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  1. Tanx Riki- and jepz if my body wants to keep up the good work to, that would be nice.. So sorry for the strange frequency in updates, but i've moused much to much, so i needed some rest, still in fact. butttttt there too much nice pica's to share.... The whole journey of the jackberry x snowqueen grow. The purple blue phenol was one of the chosen phenols to go on with. I love this strain, the sativa, sometimes jack herrer, sour in combination with the deep body effect of the snowqueen. The people who smoked here, were surprised but there is one negativ aspect. the wouldn't return my Smoke!!! greetz Uknow.
  2. tanx,lukesmommy a bit waisted by the effects of the first dry phenols, The last ones, so colourfull Jeah,they really go nice But, i don't want to be stressfull, girls, the oregon diesels are waiting to see the 600 watt bulb Greetz Uknow
  3. well, the exhaust of 500 m3/hr is on 50% all the time, and i've plenty of air intake, so there's much airflow in the cabinet. In the minilab the minimum humidity is 50% So that;s is the bottom value for the chests also. And don't forget the tweetie has much outdoor qualitys, so they 're verry resistent also. I can see that on the jackberryx snowqueen phenols, cause of the spint we let it rain in this cabinet twice a day. greetz Uknow.
  4. tanx you all, tanx. Saxo-the minilab future will be colored, that's for sure, we love all the colors too. @Zanzibar- In these 6,5 liters they become about 50 centimeters with a grow period of a week When they may grow for about 3 weeks, the side branches take more distance of the stam(?) so it grows wider and taller. Hiwat- we 're so curious to the smoke, hehe but i'm sure they need a long cure, so for the right opinion you've to give me a few weeks. @ Whazzup- hehe it wil never happen to make tie sticks of the tweeties, rock hard as she is. This week there was a heavy smell in the minilab, 2 testcontainers returned from a midilab. and stood in a cold corner. They were hanging in the twilight zone of the bulbs, almost on the level of the bulbs, so they only used "lost Light" The strain? Moonpower x Quicksilver Orange. They're drying now, but i'm sure this is gonna be e real "stoner" so heavy the smell is, the effect will be too'. greetz Uknow/Weetje groetels Weetje
  5. weetje

    Freak Show

    ow you mean: ore a bit more like: greetz Uknow
  6. intresting topic, Green Design is nice 1. what's the purpose ore target for the design? 2. How much time do you want to spend on it( calculated in years ore month) 3. Is it a personal hunt ore "trough the eyes" of a user if the purpose is more commercial i would go for the more commecial strains. if it is a personal phenol hunt and you want a quality product i should make a selection of old strains and foreign strains and only work with "good and intact" seeds and cutlings Each plant with a a-symetrical structure, and/ore other genetical faillures = just throw it away. And that shoul be the way to devellop genetics wich is pure and intact and out of that you make a assortiment with all the collors of the rainbow. My personal way? thailand, swaziland Mexico hybrids Accapulco gold Nepal Russiun Hybrids and a number of fine genetics from some european breeders wich strains has to have "known" ancestors. i'm dreaming away now, greetz Uknow.
  7. And not to forget, the jackberry x Snowqueen cabinet. o jepz in this one i will find my personal plant A beautiful variation between sativa and indica appearances. The jackberry smell has setled in all phenols, but the structure and blooming time are different. Yesterday we picked 6 plans of them wich were ready to cut. So here the end is near also. I often forget that they stand in 3,6 liter containers, so in fact were running hydro for the last weeks And also on this level the nutrients of GOUT do their work excellent. Just like the tweety session all the pica;s of the last 2 weeks on a row... have fun. For the change a blooper pica Spoken about bloopers..... In the back the 4 sativa giants A bit strange plant structure but a nice but...( Just another Wistje production) ( Just another another Wistje production) I thought that in week 6, there would appear more blue in the plants, like the jackberry showed her colors pretty late.. But the only 2 blue phenols are the ones i've chosen to polinate Greetz Weetje
  8. Well, jepz, Bodderas, she does look like a snowqueen phenol. I couldn't find info about the Frysian Princess, i only know the Frysian Dew. And from that strain it is not clear to me wich genetical path it has followed. Finnaly an update, i've worked to much on the PC and my body is a bit broken I'm deeply impressed by this Tweety phenol, oke the blooming time is a bit longer, But the words Roch-hard nuggets are an understatement... it's more an assault weapon We've smoked a but, a bit wet, but that wouldnt ruin the party, she is sweet, so sweet, and a bit more high effect, a bit more up as the other Tweety phenol. And we're sure that the Humboldt Honey gave her a extra touch... Ain't that a nice pica for the end? Tweetie buts Tweetie cutlings and not on the pica: Tweety mum below... greetz Uknow.
  9. Note: if the replaced picture was used in a topic, it is not vissible anymore, instead the new pica will be shown there. greetz Uknow.
  10. jepz, but i think they'll only go by a purchase of a basicseeds product, not sure about it. If the respons by the tests is oke they'll come in de shop also I was just told by Basicsjoerd that there are 3 variatys and one of these is the freebee at Sannies greetz Weetje
  11. Super Congrats, Sannie en Knutsel, you diserved it greetz Uknow
  12. Hey Subterra, i'm following the story's about farma use for a while now, i'm also on the track that the sollution would be on the sativa side At the moment Sannie has freebees from basicseeds; a triple durban strain. and what i saw of it, gave me the feel that i could be an strain area which the migraine patient can give some help. and a good friend of mine is the breeder of basicseeds. So a phonecall later brings me to the point: if you like you can test a durban crossed with another foreign Sativa. Let me know in wich climate you life and wether you grow it indoor ore outdoor. And in the meanwhile, all the best, greetz Uknow.
  13. the color of the light(blue not red) temperature(not to high) humdity(not to low) nitrogen( some not nothing) and the presence of flowering ladies can make the amount of mails higher. and sometimes out of all the pakkages it is impossible that there is not one bag with 9 mails in it. good luck with the next run. greetz Uknow.
  14. tanx Boderas, and jepz the right hand side update tweety time... around the 8th of april 24 april Slowly the end is in sight.... Today: They're now for a week on wather with Humboldt Honey ES. I give it a week, 1,5 week tops. greetz Uknow.
  15. and intresting how i share... sorry, sorry, i can't fin the right flow at the moment, So my updates are ships... But the plants do their thing, keep me on my track. So now you're update with the left side, jackberry x Snwoqueen. In this little pots, 3,6 liters, i never grew such big buds, tanx to the nutrients , for the main part; Gout does his work. Greetz Uknow.
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