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  1. What a way to go out hey!!
  2. Yup, what Misterdirt said. If I ever see ants, I know I've got either mealy bugs or aphids. By themselves though, not really an issue in my experience.
  3. Mephisto's Fugue state (wet). Cheers
  4. That's really cool man, not sure if it was you who asked me about Aussie bred strains prior and I literally had no idea anything existed. Bloke I work with reckons MM was doing the rounds decades ago, like the 70's/80's. Never really listened or thought about it till seeing this now. Real excited to see this kind of stuff. Good luck- hope to see some photos.
  5. Haha I never thought I'd hear of it anywhere else- thought old mate I work with just made it up. But he is actually from the east coast of Oz and had talked about it from back in the day. Not sure if legit but I gave him some Selene I had grown a couple years ago and he said the smell reminded him of Mullumbimby madness. Crazy- can't wait to see old mate at work tomorrow now- he'll be like 'I told you so you dumb ****' apologies for the language but that is exactly how he talks haha. Edit-I shouldn't say he 'made it up' I just assumed it was a localised slang for general weed from that town, Mullimbimby. Listen to your elders people! ps- Mullimbimby is a town in oz and it means 'small round hill' or something along those lines in the aboriginal language of that area. Cheers
  6. Looks very frosty in that there frozen cave Mr Goodfellow! Very pretty plants mate, is the smoke good? Read about that cross recently. cheers
  7. Love your photography KTF, everything so crystal clear.
  8. Smells great man, early on when it was growing it smelled like a pack of skittles, is the best I can describe. So kinds of candy, citrusy I suppose, now it's hanging I'm getting the blueberry through much stronger. I'm planning on putting some smoke reports up too when it's all dried/cured.
  9. So I thought I had spider mites last week. Turned out to be just spiders lol thank the gods. Of course I didn't figure that out until I'd purchased all manner of mite killing goodies haha.
  10. Awww maaaaaan, I've never even seen snow in real life.
  11. Chop day of first plant from first indoor grow! Wish me luck, i certainly borrowed a metric shit-tonne of info from Opengrow! Blueberry ice-cream by Redeye genetics. Last shot is Terpenado from Bodhi- definitely not chop day for that one but I find her pretty. Cheers Cheers
  12. Looking very green and tidy in there man, blueberries and chocolate equals yum
  13. Can't wait to see what the peyote pancake ends up like. Good luck mate, great line up.
  14. Awesome looking plants man, great work. If you don't mind me asking what's the dark stuff hanging in the plastic bag on the wall of your tent?
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