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  1. eventually you will lose visitors from constant slow loading... Sannie should address the isssue.
  2. I am thinking to try out comfrey, if you have used it before when premixing your soil, how was the results? The only thing putting me off is the prices, but maybe there is an alternative way to get it cheaper? - Like buying Alfalfa pellets from a horse feed shop. Also a question - Do we use the leaf content, or root content? I can see that some places sell Root Powder, and others Leaf Powder. On ebay its around $20 for 250g.
  3. Hi, I am trying to build everything from scratch for repeatable results. Next time I will probably mix 50% EWC w/ 50% peat for my seedlings, or something similar. I want to simplify things, and also using ingredients I have around for the other stages of soil means less cost/effort. The John Innes Seed Sowing compost is really bad stuff, it has big chunks of plastic in it, its quite sandy, and it compacts together too much, its really terrible to sell it as a seed sowing mix... I actually gave my remaining bags away
  4. Hey redz, it looks like you dont have any perlite in your compost? Doesnt it clump up quite a bit?
  5. Thought to update this thread. The issue I think was what ifish said... Drainage issues or parts of the soil not getting wet or overwet and compacted. Along with them being to close to the lights.
  6. Also another point in favor of HillCrest idea to build a variac controller, is that you will have a HUGE number of fan speeds... 100x more speeds actually. Unlike paying £300 for a branded variac hybrid controller which only allows speed, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5... 20% increments...
  7. For some reason I didn't see your post earlier dieseldog. Maybe for you fans have not hummed because luckily you selected the right controllers(variac), or you got lucky. Many of the controllers on the market will cause the fan to hum/buzz/knock when used at a certain setting - the reason being is the outcome of the technology used in the controller... smscom has cheap £50 controllers that will likely produce a hum at a certain setting for a certain size fan, then they make hybrid controllers for £275 (which have a variac inside) that will not cause any hum at any setting for any size fan. Sometimes you can get lucky with a cheap controller(non variac) due to the fan size you use and the speed setting, but my 10" fan doesnt fall into that lucky category... Also, I shouldn't use the word cheap, a bad word for what im trying to say... but my point being is that if a variac technology costs around £60 to buy, and smscom and other brands are selling them at £270 in there own £5 plastic enclosure, for me I would rather save my money and get the variac at £60... That sunleaves windtunnel looks like a quality fan, I have not seen the brand or design before. Will check out the pricing now EDIT I looked at that controller you use dieseldog, and I think its too cheap to contain variac technology, which leads me to believe that the reason you don't experience fan buzzing, is perhaps because that sunleaves windtunnel fan has good silencing qualities, but the buzzing probably does exist just you cant hear it. I read some times in the past that using non variac controllers is bad on the fan longevity overall... but thats another story...
  8. Hey hidronesia, Thanks for all that info. For now I am going to go with @HillCrest approach to a controller, I don't want to spend £250+... its overpriced I think. Also I just have 1 fan. Also, I have heard that the new systemair is much better than the old RVK Sileo, but the price is a rip off. The ones we own(old) are on longer in production due to laws.
  9. ifish, the leafs look like this - (not my image, but plants look exactly like this .:V:. They are in 1Liter pots, I will try your idea V and put into 5 L pots w/o watering for a few days. maybe they will correct themselves. The soil they was in was John Innes Seed Sowing - when the problem started, then I moved them into my 30/30/30 EWC, pelite, Peat mix. But the problem didnt correct itself. The John Innes seed compost is terrible imo, water cant penetrate it very well... Im surprised I didnt end up with more like it.
  10. Jeez, you got alot of seeds there, don't you sometimes forget which is which before you label them? Had that happened a few too many times. Good to see your from Engerland matey!
  11. I thought to give an update here as I dont want to give bad credit to the seeds... Good news, in the end all the Sugar Punch pulled through and now they are looking much better, sadly though 3 of the Aztec Rain look very poor... They have leaves which look like root rot below, I have tried letting them dry out twice, and then watering only a little, but they still suffering... Dont know what to do about those Aztec Rains...
  12. Hello Thomson. Nice growing style and DIY bed. Is that one specific clone of Kolossus? or multiple different genes? When you did this 60 day grow before, what type of yield do you get from each plant? Also, you have an auto feed water pump which distribute water equally to all at one time? Did you hear of BluMats? Thanks for posting your work, I will check back for more
  13. Everything is good ifish, hope the same for you too. Thanks for the link HillCrest, I will check out your thread tonight. If I think I can get the parts and build it within a short time, I think I will do that, if not I will just buy a variac.
  14. Hey ifish long time Thats interesting, so the cheaper controllers which make fans hum often only hum at lowest settings? I think il try that £60 variac, because my fan is 10" so any humming will prob be quite loud
  15. Hey again guys. Does anybody know any cheap variac controllers to prevent humming/buzzing noises? I don't really want to pay £250 for a fan controller... Fan only cost me £80, seems ridiculous... I was thinking something like this perhaps http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132193059882 I have a Systemair Sileo RVK 250E2-XL 1240m/hr
  16. You mean nute hot? definitely not temp hot, as the room is cool
  17. Hey guys. Around 6 of my seedlings are now showing deformed leaves(Twisted, Curled, Wrinkly, poor symmetry) What can be the cause of this? Some are also curling upwards on themselves... The color of the leaves is a nice consistent dark green, the room temp is normal. I am using John Innes Seed Sowing Compost
  18. Yeh, its true what your saying there, however I looked to find pure charcoal, which when grounded down and then activated should be biochar(technically). However, there are some charcoals - such as the popular Charcoal Briquettes - These contain other chemicals to help make the burn more consistent, and in some cases a easy light fluid. When charcoal is not formed correctly from the initial burn(under incorrect conditions like you said), it comes with either unburnt wood, or an ashy finish) - so its quite detectable if its good stock or not.
  19. Thanks for the replies guys. Sadly an additional 2 of those 16 sugar punch which sprouted are not looking good - they are looking deformed(very crinkled leafs and very elongated), so I don't know if they will last either... its a problem as I needed 20 sugar punch... So this teaches a lesson that always germinate 5-10 more in future, because now I am going to be stuck with around 15 or so 2 weeks ahead of the other 5 I must now germinate(going to have to resort to more Aztec Rain as I ran out fully of Sugar Punch) I think I am going to try what you guys suggested, Paper towels from now onwards.
  20. Hi douglas From what I read last night, BioChar is just another name for Charcoal when used as a soil amendment - often crushed down into smaller form and then activated like you said. What ratio do you mix it with your soil? Good to know it can work as an insurance policy.
  21. Hey Guys So I put 22 Sugar Punch into a cup of water, Along with 11 Aztec Rain in another cup. All 11 Aztec Rain seeds showed a root around 2mm in length, and when put into soil came out the husk and lifted fine. However with the Sugar punch 6 have problems, 3 of the seeds never showed a root in the water(and still have fully closed husk 10 days later), and the other 3 after being planted have problems - 2 are in the same state I put them(little root out of husk), and 1 has grown up but the husk is fully covering the top(I have learnt from the past if the husk is still quite attached not to force it off, because often you rip the undeveloped baby leaves off) Is it perhaps my germination method? I leave in a cup of water in a dark place at room temp, until a root of about 2-4mm shows from the husk? I have seen some let the root develop to around 1cm in paper towels and then plant - perhaps I should try this...
  22. Is it worth adding BioChar to nutrient rich soil? From what I have read it seems BioChar is most effective in poor soil mixes, making the results not so worth while when used with good soil?
  23. Hey guys - Long time. In a couple weeks I will be transplanting into 30L pots. I am thinking to add 5-10% BioChar to my soil mix, which is currently 20% wormcast, 20% perlite, and 50-55% compost mix of mostly peat and some other stuff. Instead of buying branded Biochar, can I make this by just crushing any old Charcoal? Also how should I apply this? At first I was thinking to mix it completely with the soil, but I think I have seen some pictures in the past where all of it was put directly where the transplant was going to be(in most cases in a little area in the center of the pot) If you have any other recommendations, I would like to hear them. Thanks!
  24. You should build your own using Citizen or Vero COBS. It will be atleast 1/2 the price of any other LED, and most likely more efficient.
  25. <p><p> Yes, I agree that its wasteful, but sometimes if thats all thats nearby its what has to be used.Its also why I made this thread to change that.
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