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  1. Hello,I want order Sannie's tabs but I always see closed ?? Thanks for giving news about it. Big up have good vibes.Thank's
  2. Hello,I hope all is well for you and your green lady. I just started to use Aptus regulator with my organic grow.It work well keep plants shorter,help for stress hot days.... Using Silicon.I think like power si....Do you use this product please or others Aptus ? Thanks have good vibes One Love.
  3. Hello,Dreamofgreen yew I go order the CS-660w Copacabana from Kingbrite. I have 12 percent discount for the product and 20 USD discount for shipping. This Led light stay expensive but with better harvest better quality and low electricity consumption it's good Investment.... Thanks for your help,I post pictures when I receive the new light bars. Have good vibes One Love.
  4. Hello,I have choice between 2 leds light Quantum Bar. The Air Grow pro 2 or air grow pro 3 Hyper Red F.O.G (future of grow) priced between 1200 to 1500 euros for hyper red 2.95 Nichia and Osram https://www.thefuturofgrow.com/ CS 660w Copacabana from Kingbritte Samsung LM301H + IR + UV Price 730 euros with shipping and TVA witout duty taxes,I think close to 800 euros with duty txes for import... https://french.alibaba.com/product-detail/get-10-off-kingbrite-600w-660w-samsung-lm301h-horticulture-8-bar-led-grow-light-top-lighting-600w-watt-led-plant-grow-light-62327681398.html?spm=a2700.galleryofferlist.normal_offer.d_image.661d10307mAy4c Thank's before for you're help. Big UP,Have good vibes,One Love.
  5. Hello,I want order CO2 sensor and if possible adding some CO2. Can you help me choice good stuff for it and say if it works great for you.... Thanks have good vibes One Love.
  6. New pictures,very bas weather this summer.Big big amount of rain and the sun not often.Some off the plants need foliar nutes. All comments are welcome.
  7. Hello Gardenartus I think also about coverd soil with plastic for little plants. The bigger don't seem to have problems with rains days... Thanks for watching and comment.Have good vibes,One love.
  8. Hello,I start little outdoor using textile smart pot from 5 to 15 gallons size. Boreal light,sunny vains automatic + The New HSO, Ethos Citral glue And Crescendo+weeding cake.I use Molasse sugar cane and little minerals nutes because plants are hungry,too much rain.It rain 20 days.... I try to make better pictures soon. Pictures speak more than words.All comments are welcome. Big up have good vibes One Love.
  9. Hello,webelzr and organically challenged.Hope all is fine for you and your green lady's. I plan to use solar panels and motor generator diesel. I can read than motor generator have high coast.I must calculated coast for looking if it's possible. Big thanks for your help. Have good vibes.Big Up,One Love.
  10. Hello,all growers around the world. I plan to move in new place where I have only Solar pannels do you think possible to do a leds grow with solar pannels ? For the moment it have 3 solar pannels and 2*200A battery but I want add some solar pannels for more watts..... Thank's before for your help,big up have good vibes,One Love.
  11. Hello,I buy prima klima 160mm 800m3/H with speed regulator and temperature regulator but it make too much noise more 40db from motor buzz. It don't work with this one because it is regulated and I need to change the wiring for don't use internal regulator. I can see it have condensator inside I think I need it ? I someone can help it's welcome. Have good vibes One Love.
  12. Hello new update I cut some leaves for better light in buds and air circulation... The New strain phenotype I grow is very indica and compact. The 2 Ethos genetics strain are more sativa like you can see. Citral glue look very frosty since first weeks flower.... Have good vibes One Love. Thanks for watching and comments. VID_20210408_230220.mp4
  13. Pictures and video update.The 2 plants in front who don't start flower is Ethos seedlings citral glue and Crescendo. Other plants clones from HSO strain the new. First month flower comments are welcome. Do you think I must cut down more leafs for light better penetrated canopy ? Have good vibes One Love. VID_20210324_225015.mp4
  14. Nice to see,thank's for sharing.I need to buy the biggest tub and connector to water tank I only reiceive the little size tub. Big up,have good vibes,One Love.
  15. Hello,shoeless do you have pictures of your ring for complete coverage ? I think it can help me doing the same.... Beachbuds do you think I can add some Molasse in water with Blumat ? I use only organic nutes bac bio or sugar canne Molasse. Do you think molaase can stop the water flow from Blumat maxi tropf ??? I can read than I can Regulate the water flow turning top....I make test for looking what's height I must put water tank. Thanks for your help and comments Big up have good vibes One Love.
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