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  1. HI all i was given a couple of auto beans both were doing fine in seedling stage today one was wilted , the leaves fine the stem was real thin half way down , like it was sucked dry?? thoughts?
  2. Me plants are outside temp is 85 t o90 very humid, plenty of rain. 4 dif soils and in all of them the seedings are small, look health but are dwarfed. But I see two that are doing the normal thing. I am hoping that the small ones will gro large enough to to cuttings maybe is the roots ?? pix to come
  3. HI all, Me seedlings are small and slow growing, its been 3 weeks no full sized leaves ,all seeds in dif medium none taller than ur finger, Heat the prob? I could cry but am to dehydrated.
  4. Thanks to Gardenartus, and her benefactors, i have small green kids popping up . A huge Thank You to all involved.
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