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  1. Hello, organic growers.I want share Bokashi (composting) Nutes for help bacterial life in soil.I can read adding Bokashi compost to old soil and you can use it for a second time. https://www.homegrownbokashi.com/ I want know if some off you use this products ? I'm interesting about this seaweed sugar :https://www.homegrownbokashi.com/p/12oz-5050-seaweed-sugar and kit from seed to harvest https://www.homegrownbokashi.com/c/seed-toharvestkits I use Sannie's tools and I'm very happy with Buffertabs+trichoderma+bacto and BAC bio Bloom but I think bokashi can help soil life.I plan to start Bokashi composting at home. Thank's before for you're help. Have good vibes,One Love.
  2. Hello, growers hope all is fine for you and you're green lady's.Know i have powerfull leds 4* Cob cree cxb3590,Quantum board (Samsung LM301H), Puck V2 total 665 watts, more light not a good option ? I think best i can do is adding Co2 in my box 4*4 feets.I read with more Co2 in air plants grow faster, better harvest and quality. Good choice ? What's it's best material to buy ? Plants really grow anf flower faster ? It's lot off money 10 KG CO2 bottle + solenoid valve + regulator. I think best it's controler for open and closed solenoid valve,and regulate the CO2.(Perlaps i can use 2 timers with 20 settings each.One timers for open/close valve, other one for run and stop Exhaust fan) ? Thank's before for you're help. Have good vibes,One Love.
  3. Hello,Speedlandracer,i hope all is fine for you and you're green lady's. I order strain weeding cake from growbarato (cheap seeds) + 5 seeds from Ethos genetics strain Citral Glue,Crescendo,Planet of the grape. My usa friend say me than Ethos have very good powerfull genetic and he can't smoke Crescendo during day.... lol I hope I have the same results.I plan to try SOG grow direct in 12/12 with weeding cake seeds,2 gallons pots. I make a grow report for my first sog organic grow with Sannie's bacto+trichoderma + buffer tabs,Aptus regulator. Have good vibes,One love.
  4. olsqueak

    Ethos seeds ?

    Hello,a friend from USA speak me about Ethos genetics. I want ask if some know their strain and genetics.I order citral glue,planet of the grapes and Crescendo just 2 seeds of each. Their Multipass seen to be nice. Have good vibes.One Love.
  5. Hello, brother hidronesia. My friend say me than the numbers off plants depending size pots.With big pots 9 or 10 liters you can use less plants per square meter. I use 2 gallons textile pot in 0,7 square meter for first try.I plan to place my pots inside looking how many plants I need for my 0,7 square feet.
  6. Hello,Sunstone hope all is fine for you and your green lady's. I want try 12/12 direct from seeds easy to manage stop grow mothers plants.I can see nice buds pictures from a friend member who use this way off grow.More harvest per years,only 12 hours off light. I choice indica dominant 80/20 strain weeding cake females.Hope it have uniform grow. Grow organic with Sannie's tools, buffertabs,bacto, Trichoderma,molaase Canne sugar.... Thanks for watching and comments have good vibes One Love.
  7. Hello, brothers growers around the world.I want learning SOG grow direct 12/12 with seedlings.Start directly in 12/12 in 4 to 10 liters pots depending numbers off plants you want grow. If some growers are experienced in this way off grow it interest me...? No Mercy direct 12/12 from seeds seem to be a vey nice setup.I grow Organic Sannie's tools Bacto + Trichoderma and buffer tabs.My friend say to use Aptus regulator and Co2 tabs...I want also use aerated worms casting tea for add bacterial life.I'm new in organic grow and I want learn more about it,looking for help and found the bio grow book in french. http://www.nomercyseeds.eu/en/growinfo/12-12-system.htm I want try sog little grow box 1 meters * 70 centimeters (185 watts cob cree cxb3590*4).I start soon I receive the seeds.I plan to grow Santa-maria (planck) and Hy seeds hyweight strain. Thank's for watching and comments. Have good vibes,One Love.
  8. Hello,all brothers growers around the world. Update pictures from first dry buds. Thank's for watching and comments. Have good vibes,One Love.
  9. Hello,all my brothers growers,smokers.For the moments I only cut some size branches and little one.... I think plants become taller because I use only 100 watts diming my HLG-185 with 4*cree cxb3590 3500K. I wait my net for fix the branches on it.I order Blumat digital tensiométer for better watering....Tomorrow,I put plants in 30 liters.For the moment i use 10 liters pots. Days 2 off 12/12,what's do you think about it ? I think it's too late for cute some tops ? Thank's for your help, comments and watching. Have good vibes,One Love.
  10. Hello thanks for your help beachbud. I must order a net and prune out and fix the plants to the net.
  11. Hello,I keep my clones too much long times 18/6 veggin box.I plan to put them in 25 liters pots.Know they're in 8 or 9 liters pot. first time I have this problem and I don't know what's best to do ??? Fix a net and attached plants or cutting some top ?? I need your help please. Video and pictures speak more than words, especially with my bad English. Thanks before for you're help. Have good vibes One Love. VID_20201130_235512.mp4
  12. Hello gardenaetus ,at weeks 6 of 12/12 the buds aren't finish I think ? I think amber trichromes = more THC in buds... When is the peak off thc for harvest ? I cut at 76 days this run. Thanks before for you're help. Have good vibes One Love
  13. Hello,yes I think it's not CBD but CBG. I wait for have 30 percent amber trichromes if possible... Clones look much frosty than seedlings do you think it's normal ? For sure next run I use a net because Gorilla skittle make big buds. Know I must wait for drying and curing before have pleasure to enjoy organic taste with Sannie's tools. Have good vibes One Love.
  14. Hello I forget to use screen or net I need to buy one for next run. I start harvest few top buds days 72 of 12/12. Thanks for watching and comments.
  15. Hello,thank's for Watching brothers.... Now I'm at week 8 and 3 days I make a video and pictures,the New strain strart to turn Purple Color Know....Delicious for the eyes this beautifull purple color.I can read than this The New strain can turn purple but it happen only Know in very late stage off flowering... Do you think the 2 big plants are close to harvest ?? How many percent amber trichromes I must cut ??? 30 percent ? 10 percent ? 50 percent ? I can read lot off différents choice.... My new clones are over vegged,what's I can do for it ? I can cut the top off the plants ??? Have good vibes,One Love. VID_20201106_212920.mp4
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