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  1. So I saw on Reddit the other day that someone in Sydney bought an 1/8th of an ounce for $250 Aus. WTF, I know product is tight from COVID but seriously haha. Dude said it was worth it, strain was Apple Fritter.
  2. Halforc

    'mac grow'

    No problems bro, glad to hear you both got through it .
  3. Just ordered a Dynavap! Can’t wait to try it out. I’ve tried a couple different vapes before but always go back to the bilge lol, so we’ll see how this one goes. https://www.australianvaporizers.com.au/products/dynavap-2021-m-starter-pack
  4. Cheers man, I didn't even realise other crews were selling the IBG. The other Mosca cross I really wanted after seeing some grow reports was the IBG crossed with Old time Moonshine; looked so damn good and reasonable yielder too I think. Missed out on her too though haha. Oh well, time will tell if I made a good choice anyway. Peace!
  5. Wow nice canopy sshz! What strain/s you got there?
  6. Starduster. Loose as fuck but I’m really excited to try her.
  7. Hey webeblzr man I just can’t thank you enough for all this knowledge and experience. Cheers bro. Appreciate the time you put in to it. I’ll Pm you with any other questions if that’s cool with you bro. Sorry SPW for the derail, I’ll shut up now. So the strain that I’m excited to try soon from my stash is Bubblegum Boogie fems from Mosca. Probably not that new but new to me haha. Actually wanted just the original Indiana bubblegum in regular, but this is all I could find at the time. The Raspberry Boogie mother supposedly had really high CBD and THC levels so I thought the cross might suit me. Cheers
  8. Cheers web, so much knowledge on her I really appreciate it man. Yeah I would really love more info on your organic stuff man and what you use, I try to go organic myself but results have been a bit mixed so far. If I could get even a half pound per pot I would be so stoked lol.. Yeah we were thinking large, dug into the ground beds chock full of composted goodies and it sounds like the HBH will be perfect and we’ll definitely be doing some topping and training too. I hear ya with the prying eyes, I grew in my backyard for a few years but it got too hard in the end although I occasionally have a couple small girls overflow from the tent but they can be easily hidden. Luckily we have a few acres and a lot of natural bush to hide it in so fingers crossed. The emergence and popularity of drones around here is always a worry though. Cheers
  9. Hey webeblzr hope you are well. Man, I was wondering if you could tell me how the HBH do outdoors if you’ve ever done them outdoors. Sounds like some great phenos to be had- I think it was your testimonials on her that led me to picking them as my freebie. Me and the old boy are planning some outdoor monsters this year (maybe 4 month veg), just trying to figure out the strains. Any advice appreciated man. Cheers
  10. Halforc

    'mac grow'

    Shit man, hope you and the missus are ok now that must have been a bit heavy. Red hot cookies looks like fire from a grow I saw online. Looking forward to seeing how she goes.
  11. Far out Zanzibar, that 4th pic on your 1st post is siiiick. So phat.. how is the high man?- she looks killer. Hope to see some others post up. I would if I had it; I like threads where all can share their grows. Gives a good spread of opinions on the strain. Cheers
  12. Yeah I really wanted it last order but just missed out I think. Definitely on my list, especially now! Cheers man.
  13. Cheers Shoeless, yeah I was wondering how sweet they’d be after reading the description on Sannies site. Sounds pretty spot on man. That little one should be tasty. I too, look forward to any reports!
  14. Wow that looks cool Shoeless, what’s she smell/taste like if you’ve tried it yet?
  15. This sucks man but fwiw, I got a hlg65 and although the light is great, the plug (converted to Oz) is sketchy as fuck and won’t turn on unless it’s placed ‘just right’. Twice now I’ve found it turned off during on time cos the plug has moved a millimetre or whatever. I hope you sort it brah.
  16. Yeah sick, thx for the info man. Yeah a lot of crew here seem to swear by them but they aren’t easily available where I’m at. I’d like to try them one day though. I looked into Hempy buckets after seeing your post- very simple and cool, so cheers for that. Might even try one out in some spare tent space. Keen to see your progress man. Those plants in the pics above are being mainlined too right? Looking good.
  17. Yeah this is cool SPW, good bump. love ya photos of ya doggo and cat (in the sink! Lol). these are my boys This is ‘The Captain’, so named because he only has one foot. Been hanging around for years now (can hand feed him) but haven’t seen him for a few weeks which has me worried.. hehe
  18. Always wanted this! missed out on my last JBC order but did get some blue magoo bx2 and salmon river. Hopefully one day anyway. Love your smoke reports bro. Cheers
  19. Good morning Starduster, Alpenglow..
  20. Hey man, I realise this post is super old but anyway.. I’ve seen the little indoor Bokashi composter set ups at Bunnings here but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, even though I’ve thought about it a lot. I’ve got a worm farm outside so everything tends to go in there anyway but I do like the idea of at least starting the process in a clean little, smell- free set up indoors, rather than letting everything slowly rot in a bucket till it’s full like now haha. Attracts the gnats too which sucks.
  21. How are these going man? I’ve never tried these. Didn’t know you could grow in pure perlite too so keen to watch. I was thinking about Octopots myself, can you tell me what you didn’t like about them or what issues there may be?
  22. Yeah man it’s still not the best, people getting busted and raided in most states.. BUT all the meth, ice around here generally keeps the coppers disinterested in tiny operations like mine. Especially if you’re not selling then you should be ok unless your neighbours are intolerant. The roadside tests freak me out but so far I’ve never been swabbed, I think they are still expensive tests which limits their usage and unless you reek of weed or your eyes look like portals to hell, you probably won’t be swabbed. Some states you will still definitely go to jail for supplying, but it’s getting better. Here is one of the better results from south Australia if the link works. https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/11680772 cheers
  23. Hey man, not sure what your set up is like but I’ve heard and read that unless you have a fully sealed growspace, id est not a tent, then CO2 is hardly worth it.I’ve never used it myself though so I can’t say for sure. Cheers
  24. Hey man I run a hlg 550 with a 6 inch internal fan in a 5x5 tent. I’m far from an experienced grower though but it seems to work ok for me. cheers
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