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  1. I will send you as many beans as you need to get up and going. Let me know. They were made last fall. I can't think of seeing another grower go without. DM me and we can work something out. During these times we all need our hobby and it makes some things hard at the moment. Like getting beans.
  2. I voted sweet cherry haze, that sweet and sour had me on my knees though. Hard to say no to Ladycane. Glad blavender will see some action somehow. That was one that always kicked myself for not trying to get. Too perfect. Thank you for your diligence and love for the plant.
  3. Thats pretty wonderful! Nice selections. I would be down to OP the Ladycane F2 if you'd be interested. Would share far and wide. Would fit in with the Cheeseberry Haze op coming up. Have some other gear I've got to share. Hope you are well. -Wise
  4. That sounds amazing San! Totally with you on that.
  5. I actually may be getting F2's from two different breeders (one made by sh00pie and the other made by Cannabella Seed Club) so selections should be diverse in an OP. He really wants them remade. As for the F3 holder still waiting to hear back, I would be purchasing these and need to figure out how many I would be getting (I guess he holds 50 beans). These F3 were made by ghettogardener. Not sure if he's responding nowthough, seems my msg has been read.
  6. I'm still working on those F2 and F3 for you. Let you know soon as they are inhand.
  7. You're very welcome and thank you brother! I really hope you enjoy them.
  8. There you go @Mr Goodfellow @saxo @sunstone it's Shiva x Big Budha Cheese. Big Budha Cheese is UK Cheese x Afghani. https://en.seedfinder.eu/strain-info/Cheese/Big_Buddha_Seeds/ Cheers.
  9. Did you use her with anything yet? And any more work with the crazy long flowers? Can't wait for that DTHF F3 x 68' Afghani. There are going to be some special F1's in there.
  10. Warped Genetics says he uses 1.5 ml and so does Mota. I'm confident that most of my tubes are 1.5 ml and I have some 2ml and a couple .5 ml that came with some (2pc) freebies over the years. A 1.5 ml will hold 40 or 50 beans then
  11. I sent the word out to a few people. Big Worm was the first to get back. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00NIBGDO0?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title# Says he uses 1.5 ml and that's where he gets them. Says you can get different colored. It's $25 for 1000 of them but the link is for the $7 100 pack. Indi responded on insta and said search Amazon for 1.5 ml tubes. Says he gets them for $12 for 500. Says 1ml is too small for labels. Seattle Chronic says .5ml for 12 seeds 1ml or larger for more. I have a msg out to Warped Genetics as Ron (Motarebel) but I'm sure they'll say similar. Hope that helps.
  12. Search Eppendorf tubes or microcentrifuge tubes. Paging @Indican help a homie out. You're always ordering these bad boys. I'm imagining they are the 1.5 or 2 ml size that are used most often. I have gotten some small ones before too.
  13. Right here with you. Jetdro. The lighter the agitation the better. I usually keep my 120 bag as well being a mostly outdoor guy and can get some pretty large heads. I tend to collect a nice large chunk in there that depending on cultivar is still melt. It I get cultivars that will throw melty 120 mic I remove the 90, and 73 bag and collect them all in a 45 and add the 25 for those little guys (25 takes way to long to work even with the bounce tech when I mix mic). If you can get cultivars throwing big melty heads mixed mic is the way to go.
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