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  1. Yes @Mr Goodfellow , it's NL. They go wonderfull for the time of the year, still very cold at night.
  2. Hello there growers and smokers, Time for some outdoor Atomic Jam
  3. And some outdoor Atomic Jam And a male
  4. Atomic Jam Cutting growing under LED.
  5. Some outdoor autoflowers, outside since half March Coldest temperature i did measure was -2 Going like it should have been.
  6. I'm going to use it, just making some seeds. Don't have the place and time to keep a male also, no stressing and stuff so.
  7. @RhinoCBD it's #3 , my favorite one from day 1... All the one's i like the most always turnout to be male's
  8. Atomic Male
  9. @Wilbur there 6 or 7 weeks old i believe, i did cut them twice already. Under the mulch it's party time!!!
  10. Atomic Jam outside in 15 gallon smartpots, FULL organic Outside since tuesday
  11. I'm starting up my spaceship, see you in a minute Shaker-hash Nice cuttings!!
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