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  1. I miss her as well, ran her alongside New Blue Diesel and wish I still had both.
  2. Most of modern cannabis is built on the back of bag seed arguably from stray herm pollen. GG4 comes to mind in more recent times where the fabled Chem and Sour stories of the past seem to be quite resounding. My beliefs are if you are able to stress test many facets and she passes the gauntlet then she is stable enough. This goes without saying, but the progeny will definitely need to follow a gauntlet of testing much like the fem mother used.
  3. wisecalyx


    People like you spread misinformation muddying up the gene pool and are whats wrong with current cannabis. Nomenclature means something you pompus ass. You can't even keep your misinformation straight, I wouldn't trust your gear if you can't follow lineage let alone notate it. I'm out of here. SAN, I have your proton mail so I'll reach out. Anybody who is worthwhile here knows how to get ahold of me if they need me. On to better. Peace *crickets*
  4. wisecalyx


    Also I'm sorry I argued the incross nomenclature, if we are being HONEST I was offended in the mislable to begin with. So if you can forgive me and my compulsive need for proper lineage depictions I can be cool too. Sorry brother.
  5. wisecalyx


    I know what homozygous means, I was speaking at which point do filial generations become homozygous for alleles since there has yet to be a great bottleneck in genetics especially before recombination (it was a rhetorical question) also google is great, but your links really have nothing to do with what was being said and I'm not certain why you took the time to make a point? I'm not the one who mislabled then argued the mislable. I mean if you wanted to make a point you could have taken the time to research the proper question. I digress. P.s. make sure you represent your next work correctly without being condescending about YOUR MISTAKE in attention to detail and you won't have to deal with people calling you out, especially when most here are familiar with the parentage. It's like when Melvan of Melvanetics said fuck you to previouse breeders work and starts over filial generations when they reach her hands. Prime example, the NL F3 she distributes is really F6 or F7 but fails to include previous generations because of "their work." To me ego, maliciousness or just ignorence make no difference but these "mistakes" or relables kick up sediment in already muddy waters. I have nothing against you personally and have always enjoyed you so lets go back to that. Just please stop with the condescending stuff, I didn't make your claims.
  6. wisecalyx


    The definition for incross in the dictionary "a mating between organisms that are both homozygous for the same allele" If we are using the Filial denote from a P1 perspective and the required genetic diversity are present to obtain a true F1 from the P1 parentage then by definition an incross cannot be filial due to homozygous allels? At what point does filial recombination become homozygous? I ask because I truly want to know. These understandings are due to research and I truly want to know if the information have read, studied and thought understood, falter.
  7. I use IR in my indoor. I match my vegging plants destin for outdoor on a schedule the light will be twilight to twilight on the day I plan to put them out. Never fails.
  8. Play around with the amount of ice. I can't tell you how much to use as I fill water to a point where it "feels" right by stirring. I'd rather have a little less ice than too much. If there isn't enough water movement the ice can be hella abrasive and could be contributing to your green issues. I'm not sure it's your machine, it could be the water/ ice / material ratios as well. I add more ice after every pull, and my mixing bag gets re packed and filled to sit and recoil between each pull. Hell the water I use is chilling on ice before Inuse it as well to be as cold as possible. If need be do smaller runs, change something, review results ect. No need to run full buckets until you hone in the process. It gets super discouraging otherwise.
  9. Keep trying, we all have different processes for different goals, mine focus on repeatable results tailored to what works for me, quality should always be the defining factor. I only wash whole bud where some wash trim. Coxnox likes a beautiful pressed product and includes 180u where I bin mine and you bet your ass I'd love to try their pressed bubble (if you haven't tried aging bubble, it's a treat after at least 6 months. It's all about what works for the individual. I've been making bubble for 15 plus years now, have tried all sorts of different things. Some cultivars don't produce when it comes to bubble and that's fine as well. I've had cultivars that only wash full melt in the 70u bags, but I gravitate toward those that produce full spec full melt, because washing whole bud for only melt in a specific micron is a waste to me and better left as flowermbYmmv, keep experimenting. My best washing cultivar is an OG and NL hybrid. If you are getting green in your bubble I would first look at the state of your trim or bud, is it too dry or brittle? Was it allowed to hydrate a little before being run? Were you using power tools (I stopped using power anything for bubble as even when I figured out how to not get green, it still thrashed my heads again ymmv) were you being too harsh in general. When experimenting always make sure to change one thing at a time in your process and keep note of the changes so you can truly evaluate the results. You got this!
  10. My use of fresh water each pull has to do with consistency of product. I don't see any changes of quality until it's time to stop pulling. Plus as much as we want to call water neutral, in this case it's still a solvent, especially once it's taken on plant fats, esters and terpenes from previous runs. In my experience, using the same water through pulls eventually compromises the integrity of the wax membrane and you end up with a less stable bubble. That's fine if you are going to be pressing the hash as you're sealing in and creating a barrier there for long term storage. Bubble doesn't last long around here, I'll take down 10 grams a week easy when I make it. Since my goal is full melt dabbable bubble hash I like to keep my resin glands fully intact and dried to the consistency of beach sand.
  11. I fill bucket with layers of bud and ice, and then use just enough water to saturate the herb and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. I then add more cold water to get proper ratio for best mix. I mix for 15 minutes by hand with a big ass spoon. Let settle for 10 minutes before pulling bags. Once I pull my 45u bag I set aside on drying screen to rid excess moisture. I repeat this process 3 times using fresh water each mix / pull (don't reuse water and don't let resin sit in water it only degrades your product). Once I've pulled and removed excess water I place the moist bubble hash in a metal mesh strainer (sieve) and tap the edge over parchment paper until all bubble has passed through the sieve and evenly distributed across the parchment. I'll include a picture of the mesh strainer I use. For the love of hash, never use a micro plane, it ruins your hardwork. Pic below isn't mine but is the same thing.
  12. Also might add that I use a 3 bucket system. Mixing bucket with 220u bag. 180 and 160 stacked in another bucket (I don't smoke 160 or 180u as IMO they are contaminate bags and the 160u goes to canna coconut oil.) Last bucket has 45 and 25u. The 25u is usually also added to my canna oil unless it's of high quality and is very cultivar dependent.
  13. I wouldn't sieve more than once honestly, you want to keep the wax membrane intact. It's of my opinion that making bubble isn't worth it unless you're as delicate as possible through the process. If not you're going to lose the things you enjoy about the flower to begin with.
  14. The pics posted above are three runs of the same material (new water each run, no need for all that chlorophyll water) each run mixed together everything under 160u into the 45u bag. It's all about the finesse in the mixing. I've gotten 4 runs before seeing a degradation in the product. Full spectrum full melt is possible with 3 runs still. No plant matter in that 80 grams above.
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