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    Thank you guys for your valuable advice To flush I proceed in this way: I filled a water tank to a PH 5.8 I then set the water temperature to 20. I then plug the water pump into the water tank and water it over several times in pots. I left 24 hours without watering. Today I remove the water from the tank. I returned clean water and fertilizer to EC 1.6 My EC and a 1.6 PH 5.6 I have a water tank 400 l here are the ones I made today HOUSE AND GARDEN: 100 ml: TOP SHOOTER 350 ml: A + B 400 ml: MULTI ZEN 300 ml: BUD XL I watered tonight at 7 pm, after the silk water went up and down. I looked into the water tank, EC it and decanted from 1.60 to 1.55. Tomorrow I water again at 7 pm and I will give you the results. Thank you to you for giving me your positive opinions. I would make new photos this week.

    Thank you very much for your support Plant Teacher. Not just that the media was dry. After 3 days I raise the pots it is light. I have rinsed several times over with clear water, I think I have removed a lot of EC. The plants look beautiful to me, but now I'm starting to have brown spot on the leaves. I think I will start to fatten plants with a higher EC: 1.6 So in conclusion I think I will water 1 times every 24 H before it does not too dry. I will post new photos soon and I would tell you if my passage has 1 watering every 24 hours has changed something. Thank you very much to those who participated.

    Thank you for your intervention hempyfan I understand what you mean, and I have noticed. After 3 days of watering the next day my plants get better. The problem and that the RFX-1 was very dry after 3 days, then these although it silk as dry? I think water it once every 24 hours and the right solution in my situation. I will see if after 2 days the plants are healthy. Today I rinse the pots from the top with clear water. Tomorrow I think watering with fertilizer has an EC 1.6 And I program to water 1 times every 24 Hours.

    @hidronesie Thank you for your reply, I am a person who is really looking for optimization, I am trying to learn I am a passionate about culture. It true that my plants its good on the photos, but I also have a lot of worry, for me how it grows it are delayed Why after +40 days, because the EC of my water tank starts to do things not normal. I think I have had accumulation because I water 4 times a day And now that I have made a fertilizer rate lowered it begins to have deficiency. So far 4 watering a day does not cause me too much worry but for a while I feel that plants do not go healthy ... I posted all the details of the culture room higher up in my former post you can check ... Since I spent 1 watering every 3 days I feel that the plants are better. But now that I have made a fertilizer rate lowered it begins to have deficiency. These very complicated to change balls of clays has the type foam mapito watering and not at all the same. I nevertheless found that after 3 days, the foam was drastically dry, I watered all after you think I must water a little before when these wet?

    Thank you guys you warm me up! I water now once every 3 days. I rectify the fertilizer level once a week. I spoke by mail with the producers of this product are very cool, it also answered my question here is a transcription of their advice: The substrate must not be too dry. By lifting a pot, you know if you need watering. You can prepare a wathertank with a pH of 5.5 - 5.6 and an EC of 1.3 For first approximately 2 to 3 liters of water over a pot RFX-1. Then fill the pot with the RFX-1, put the pot into the pot and again 2-3 liters of water over the pot. The pH value will fluctuate with new use of RFX-1 for the first 2 weeks. Then it will be stable and you can use the correct value of about 5.7. You should not increase the nutritional value, otherwise the plant will get too much food. You better go after each week with tenths up. How often you want to give water to the plants, you can decide for yourself. At ebb and flow systems you do not need to give water daily. Wait until the pot is lighter, but not completely dry. Some growers give a lot of water once in three days, the other grows three times a day but then water. This depends on how you want to grow the plant. If you want to equal the side branches of the hand branch, you have to add a little water several times a day. The plant wil therefore noth that high, but full of flowers. If the temperature is too low in the room and the pot is too wet, it will be rot at the stem / trunk. The salts do not accumulate in the pot. If the value is too high, you can get it, the value back down. When used properly, this is not necessary. Advantages of the Agra-Wool products are: Organic binder. Better rooting Excellent growth performance. Sustainable. Better for the environment. No skin irritation. Our products are not made from recycled materials, but completely new. As a result, no contamination of disease or fungi from the outside. Our wool is made of basalt, which is volcanic rock. And a formaldehyde-free binder is used (ECOSE-technique). This allows the roots to experience no growth resistance, making them more resistant to pests and diseases. The substrate behaves as a full substrate and is better than the regular yellow wool. Our RFX-1 is wrapped with three bags, compressed in a box. That's 3 X 80 liters in a box of 60cm X 60cm X 40cm and a weight of 10 Kg. So 240 liters in a moving box. I hope I have fully answered your questions so you have a lot of growing success with our products. Sido Fokkema
  6. Boobsto

    Hi bro thx you all is good people in forum IWS is very symply systems , and very good product cannabis for IWS , systems is flood and drain , FLUX AND REFLUX water in tank 400 liter , i am using 36 pots , symply , fast realy good product .. For me best hydro systems realy ... Probleme in good choice substrat ... argil bulls in my idea best . BYE

    Thanks DR DON Thanks to you the friend I also seek the right direction, it must really be that a people who used this damn RFX-1 comes to help me ... You are probably right concerning the addition of fertilizer in the water tank, I think it is necessary to wait at least 4 days before adding fertilizer again. For the ph I do exactly as you except that I do not drop to more than 5.6 and I let go up to 6 I really need to know if the nutrients are consumed by the plant even if I stop watering. I ask myself the question about the well made of such a substrate because it comes down to saying that these like soil . Hydro = yield = a lot of water, if I water like soil does not affect the yield?
  8. critical boobs

    Critikal kush versus boobsto :)

    Thanks for your reply guys, so for you, when the ec drop example: 150 drop to 137 you do not touch the EC? I always knew that we had to adjust the fertilizer soup every day to the level of the day before. I look at the pots today, it and still wet, when I press the foam in my hand this one still has water. I calculated the EC of this water pressed it and of: 147 EC. My fertilizer tank: 147 EC The ph and good it and 5.9 What do you think about it ? So the plant does not yet eat the fertilizers that are in stock in the RFX-1 foam? Now I would water 1 time every 3 days, but this will affect my yield? I find that since I stop watering the plants stagnates.

    I always take measurements in my water from the tank 400 liters When I take the RFX-1 foam in my hands and compress it to get out of the water I sometimes measure it and has 1.40 and sometimes 1.90 People can not answer a simple question, if I leave longer without watering the plant absorbs the nutrients that remain in the pots?

    The problem is that the plants go well, these only my EC tray that has problems, it goes away after 3 days it no longer wants to eat ... And I end up with overgrazing. Example: Watering 4 times a day 30 minutes 1 DAY EC 150 4x 2 DAY EC 137 I increase my ec a 150 with only additions A + B 4x 3 DAY EC 148 4x 4 DAY EC 147 4x 5 DAY EC 152 Increase 4x 6 DAY: I wash all my pots in clear water 7 DAY: She eats without problems ... I water very much? I am post in photo comming soon .

    I have already seen the forum page several times, you think I have come here without looking? The answers to my questions are not displayed, the answers are sometimes very light, I seek answers firm.
  13. Boobsto

    Thanks you all , thanks you DAMAR

    Hi again shiskaberry savior : It looks like mapito but not mapito hidronesia I can not adjust 1/3 in water, usually I fill the pots with 11/L pots, what is the difference? Can you tell me why 3 days? Do we wait until the pots dry? Is there a difference between 3 times a day and 1 time every 3 days? If I understand my EC consumption problem comes from the fact that plants do not have time to consume their food, and these for that my EC goes up then ??? Thanks you very much for help me

    HI all thx for help I would like a person to give me a advice to water with this RFX-1 product at the end of day RFX- and still wet On my offer a kind of mapito call RFX-1 AGRA-WOOL, I'm with an IWS system 36 pots Flood and Drain, I really have a big problems after 3 days the ec moves a lot, look my setup: CRITIKAL KUSH BARNEY FARMS FLO + 40 IWS 36 POTS FLOOD AND DRAIN SYSTEMS PH : 5.7 EC : 150 TEMPERATURE : DAY 25/ NIGHT 19 HUMIDITY : 40 4 WATERING PER DAY OF 30 MINUTE How much watering a day do I have to do for my 36 plants? Some tell me once every 3 days these true? If I make several rises of water in the day it does not help for the oxygen? I have to leave some time for the plants to eat EC that stays in the pots? With each drop you think that I must add again product for arrival at the initial EC? I search much especially in the topic of escobar but I can not find anything you can please help me