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  1. Hello from France country,Balaquin and others growers around the world. If i mix 50/50 Coco/Light mix soil bag and little perlitte with Buffer Tabs from Sannie's can be do the Job or is better to use Only soil and perlitte ? I plan to use Sannie's Bacto + Perfect start for the life in soil..... Sorry for my bad english I hope you understand. Thank's for your help. Have good vibes,friendly,Olsqueak.
  2. Hello,webeblzr,thank's for your comments. Now I switch to 100 percent Coco soil and I can read than is hydroponie. Yesterday,I must flush the plants because EC from drain water is at more than 3.0. The big leafs start to turn yellow is for that I now than I have a problem.I don't know than in 100 percent coco I must flush the plants every 15/20 days and take care to EC drain water. Now I flush the plants the big leafs yellow turn to nice green.I think I must slow dowm the nutes,I use Plagron nutes. I want switch to Organic with Sannie's Starter Kit I can use TABS in 100 percent Coco soil ??? I grow for my medical use I want smoke a free nutes product but I never use organic nutes. BIG UP,Have good vibes. Thank's all help are welcome.
  3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gq-NOXcyaVZpVMrXqUvcYCt6Eib6PjCr/view?usp=sharing Video for those can't see them. Thank's all for your comments. Now I want switch to organic grow with Sannie's starter kit I just need some help for the first times.It's a medical use I can read than organic is better... With 12 liters days humidity absorber I keep humidity at 55 max. Big UP,Have good vibes,friendly,Olsqueak.
  4. Hello,I want switch to organic grow for better taste and medical use. I want use Sannie's tabs in Coco but I never use it. 1 tabs for 5 liter Coco is ok ? I must adjust my water pH ?? How much liters pot I must use for 9 plants in 4*4 grow box.First i use led cob (200w) and now Cree cxb3590 * 8 and 2 * 100 watts PCB LEDs Puk V2 from rapidled total 600 watts. I'm little afraid to switch because it's my first use.Some help from old users are welcome. Have good vibes, big up friendly, Olsqueak. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gq-NOXcyaVZpVMrXqUvcYCt6Eib6PjCr/view?usp=sharing
  5. I use home made cob Cree cxb3590 3500 k and bridgelux Vero 29 3500K. 400 watts 8*50 watts. I start with 200 watts 4*50w and I add 200 watts more. Hope it can help. Have good vibes
  6. Hello,I use a LEDs cob setup home made 400 watts total 8*50 watts cob Cree cxb3590 3500K. I have no problems for temperature control. My problem is for humidity control.I use 12 liters days humidity absorber but my humidity is 55 to 60 percent. With hps light humidity stay lower than with led... Do you think I can make a great flowering with this ? I can read than humidity in flower must stay 40 to 50 percent (55 maximum). All comments are welcome. Have good vibes friendly. VID_20181213_220931.3gp
  7. Hello,I look for buy 0.2 THC strains with high cbd. Where I can found it ? It's for a legal grow. Thanks
  8. olsqueak

    Dinafem blue kush

    Indoor cob 200w blue kush
  9. New update pictures.Do you think this sound good ??? Thank's for looking and comments. Have good vibes. Friendly,Olsqueak.
  10. olsqueak

    Esais 1

    Picture of my favorite plants....
  11. The plants start really to flowering and make trichromes... What's profesional growers think about this first times off flowering period ? In one month the plants must be close to finish. Friendly,Olsqueak.
  12. Thanks for your comments,yes it's full perlaps too much. I think flowering period start now because plants finish stretching.I give PK booster. I take new pictures soon.Speak better than words. Friendly Olsqueak
  13. Hello,i just slow down on Nutrients...
  14. Hello,today i try to polinate 2 females for having seeds.I pull my finger in pollen and after I touch the pistils off the lower branches. I hope i get seeds in this way it's the first times I try to make seeds.... I don't pull the pollinated plants under water for eliminated excess pollen. Somes plants continue to grow taller and haven't finish stretching,I make new pictures soon.
  15. Hello,Sunnyvale I don't understand ? Changed what ?
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