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  1. I am planning to over throw the free world , So no getting in my way. SO where is this free world anyway?
  2. Hi Gartenartis, thank you again for the beans you sent me last year , one of them lived on till spring and the cuttings from in growing . I hope all is well with you . !
  3. UPDATE ..........she has died , it seems she found the days getting longer and gave up BUT the cuttings i have taken roll on.
  4. A screen door stop blowing sand? Nor will your mask stop a virus.
  5. Now if this plant and its offspring live thru the coming winter, we may have the never ending plant.
  6. Gerard Hoffnung (from his Oxford Union speech) I've got this thing here that I must read to you. Now, this is a very tragic thing... I shouldn't, really, read it out. A striking lesson in keeping the upper lip stiff is given in a recent number of the weekly bulletin of 'The Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors' that prints the following letter from a bricklayer in Golders Green to the firm for whom he works. Respected sir, when I got to the top of the building, I found that the hurricane had knocked down some bricks off the top. So I rigged up a beam, with a pulley, at the top of the building and hoisted up a couple of barrels of bricks. When I had fixed the building, there was a lot of bricks left over. I hoisted the barrel back up again and secured the line at the bottom and then went up and filled the barrel with the extra bricks. Then, I went to the bottom and cast off the rope. Unfortunately, the barrel of bricks was heavier than I was and before I knew what was happening, the barrel started down, jerking me off the ground. I decided to hang on! Halfway up, I met the barrel coming down... and received a severe blow on the shoulder. I then continued to the top, banging my head against the beam and getting my fingers jammed in the pulley! When the barrel hit the ground, it burst it's bottom... allowing all the bricks to spill out. I was now heavier than the barrel and so started down again at high speed! Halfway down... I met the barrel coming up and received severe injury to my shins! When I hit the ground... I landed on the bricks, getting several painful cuts from the sharp edges! At this point... I must have lost my presence of mind... because I let go of the line! The barrel then came down... giving me a very heavy blow and putting me in hospital! I respectfully request 'sick leave'.
  7. Gardenious gifted me the beans, but which one this is , no idea. I am taking cuttings. This plant was on the roof through a hurricane, came out battered AF. But pulled on and it makes me smile.
  8. No toker a gift bean that is immortal ? This is s photo, planted in august, gave a up a small crop and failed to die, temps down to 33 F It is growing now as a bush. I will get some pix
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