably wrong lol . Anyway, the stem smells of oranges so I might be half right hahaha. Yeah I friggin love Basil too, mmmm pesto..
  5. Dynasty ‘cherry orange’ freebie. And Basil.
  6. Merry Christmas all. We had a cool 46.1 Celsius for it yesterday down here. It’s ok because it’s cooled down to 44 today lol. Stay wise.
  7. These are so cool, very pretty indeed. Sorry for stupid question but will you get high if using them gardenartus?
  8. Sugar Punch, 10 weeks from flip Bug porn
  9. Farrout BeachBud that is frosty!
  10. Cheer gardenartus, yeah I do like the blueberry stuff. I had a vividly purple madberry outdoors just once that was the first plant to ever really shock me with its smell. Just straight blueberries, I couldnt believe it haha. I miss that plant..
  11. Hey webeblzr, good to hear from ya bro. Sounds like those lights are really worth it, so good to hear. I still haven’t pulled the trigger on them but am committed to it in the near future, particularly after your reviews bro! I guess I still want to prove to myself that I can grow good bud with what I currently have (getting closer) before I go for it. Sounds weird I know, but I’ve been blaming my light for some stuff since Ive had it when in reality it’s likely just me fucking other things up haha. I’ll also probably need another tent too- so more cash money haha. Yeah I’m starting to get a good little collection of seeds haha. Thought I’d try Bodhi again, he seems to have a pretty loyal following anyway. I’ve grown his sky lotus I think outdoors which was nice but went for some different crosses this time. Lemon thai(Indy) x 88g13hp, wookie x triangle kush and Cherry Queen. I really need to start storing seeds properly though, like maybe in an opaque jar In the fridge I’m thinking. I like your bug juice recipe, does it work on thrips? Them and gnats are my biggest problem but they aren’t too bad most of the time. Cheers man!
  12. Hehe just now ordered 2x blueberry heaven, sugar punch, herijuana fems (no regs available) and Sannies jack f9. Sheeeeeyat hope they make it all the way down here! Just got a big Bodhi order from JBC the other day too after a 9 week wait(!!) lol I was just happy they made it. Hope everyone is well- Peace and Love.
  13. Yo in case anyone still here hasn’t seen, Sannie has a Black Friday sale with 40% off right now and if you haven’t checked his newish ‘blueberry heaven’ then you really should. Blueberry indica x The One. Pretty sure ‘The One’ was also used in Sugar punch which is an all time favourite of mine. Good times
  14. So I saw on Reddit the other day that someone in Sydney bought an 1/8th of an ounce for $250 Aus. WTF, I know product is tight from COVID but seriously haha. Dude said it was worth it, strain was Apple Fritter.
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