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  1. Hello,what's do you think about this product ? It's for kill spiders mitte... https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Bayer-Acaricide-Ovo-Larvicide-Borneo-5-ML-Petite-Araignee-Rouge-/114109625379?gclid=CjwKCAjwp-X0BRAFEiwAheRui-y3R5rzIcwAIcS6du131YuhSZdZ-Wd_Q0y8prsQ_KvgVHOyPnNxvBoC4IQQAvD_BwE&var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=709-53476-19255-0&campid=5338666530&toolid=10044&customid=CjwKCAjwp-X0BRAFEiwAheRui-y3R5rzIcwAIcS6du131YuhSZdZ-Wd_Q0y8prsQ_KvgVHOyPnNxvBoC4IQQAvD_BwE All comments are welcome. Thank's before for your help.
  2. Hello,from France country.I hope all is fine for you. I need help for found product for kill spider mitte,they come back in every grow...I use a lot off product but don't kill them just slow down.I can see the forbid by bayer but i can see it's very expensive for the original one,generic is cheap but i don't know if it's work same than original ? Vertimec i never can found it. All help is welcome,have a good vibes,big up One Love,friendly,Olsqueak.
  3. Hello,I have 600w for 4*4 box size. 400w 8xcxb3590 3500k + 200w 2x100w puck V2 some grower say me than is enough light for this box size ??? Or I can add more LEDs watts for this size ? Thanks for your help and comments. Big Up friendly.
  4. Hello,I make pictures off my booster light Emmerson effect and UV+IR. Emmerson effect is 2*18 watts and UV+ir 2*15 watts.Come from ledfury.be webshop.I must make fixtures for place them in right place. I hope this booster work well,all comments are welcome,thank's for watching. Big UP. Have good vibes,friendly.
  5. olsqueak


    Hello,I hope all is fine for you. I'm very happy for my first organic grow. Not need to flush excess off mineral nutes.I try to keep temp at 24/25 degree Celsius for keep terpènes inside buds. I can read than hot temp evaporated some terpènes.More cold temp keep low humidity. This week I add uv + infra red (30w) and Emmerson effect (36w). Red spectrum is not emmited by led cob. Thanks for your help and comments. Big Up have good vibes friendly.
  6. olsqueak


    Update video,I think weeks 5/6.... All comments are welcome,big up have good vibes,thank's. Friendly Week5.mp4
  7. Hello,I think i must use bacto every 15 days 1 gram per square meter and trichoderma just one times mix with my soil can you confirm that ? Thank's before for your help. Friendly.
  8. Hello,the seller call me for uva+infrared 30w booster + Emmerson effect 2 X 18w,at same price.He receive new booster. HE say me to use uva+infrared only at weeks 4 flowering for having more trichromes. 36w emmerson effect run 15mn before and after normal light. I make video and pictures soon I add it to my box.I hope the 160 euros coast give me some good results. Thanks for your help and comments. Friendly
  9. Hello,I look for Pandora seeds but it's an autoflower and I can't grow them. Sannie's say than Jackberry it's favorite day smoke,I hope they work well for anxiety...Some weed make me anxious when i smoke it it for that I look for a medical strain who work for fight my anxiety problems.I harvest soon some kolossus and blueberry indica*heribei,for my next grow i order Jackberry and Purple Punch (barney's farm)https://www.barneysfarm.com/purple-punch-483 Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple. I try to grow différents strains for looking what's work best for me.I switch to Organic with Sannie's Kit and I think I always use this method because more easy and better quality final product in Organic i think. I read than organic grow give better taste can you confirm ? Thank's for your help and comments. Have good vibes,big up,friendly.
  10. Hello,Scone of ark and Gardener. I order Emmerson effect from ledfury.be http://ledfury.be/fr/boosters/75-emerson-effect-booster-floraison.html I pay 160 euros for this and 2 others red 660nm 18w booster with shipping coast.I add them soon I received my order.I must buy a new timer for run emmerson effect 15 MN before and after normal 12/12 light. I hope I can see difference with boosters.Perlaps I add uva for better trichromes production.For uva i read it must use just few hours days. The Cob led Cree cxb3590 3500k and Puck V2 work very well,I'm making grow report Kolosus and blueberry indica 600watts leds box 4x4 foots.It's my first organic grow with Sannie's tabs,bacto, Trichoderma,bac flower. The plants seem to love it. Have good vibes. Friendly
  11. Hello,I want know if i can use BAC flower nutes + Bacto powder together in water ? It's my first organic grow. Thank's before for your help.
  12. Hello,Balaquin and gardenartus.I just order some Jackberry from Sannie's and 3 Purple Punch from Barney's farm. Some people say than some Sativa can do the job for fight anxiety but I prefer grow more Indica strain.My next harvest is Kolossus and blueberry indica from Sannie's. Perlaps next times I go for Silverfields.My friend order Sannie's Jack.I can test this différent strains for my médical use.I think for me it's better indica because sometimes when I go to Niederland Amsterdam coffe shop I smoke powerfull Haze, like Amnésia haze and sometimes I'm anxious after somking it. Perlaps I must try some Thc/cbd strains because I never try it ! What's do you think about CBD ? Thank's for your help and comments. Have good vibes,friendly.
  13. Hello,I look for an anxiety cannabis strains ? What's do you think it's best Sannie's strains for fiht anxiety problems ? I think about JACKBERRY I read indica work better for anxiety do you think it's true ? I look also for an arthritis pain strains perlaps with more CBD,it's for help someone who suffer from this. Thank's before for your help. Have good vibes. Friendly.
  14. hello,I have few leafs turn yellow at borderthis appears only in one plant.I upload a pictures for show you the problem. I use Sannie's tabs,bacto,trichoderma and Bac flower.What's do you think about it ? Do you think i must do something for it or it's not a big problem ? Thank's befor for your help. have good vibes
  15. Hello, Do you think I can put worms direct in my light mix soil indoor ? I try to mix with 90 percent water for my next grow.I can use for flowering or only for grow period ? Thanks for your help hempyfan and others.Have good vibes. Friendly
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