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  1. wisecalyx

    Freebees Sannie shop

    SAN that super lemon haze and the bubba cross would be hella rad. Bad ass brother. I hope to have something to send in next year lids tight for now though.
  2. wisecalyx

    Anesthesia F1 v5

    The Nature Farm may be a good place to look for something skunk afghani. He rocks the unclefester sk18. Indican did some work with it
  3. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    What's going on that the terps are missing from your bubble? Mine is usually pretty loud. How are you drying it and are you getting full melt?
  4. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    Haha I wasnt sure so I did it anyway. Being a rebel over here. Haha. Thank you.
  5. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    Been a little while since I sifted. Heres single screen 100 mic not cleaned up. I'd say she's 80% clean on the bounce though, you can see a decent amount of systolic hairs that connect the trics. I have a 12 x 18" set up. Talking with Dry Sift Wizard about a bigger set up and move into their 3 screen system, but his gear is super high quality do dropping the dime is worth it just gotta save. Nothing wrong with my set up, just not a fine tuned as could be.
  6. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    Haha I hear you there, I dont use a grinder though. The lady does but that bastard is all sorts of gooped up, it gets an everclear bath a couple times a year and makes it's way into edible. I use scissors and I can just scrape it off every day or two and smoke it like I was stuck in trim jail. Yeah, its the only time you will see me do a double paper. It keeps a lot of the burn off from happening and also, with that much shatter on the outside without another paper to soak it up, it runs around something fierce when the joint heats up. I'm more of a element rice paper guy and roll it inside out with the only overlap being the gum. That's a tastey joint then As for bubble it really depends on the cultivar for me as to how melty it is. I also find equatorial varieties will collect more within the 45 mic and lower bag. My outdoor resins also collect more in those 70 and lower bags. And I have Indicas that you can just mix all the way to the 120 bag because all bags full melt (those usually have the best flavor as well and the heaviest instead of separating by mic. Some of this I do believe largely dependent on how delicate you are with your wash as well as your drying and curing procedures. Sieve or microplane and dry as a powder and more often than not I end up with full melt goodies. I'm a huge fan of sifting myself as well. My 100 mic is super tastey but not complete full melt, but it's much easier to work with. If I were to always use both of all 3 stages of my sift screens I would always just reduce to pure sift but it's definitely only kept for special occasion because it's just so hard to work with as you look at it wrong and it melts lol. I'm not going to lie, kind of jealous of your Jamaican and Columbian bubble, satty bubble is my favorite bubble. I really need to start a full on indoor that is long flower/ equatorial only. I know my pops would shut himself for some old school in bubble form. I have beans of many crazy legged satties but like I said, need a dedicated indoor satty area.
  7. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    This bubble right here also from homie bonezzz. A mix of at least 8 cultivars two being from our very own loveable clown Indican. 72 mic. This is what I do to smoke bubble and shatter in a joint. 2nd paper eliminates burn off even though I hate extra paper. That turds in 2nd pic go inside the joint surrounded by gooey herbs. I known it's a hash thread but I had to include the herbs that went into that night cap.
  8. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    These are 100mg decarbed coconut oil infused caps buddy makes em. I get a hella deal. This bag had 100 of em iust a few days ago. Needles to say my lady and I enjoy.
  9. wisecalyx

    Post your hash stash

    7 grams of pull and snap from some Sorbet and 2 to 3 grams of Apple Cobble bubble hash from my pal bonezzz. It pressed itself on the ride over in the mail. When it will crumble to powder then smear tan. The pull and snap has been at 75 plus degrees for a week and is finally settle the shards into a glob stable and made from ripe material.
  10. wisecalyx

    Huckleberry Kush (♂)

    Always welcome, I may not be the most experienced breeder but been around it my whole life. I chuck at best lol and my efforts til now are usually as preservation and to crack open recombination to find the fun. To address your question, high THC tends to be a recessive trait in a natural state for marijuana. In natural state it wants to be closer to its relative hemp. In nature, the first to nut will usually be the one to pass on its traits and has been philosophically debated within animal populations as well. In this sense early flower time is usually linked to dominant traits. We do have to take into consideration that at this point marijuana is more likely the most genetically molested plant on this planet by humans. You have to take into account of breeding recessive dominate. Making recessive traits the forefront within the population at the same time hopefully not bottlenecking potential dominant traits that are beneficial. In a scientific sense you're gambling on aligning the genetic allele though and bringing rise to mutation (this happens much more via self and rigorous back cross programs (true backcross programs of breeding 3 to 4 gens filial between each P1 bx). It's a slippery slope especially when thinking in terms of potential hermaphrodism within a breeding line. The best choice to really see what can come from your line is to use more than one pollen donor, as in make two clones of your mother and allow each male to separately do its thing with the ladies. Test progeny and see which perform more to your goals in the first place. Are you trying to add terpene profile of x to the loudness of Y. Is Z super potent but the slowest veg ever while A is the one that grows hella fast and stretches 3 times in flower... is straight potency your end game? Or do you need a male that will let the female shine as she was just to get seed of the female? All valid questions and all only can be weighed against your goal to your scrutiny. But for the most part, us humans regardless of the goal want marijuana's recessive Gene's in our pipes. I'm hardly an expert just been playing with this plant for a long time and I did what you are doing, tried things and read as much as I can. I still pick breeders minds all the time. Just ask Indican, I'm always bugging the shit out of that clown. Haha he's such a homie. Alright, joints done and I'm rambling like a mofo. Happy Sunday.
  11. I still have 15 of these, sent 5 to Indi.
  12. wisecalyx

    Huckleberry Kush (♂)

    The one that shows nuts the latest unless structure and scent are what you are looking for. Hold out and see which one holds the recessive.
  13. wisecalyx

    Looking for lemons

    Indi, I have the lemon g x lemon thai/ lemon G, the loompas headband x lemon g/ lemon thai and the (gg#4/kosher kush x heri) x lemon g/ lemon thai. DM on IG. We need to talk haha.
  14. wisecalyx

    What is the best AK -47?

    Hey there hamme, hope all is well with you and yours! I get bored and read old threads on here a lot and realized we are getting close Haha. Re-color me excited.
  15. wisecalyx

    What a strange plant

    When a plant starts to bud and then revert it will take weeks to do so, sometimes even a month. Single leaf blades get thrown and the bud that started to show will "finish" up much like this. It will eventually fall off or get moldy while trying to flip back yet again. Only time I've ever had anything look like this was from a plant trying to bud early, take too long to get back and by the time its caught up the light hours are signaling flower again. I know you said that it's an auto but I've been asking auto experts about this and they find it highly unlikely an f1 photo x auto to harbor auto progeny. I only keep saying it because I've been there in this situation if it is what my 15 years of OD experience on my own (grew up outdoor with my pops prior). I may be wrong, and would totally admit it if proven, but I've seen at least a dozen or more over the last 15 years that looked like the first pictures and the end product of those confused ones looked just like your last pic. The single blades usually tend to come from some form of extreme stress. I am however empathetic to your situation because I have totally been there and feel for you. Hope other fronts are better. Take care and be well.