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  1. I still have 15 of these, sent 5 to Indi.
  2. wisecalyx

    Huckleberry Kush (♂)

    The one that shows nuts the latest unless structure and scent are what you are looking for. Hold out and see which one holds the recessive.
  3. wisecalyx

    Looking for lemons

    Indi, I have the lemon g x lemon thai/ lemon G, the loompas headband x lemon g/ lemon thai and the (gg#4/kosher kush x heri) x lemon g/ lemon thai. DM on IG. We need to talk haha.
  4. wisecalyx

    What is the best AK -47?

    Hey there hamme, hope all is well with you and yours! I get bored and read old threads on here a lot and realized we are getting close Haha. Re-color me excited.
  5. wisecalyx

    What a strange plant

    When a plant starts to bud and then revert it will take weeks to do so, sometimes even a month. Single leaf blades get thrown and the bud that started to show will "finish" up much like this. It will eventually fall off or get moldy while trying to flip back yet again. Only time I've ever had anything look like this was from a plant trying to bud early, take too long to get back and by the time its caught up the light hours are signaling flower again. I know you said that it's an auto but I've been asking auto experts about this and they find it highly unlikely an f1 photo x auto to harbor auto progeny. I only keep saying it because I've been there in this situation if it is what my 15 years of OD experience on my own (grew up outdoor with my pops prior). I may be wrong, and would totally admit it if proven, but I've seen at least a dozen or more over the last 15 years that looked like the first pictures and the end product of those confused ones looked just like your last pic. The single blades usually tend to come from some form of extreme stress. I am however empathetic to your situation because I have totally been there and feel for you. Hope other fronts are better. Take care and be well.
  6. They were both freebies, BC first then BC f2 and they overlapped for a minute. Went out of stock while my order flew over. Sadness. Rock em hard!!!!
  7. wisecalyx


    Edit: double post, been happening to me often lately.
  8. wisecalyx


    I've been toying with this idea myself as I have 2 packs of Boudics left to hunt and I have a pack or two of UK Blues Bx1 f3's from Indican and it seems like a hybrid just screaming to happen. Would definitely be interested in some of these.
  9. Bluechem, those the freebies back a couple/ few years ago. There were Bluechem F2's as well. Kick my ass all the time for not getting them. Also kick myself for not grabbing the bb x riri sd. Subbing along for the ride. Fun stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  10. wisecalyx

    Job ads begin for the new big grows in Michigan

    I'm a CNC machinist so the effort to pay coefficient has to be aligned. Much more effort growing weed the right way, gonna keep to top 50k for that to me my full time. Just saying.
  11. wisecalyx

    Black Afghani Smoke Report

    Hope your health turns around!!!
  12. wisecalyx

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Hit him up on IG best way to get ahold of him. And until on the shelves in shop probably the most respectful as well
  13. wisecalyx

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

    Pica (disorder)
  14. wisecalyx

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

    (Double post, deleted)
  15. wisecalyx

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII