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  1. Cartel Haze was amazing. That Christmas pack had those, great plants. Would love more myself.
  2. Haha its a very distinctive scent and flavor that once known you will never forget. It's actually an amazing scent and taste. Another unforgettable scent/ taste is DMT... wow talk about bad halitosis coffee breath and metal. Lol. Definitely a foul stink.
  3. Only time I ever felt I could have a had a drug problem was when I was getting ounces of opium for $85 a pc that's $3 a gram. Was buying it a lb at a time. Once we started smoking bong loads a gram at a time it was time to move on. I will say I didn't have any issues walking away but I did enjoy it (oddly I hate other opiates). Every now and again I wish I had stashed a couple ounces to break out for a rainy day (this was 15 years ago mind you).
  4. I can totally see the NL in GM at F3. I will say that I also really pick up the Ghash lineage as well. Having grown the F1 and F2 it made sense. The plants really are all that I love from the lineage. Make sense NL is on both sides. DM
  5. I'm not too worried about saving the Dracary's because I have some Kastu Bubba BX3 and Master Kush x Katsu Bubba BX2 regs enroute. I will for sure vault the 2nd pack for future just in case. I have like 200 varieties in my vault that I need to keep working through as well.
  6. Tough choices, he sent them to me so I didn't have any choice to make really haha. Did you email him or instagram? I've contacted both. Perhaps the holiday has him busy? One pack will be germed and vegged indoor in about 2 months before being placed outside last week of May. The other pack will be vaulted. My last Chocolate Rain and last MadScientist will be getting a clone though before the seed plants placed outside. They will join Madberry. Jackberry and Heri outside as well (all seed plants). There will be some clones but still sorting out what.
  7. Thanks a bunch. Wish we hadn't had so much rain this fall and could have taken them full term. At 7.5 weeks they were still very stoney, but I feel 9 would have been great. There was a fruity pheno to show up as well. One also was a pink hair, which had the most coffee smell. I also had a Mad Scientist that was self topping from the start, had webbed leaf for the first 3 leaf set. Was fun to watch the Chocolate Rain go from 3 foot poles to 8 foot Christmas trees as well. Wish I could get more of the Chocolate Rain. One pheno came out an Orange Berry Soda smell and then other like the signature "blue" smell but quite sour and overwhelmingly melon. Where everything hit hella stretch end of July the MadChem just stopped growing and started budding hard. Most vigour of start for sure. I wasn't about to risk it so they came down at first sight of mold. Will say it's pretty resistant IMO. This year was a freak for rain in September and end of August. Any normal yeah O bet they would have seen no mold. Madchems flavors, much like heri isn't much to talk about though. Will be growing Madchem outside again this year, but will germing in March instead or May in Hope's for 8 foot mad chem bushes instead of 6 foot.
  8. Glad to hear he's back. I saw the post about it but peeps thought it was suspect. This makes me happy. The trep bomb alchemist is back. I haven't grown my esko gear I have left because it was being saved to run and preserve. With that, San... please please please work that Lavender x BBS into something that is as complex. Mmm. SM x CR F2 makes me smile.
  9. He's a cool cat and breeds solid gear.
  10. Here's some Mad Chem grown outdoor this year. Picture was taken at 45 days (September 10th) Will note that where I live we had 5 weeks of rain... average for my area is 4.3" for the month of September. We had that per week and some storms offering up that much. Cut September 20th at 55 days. Could have gone another 7 to 10 days. No intersex traits observed but would have liked to take them to 9 weeks +/- but at 7.5 weeks did not find a nanner. Lost maybe 3 ounces to mold on 3 lbs. Seeds were sprouted May 9th and vegged under 300 watts led and placed outside June 9th. I'm 6'4" tall and that's a 12" blade without handle. A real producer. With great vigor. Flowers sets fast when the days get shorter. I noticed many Heri traits in this plant especially in the high department.
  11. Seattle Chronic did work with the Hells Angel's Lavender cut. Worth checking out.
  12. Mota and Hazeman claim there is Norther Lights added to it somewhere along the line. The 88 G13/HP made it to Hazeman via NDNguy and teamed with Mota to put it back to the G13 to make Green Manalishi. All this info and discussion is over on the meduser forums as well from back when they were being made. All the info of Mota breeding more Heri for Woodhorse seeds and doing the work on others as well. If you ask me, I see the NL influence in Green Manalishi to this day and would venture to say the Thai influence you observe would support this. I have as many F3 and BX as you want. Just gotta figure out a cost effective way to get then to you safe. -wise
  13. Looking great. Would love to know your thoughts on the HHP pheno. I grew the F1's from Mota years ago, got them from the shop. I also grew out the F2's that came from the freebie section made by NAW these were the first drop of that came from the lemon pheno. Mine leaned hard on garlic, spice, body odor, skunk, forest, and sweet notes. All plants has the same structure and scents were close but varied individually. I left a male to bust for 3 weeks and made F3's. He had a spicey, funky, stem rub, hints of tea and slight ammonia. Big flower clusters, white flowers with pink streaks. Same male also opened up on 1 pheno of Los Andi Kush (LA Pure Kush x Kali Mist) x Green Manalishi F1. Smelled of rubber, caramel, and something that reminded me of grape. Real complex smell. Leggy broad with very thin leaf structure. (LA Pure Kush x Kali Mist) x GMF1) x GMF2 Would be willing to float some your direction to keep your GM dream alive. It's why I made F3's myself. -Beef
  14. I hope JGL is ok and wish the best in any light. Cristalin, do you and follow your heart as well. What ever you put out, I will buy Hope all is well.
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