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  1. Hi Guys, Without delving into wholesale info, we don't get nearly what the vendors are making and thats just the reality of this industry.. Vendors make anywhere from 50-70%(+) of the seed sales.. After these are gone, there will be no more Pineapple Diesel seeds. I donated those seeds at DankBidz to a good friend that's been helping us out over the last year. Not my pricing, but it helps a good cause… We also restocked Pineapple Diesel one last time at Sannie's and these are the last ones available.. Get them while they last… Aside from this subject, strains are becoming increasingly more expensive to produce due to implementation of legalization laws (especially lower yielders/slower growing plants such as Indicas).. We are paying taxes and licensing fees which put us near the red(-) for most seeds provided to Sannies shop… I do this for the patients and growers first…. Last week we just donated over 250+ packs of seeds at the Phish shows in Bend… We always spread the love and believe in helping as many people as possible.. We donate just as many seeds as we sell…. We are technically a "non-profit" and operate as such.. To me, being called "greedy" is taken as a slanderous comment and is slightly offensive when people jump to conclusions when they don't know the entire story..., and the pricing is eventually due to increase because it coincides with the increase of production/development costs… I remember when gum was a quarter.. now it's a dollar…. I have more debt from breeding, than I do from anything else…. Especially when operating within the law…. Plain and simple, it's just not sustainable if we can't pay the bills.. Hi AK grown.. The huckleberry kush V3 should be listed as $60, and this line has been a work in progress since 2007 which has absorbed a LOT of resources and unfortunately needs to be offset by an increase in price.. Vendors are pricing them beyond the suggested price, but there is only so much we can control on that end… On a side note….. Sannie is getting ready to list the Huckleberry DesTar at the shop, along with Kali Snapple X SSH F3 freebies… please understand we love Sannie & family and want to continue to work together as long as possible.. The rearranging of strains provided at the shop has a lot to do with certain strains' production & development costs, but we will always provide some more affordable strains no matter what… please bear with us as we adjust to recent changes in the law… cheers
  2. Archie, you did a hell of a job on that last grow my friend! kudos!!
  3. Beautiful blossoms Archie looks like a bountiful harvest is in your near future cheers
  4. thanks for your support and feedback.. They have been removed….. They wanted to work together when they were first established but they no longer carry any of our gear. Powellhurst Alternative Medical Center is a good place to go if you're in Portland (they are the only legit vendor in PDX atm).
  5. Hello folks, Without disclosing information, things have changed a while ago with the original arrangement for Sannies Shop which has limited the amount of incoming stock.. This is no ones fault but it's the reality of the situation, and I will still do my best to provide what I can for the shop.. Being ripped off by seed depot has been devastating to our progression, but we are finally seeing some light….. PLease be patient, we are working on a few more releases for sannies' as well as restock on certain strains.. There is much that can NOT be discussed online for peoples safety, so we will not go too much into details.. I will say that we appreciate your love and support.. We've been working thru many difficult issues lately, including a change in laws that could be detrimental to the local medical community… Long story short, they voted in Measure 91 (legalization) in Oregon and now they are trying to screw over the medical growers… Does this sound familiar Washingtonians? Also as someone had already stated, I'm dealing with a bad [reoccurring] injury that I'll be getting surgery for in the late summer.. Please follow us on instagram and/or Facebook if you want current updates.. It's become difficult to visit every forum that I'm registered at… apologies my friends! here was the latest statement we posted on Facebook (I have friends helping answer questions and posts because I watch my kids 5 days a week and work at night… time is scarce) Over the course of the next few months we will be getting things in sync for our 20 year anniversary (coming up in 2016).. Also, Professor P will be undergoing surgery in several months which will limit our production during summer months..… Just another wrench in the clockwork, but we are planning it out now so we can keep moving forward during this time with minimal setbacks. This process will include moving forward by incorporating new parental selections (mostly from older genes), as well as discontinuing several lines in order to direct all of our focus on our most important projects that are in cue. Some of the new parents will be selected from old gene pools that we've been cataloging for almost two decades, as well as new versions of some of our favorite lines that are currently available.. Thank you ALL for your support and patience along this magical adventure **As some of you may know, Professor P started growing from seed and making his own seeds back in 1996.. It wasn't until 1998 when he grew his first clone, but still continued to produce his own seeds for friends, family and patients… The scene has changed drastically since then, but our premise has not… We are here to provide help & educate others in need, while continuing preservation and progression of the cannabis gene pool…. Stay tuned, as the best is yet to come!! WHich shop?. We had a bunch of seed stock stolen in 2013 and we've seen some of it pop up in the past two years… I've contacted a few shops which were not certified distributors and they pulled them from the shelves… Make sure they are listed on our website, otherwise are not legit vendors.. Hope you've been good Indican, and thanks for informing the folks of open grow what's going on.. cheers
  6. ProfessorP


  7. 100% correct.. This trait is directly related to the Des*Tar..
  8. the shop is located in Quebec, and they've removed my photos ect., after contacting the server…. I noticed they have a few other breeders that I know, and I'll be sure to tell them so other people don't get scammed.. much love y'all!
  9. we were contacted by one of our growers asking about this site, and we are in NO way affiliated with these scammers… https://rasta-seedbank.com/search?controller=search&orderby=position&orderway=desc&search_query=dynasty&submit_search=Search Please spread the word cheers~ P
  10. The Mt.Hood Huckleberry F3 is probably not being released at Sannies…. We have other Huckleberry hybrids in testing that are specifically being made for Sannie… These are not expected to be completed until January or so.. More info coming as tests progress cheers
  11. There will be more Honey Badger Haze available in December. There was only enough for Sannie on the first batch.
  12. I've recently had a few inquires about the Drizella, and i recommended the Honey Badger Haze in its place... If you liked the Drizella, you are going to love this strains even more... Faster bloom time, better terpene profile and more potent the yield is still really good like the Drizella too! Have a good weekend everyone! Cheers
  13. I remember those selling out fast and that's why I released twice as many Mt.Hood Huckleberry f2s as freebies for opengrow and Sannies shop.... I know quite a few members recieved those. 👍 Be patient, there is plenty of love for everyone Cheers
  14. It's in the works.. F3 parents have been selected over the last two years... It been a lot of work that has gone into this line, but we are not sure it will make it to sannies or not... Will know more after the next test run. Cheers
  15. Instagram is the site to check out for my work... Tons of photos on there... Way less drama than forums ect.... Generally the individual galleries on different forum sites is a hinderance to my work flow... Not all of them are easy to use on mobile devices, so I don't use them. Not enough time in the day, so I prefer to keep it moving . I'll do my best to get something going on this site but I'd also like to keep it within context of the stock that Sannie will be receiving.. Please be patient and in the meantime check out instagram,.. I left the account open so you can check it out whether you are a member or not. Cheers
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