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  1. vakman

    NAW Test Center

  2. vakman

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Sugar Punch
  3. vakman

    NAW Test Center

    Atomic Jam Almost ready to harvest
  4. vakman

    NAW Test Center

    How many Airmiles you have??
  5. vakman

    First Car you ever owned and got stoned in :)

    Web pick Opel Kadet GTE A FF machine, Focking Fast!! 800KG - 115PK
  6. vakman

    NAW Test Center

    Looking very good Rhino, see you on jupiter
  7. WTF!!!!! Are you growing spaghetti and cannabis together??
  8. vakman

    NAW Test Center

    Hello Greg, 2 Cree COB's 3590 , 100 watt together.
  9. vakman

    NAW Test Center

    Thnx Polder!! If you say it's a girl it will be Pure organic they love the most, they show it over and over again.
  10. vakman

    Green Manalishi Searching for the Best CBD Strains

    I will smoke it for you if you don't like it, just bring it over
  11. vakman


    Thanks @Mr Goodfellow Good luck with it!!!
  12. vakman

    NAW Test Center

    #3 Is my favorite Really hoping it's a girl!! Thnx!!