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  1. I switch to Organic grow with Sannie's tools Bacto + Trichoderma + Buffertabs + (worms casting juice I made me). I buy an Reverse osmosis water filter for stop buying mineral water bottles.Water is hard where I live.I can read than osmosis water is very good for cannabis plants. I must add Calcium and magnesium ??? What's product I must choice ? Calgreen Metrop it's very good product (expensive) but I don't know if it's the best for me ? Hope I read you soon. Thank's before for you're help. Have good vibes,One Love. Friendly.
  2. Hello,Mindless and others brothers. What's distance from LEDS to Top plants ? I can see some use at 50 centimetre and others 25 centimetre,for flowering period....What's best distance ? Yes I think to quantum board with samsung leds produce much more lumens per watt than CFL....Perlaps more heat than cfl ? First,I want buy plug and play led light with COB cree cxb3590 3500K but it's too much expensive (close to 600euros for 200watts) I made me for better price via kingbrite (8pcs cxb3590 3500K + 2 Meanwell drivers 200w + heat sink + 200w Puck V2 rapidled). I'm happy with this for me I have better results than HPS. Do you think quantum board produce more light per watt than COB cxb3590 ? Thank's before for you're help. Have good vibes.
  3. Hello, the CFL 200 Watts is not enough powerfull for a 2*2 feets grow box.... I think the 240w Quantum board at 3500K + epistar 660nm grow plants more quickly and more penetration power than CFL.... CFL is good for little plants penetration of light is bad. What's size of plants I can grow with 240w quantum board please ??? Thank's before for your help.
  4. Thank's for watching and comments.For nutes I just give Buffertabs and my own worms casting juice (10 percent juice for 90 percent water). I order Reverse Osmosis Water filter (for drink water and plants), Water EC 0.5 it's hard.I start to grow organic soon (For better taste and more natural buds) with Sannie's tools Buffertabs+Bacto+Trichoderma, Osmosis water is good for organic grow ? I think I must add Calcium and Magnesium for Osmosis water because EC is 0.I know than Metrop Calgreen is a very good product but expensive. I don't know if it's best choice. New pictures in full sun from The new and Gorilla/zkittlez.Hope you like it.I order soon my Root Rio cubes for make some clones. Tomorrow I move plants in 3 Gallons Pots hope the 1 gallon pot full of roots... Have good vibes,One Love.
  5. Hello,I think I order this 240 watts kit ith smasung leds LM301H + Epistar 660nm 240W KB-QB288X2-LM301H 3500K+epistar 660nm: 119usd/kit Shipping cost is 42usd by Fedex Total is 167usd Do you think LED work better than my CFL 200 watts 6400K for grow Period ? I hope so and more surface coverage... I want use this in my little grow box 2*2 feet for grow period and perlaps for flowering... Thank's before for you're help. Have good vibes.
  6. Update pictures,I change for bigger size pots soon,1gallon to 3 Gallons.I plan to make clones with root rio cubes soon than the plants is bigger... Thank's for Watching. Have good vibes.
  7. Hello,all brothers growers around the world. I hope all is fine for you and you're green lady's. I just start to grow strain named The New from Humboldt seeds organisation.I can read than is affilied with Dinafem Spain...? I grow Organic with Sannie's tools,Bacto+Trichoderma+Buffertabs in my biobizz light mix + Coco.Pot size One Gallon for starting. Pictures and vidéo speak more than words.Sorry for my bad english. Have good vibes,One Love. Friendly. Ps:All comments are welcome,thank's for watching. The new+gorilla.mp4
  8. Hello,I often found a little numbers of seeds in my buds do you think this seeds are good for grow with same quality than buying seeds ? 

    Thank's for all your help.

    Have good vibes,One love.

  9. Hello,I need to buy a new light to replace my CFL 200W 6000k just using for grow period. I want order led light like this https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Quantum-Panel-KingBrite-240W-Panel-board_62120882631.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.0.0.27431bf2voiMLv or this https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Kingrite-QB-board-V4-240w-LM301H_62251771694.html?spm=a2700.wholesale.deiletai6.5.57ec237bxIFK8Y One is cheaper 120 euros VS 190 euros do you think it's better choice to buy most expensive ? I think this led light work better than my CFL for grow more bigger plants.All your help and comments are welcome.... Have good vibes,One Love.
  10. Thank's for your comments webeblzr. My 4x4 feet grow box is also packed but i start to grow in little grow box for taking clones when plants are bigger. The New from Humboldt seeds organisation coast expensive (75 euros 3 seeds) it's for it I must take clones. Thank's for watching. Have good vibes,One Love.
  11. Hello,new update video from my new lady's. First it's the new from Humboldt seeds organisation,Gorilla/zkittlez and 2 autoflower sherbert orange fastbuds. Pots it's 4 liters with lightmix biobizz and coco. All comments are welcome. Have good vibes,One Love. VID_20200721_141008.mp4
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