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  1. What is the best AK -47?

    When they show and crack you will not be disappointed. I need to make another order. Need that BB as well. Might throw some Dr Atomic in there as well because the BBNL of his is so wonderful.
  2. NAW Test Center

    NAW crew never ceases to amaze me. Always bringing the new, the improved and honed kindness. Thank you again, I know so say it often but honestly all my favorite breeders really care and need to be thanked on the reg! So, since NAW crew moves at light speed with keen selections, I sometimes get lost in the genetics, or have one parent or forget it's a 2nd cousin bx or great aunt BX. Was thinking perhaps starting a thread where the first post is a list and genealogy and as you rad dudes crack open the galaxy can just edit and add to. I'm a nerd. <3
  3. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    @Stringy Pete Brad is the breeder of Bean Hoarder. I would assume that's why he was able to replace them as he did. His gear is legit for the price. Sometimes you have to do some pheno hunting but there are some really cool hybs in his collection.
  4. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    Everyone who cracks Sannie and friends gear knows they pop I'm with you.
  5. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    We can't judge a seed bank in a bad light because they refuse to replace lost or stolen beans, especially when they state it clearly. Could take it up with Canadian Customs because that is where the problem lays, but none of us will do that. An order will get taken from time to time and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it but either try again, switch banks (I assure you Chicago ganks more beans than Canada) or just stop trying. We've been spoiled with Sannie and I'm greatful for that, but we can't hold other banks to the same treatment as Sannie, especially much larger banks with 6 times the choices of breeders. It's simply not sustainable. This is in no way a customer service issue, not even in the slightest. It can be disagreed, but it's not an opinion. It's a reaction to a policy that is pretty legit if you consider what they are selling. I'll end with, Brad is awesome and HD is a great place to get varieties you really can't find many other places if you can even find some of the gear other places. Sorry if I seem crass but the customer service comments came off strongly as an attack and really arnt arguable because policy is policy and as a customer if they read made a conscious choice to do business with them fully well knowing said policy. Especially when business has been conducted in the passed. Just doesn't really add up as not being a bash on HD, more like opinions of scorn from a lost order. It even got to the point of speaking about viability of seeds from here, which more often then not is germing error or ideas based souly on urban myth and folklore of germination. Hell most people drown the shit out of their seeds to begin with. Sorry. I'm gonna lay dormant now, sorry if I upset anyone. P.s. San, you are super rad. Offering to open your vault to make it easier for someone to get those beans. Way rad on you bro.
  6. Buyer Beware: Hemp Depot Seeds

    It's a gamble, have never had an issue with HD and have been using them as long as I have Sannie (damn near a decade) and have had orders confiscated, but again I've had Sannies orders confiscated as well, actually more honestly. Sannie is super great, helps us all out more than he ought to honestly and I am greatful. With that, Brad has been great to work with over the years and the BeanHoarder I have ran has been a great way to get odd combos of genetics on the low. I never spend more than I'm comfortable losing, assume it's going to get taken, and get hella stoked when it shows. It's illegal most places still, can I really get bent out when a hiccup gets hit? I know it sucks losing cash, but that's why I make more than one small order. Odds are they get through, if one is nipped no biggie. I will add that I have had it take 30 days to 60 days to get orders from Canada. Takes for ever. Don't even think of buying a Canadian instrument direct. Find a dealer, have it shipped to dealer and then either pick it up or have it shipped from the dealer. It went back and forth for 2 months. Sat at customs for a month and then took another 2 weeks. My Status from England took 3 days...
  7. What is the best AK -47?

    The time to get Joey Weed is now as well, the prices listed will go up. These are to get Joey Weed back in the light. Cool thing about JW is they are F2's made from older Serious stock. Benefit of cracking open recombinance and having access to prewatered down AK.
  8. breeding question

    If you take a look at what is happening put west in the US you see a lot of hybrids that happen to be partial back crosses. Having a common grandparent in two cultivars will result in half of the genome being from that shared grandparent and seems to bring some stability to polyhybs. Also a way to being forth more potential recessive traits for further selection. Look at Oni Seeds Tropicanna CPT for instance. (GSC x Tangie) X (Cherry Pie x Tangie). Not only is there Tangie as a grandparent but great grandpa or grandma is a Durban in GSC and Cherry Pie. Or here is a different degree of separation but shared lineage on both sides. El Mexicano Genetix Plat Animal which is Animal Cookies x (Cherry Pie x Platinum Cookies). You find a lot of Durban or OG being thrown back into Cookies hybrids. Or Cookies on both sides. I only use cookies hybs on the west coast as example because of all the reintroduction of OG, Durb and cousin hybrids being worked back into one another.
  9. breeding question

    I can not remember where I read about Ducksfoot in crosses, but if I remember correctly with a Ducksfoot that you need to line breed for the trait. Usually doesn't show up in an F1 and more likely in an F2 or F3. If I were to try back crossing for leaf structure I would see if I can get the trait to emerge in a Filial breeding and follow other Ducksfoot traits. Then use those expressing the traits I'm looking for back cross work. This may have no validity, but I remember reading this somewhere from someone who has worked Ducksfoot.
  10. What is the best AK -47?

    Understood, just wanted to throw it out there. I know ordering from Canada can be difficult as well. Being from the States customs is a bit rough, I've had great success though, Canada takes forever though. Average about a month turn around. Chicago customs is the worst though. Very interested to see what you come up with. AK47 can be most wonderful smoke.
  11. Nice to see that purple chem x head candy being used, will she get grow showed? I have these from freebies and really need to pop them. I also have the Christmas present to break into. I love being swamped in NAW gear. How's the LosAndi Kush doing? Still have those in the vault. Man, I need a warehouse. Who wants to form a collective haha?
  12. What is the best AK -47?

    Personally I would go for regs and get a few packs. You're gonna want to hunt the newer AK47 offerings, I would make F2's and search for the perfect AK.
  13. What is the best AK -47?

    So not sure if many people know but Joey Weed is back and has offering in another corner of the net. His works have always been great. Not only are his hybrids great but has an excellent eye for preservation. That other corner of the net I speak of has some of his AK47 F2's. These are from Serious seed stock. I remember Joey Weed going off the map almost a decade ago, so these come from parent stock that's decently old. Would be a great place to look and pan for some gold. Treasure hunting is fun. Btw I particularly enjoyed the sour baby poop pheno of AK47. It was my hands down favorite among heavies. I need to go make an order...
  14. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Stoked for the show!