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  1. I generally veg for 5-6 weeks, do you believe will be ok ? I can rise the veg time to 7-8 weeks
  2. I ordered yesterday 5 Kolossus fem, some mycorrhiza, bacto and perfect start from Sannie's shop. I have some biobizz nutrients from my previous grow and i prefered to empty these bottles and after try something else. I am now finishing my previous grow and i plan to germinate these 5 seeds and 1 Sweet Kush fem in about 20 days. In my previous grow i fed by biobizz schedulle and i clearly overfed them. The annoying thing was that i spoke through email with this company and they advised me to feed these dosages in every watering till day 50 of flowering. I will open a grow journal for the next grow to get some help and see what other people say. PS:Sorry for my english :-)
  3. Famous is not the exact word (my english are not so good), i think better use the word "advertised"
  4. Hello from Greece! I am new in farming i am currently grow for 4th time indoor and i always going with advertised seeds from famous seed banks such as Dutch Passion, Greenhouse, Crop king, and now Barneys Farm. Also i used Biobizz soil and nutrients. I now wanna try something different as i am not fully satisfied from the companies i mentioned. I am looking for seeds and fertilizers from Sannie's shop. Anyone has experience with this? I contact them to ask what kind of soil they suggest and they told me to use light mix and with their products Symbiosis mycorizha, perfect start, buffertablets, sannie's bacto, yucca and bac bloom i will not need anything else. I already have Biobizz nutrients used for my current grow(41 days in flowering) but i am not so satisfied. What do you think?
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