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  2. stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want. So not to be a pain but the title says it all. Moderation = CensorshipI am very set against that for the obvious reasons.
  3. I have to say this trans thing made me crazy them I thought it thru Men's rooms are Skunky . So take a pink bow with me put it in my beard and yell TRANS and march into the woman's room, so nice and clean. I am considering over throwing the free world .........so .....like.. you've been warned
  4. And now for something completely different
  5. IN ANY EXPERIMENT THERE IS THE EXPERIMENTAL GROUP AND THE CONTROL GROUP....If you got the experimental vaccine, you know who you are. SO you got 2 vax and a booster and just caught covid, ...funny that. As I have not had anything i was vaxed against. The bug has a 99% 98, 97 % survival rate I have done many things that did not have that good of odds.. Obama made you under penalty buy from a for profit company its product at prices they set. "You can keep your doc your plan rates will go down" Biden you will be injected with and experimental vax from a for profit company that set the price, or I will destroy your life GOV IS TO SERVE THE PEOPLE , NOT THE PEOPLE ARE TO SERVE THE GOV. THE US HEADS TO CIVIL WAR . Kinda cool as I missed the last one. 09 - Fish Heads.mp3
  6. I am un vaxed and plan to remain that way. I have 3 stents in my heart and the doc who put them there, is stone dead. My age a big vax mask fanatic. Covid they say could have been or ? People each year die from the flu, kids men women and we just have to go on and do. Now we have a bug that kills those with one foot in the grave to begin with and the worlds on fire. 1918 flu killed the young and health people sparing the kids and old. .I have not lived in fear and fail to understand all that panic. imagine standing in the freezing cold to get tested to find out you have a cold. The loon with 2 masks, a shield, gloves and "i'm vaxed" T shirt. This concludes my rant for this evening. I ask you tip the wait staff as they have served you well I now turn you over to the comedy team of abbot and costello, a couple of fresh faced kids just entering the business. TAKE IT AWAY BOYS !. Abbott - Costello - 3 classic bits at the Charity Bazaar.mp4
  7. Did you hear about the priest who had to get out of the habit cuz he couldn't get none.
  8. "I once drank a glass of water.....almost died"!
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