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  1. Automan

    Growing Graphics...See it , Know it

  2. Automan

    Growing Graphics...See it , Know it

  3. Automan

    New look of site

    Not to be that guy but I liked the old look this is to stark to white. I wondered if it was my screen did the site not load properly. Just found the how to upload a pic. Thank you and good night
  4. Automan

    Growing Graphics...See it , Know it

    YIKES you changed the site all looks odd and scary now !
  5. Automan

    QWISO Making it from Fresh herb

    You decarb it after extraction heat it up to drive off alcohol and water anyway.
  6. Hi all I have made another batch freezing the herb and alcohol, and the dried plant of course still absorbs the alcohol and pulls in some of the goodness. Since the goods are on the outside of the plant. Has anyone made it from fresh material? Take a bud dip it into the alcohol, the plant being wet a ready, the trics dissolve and and no lose of alcohol? I will try this this year, any reasons not to?
  7. ? Well I am still a funny guy and i gave a funny try and so sad, I had to watch my thread die.
  8. HAVE you ever heard of Suppository? And where does the Medicine GO? The thread had a funny title and opening as i am a funny Guy. But it was to talk about the medical idea. If you cant smoke it or eat it where do you think it can go in? There is NEVER a reason for Censorship EVER!. Bad speech needs MORE speech not less. Here are 3 guys they look normal and ALLOW them to speak . One is wise the other dull and the 3d is a full blown psychopath Had I NOT allowed them to speak. ..........yeah. SO no mod wrote me to ask what my intent was, OR that they reworded it or JACK ...it was just was gone. It;s clear to me this is not an American run place.
  9. Automan

    Hi from France!

    Hi from France! DID you mean HIGH in France?
  10. KIND OF SHOCKED TO FIND CENSORSHIP HERE , i started a playful thread called "Anally fitted Cannabis" And asked who would e brave enough to shove an OZ up there Bum..I came here and had a notice that someone liked my post. I hit the link to go see what they said ////// thread gone . I am disappointed censorship i find in the BAD world did not want to see it here.