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  1. Yep am about to flick to x8 of these this weekend, I've so far x2 confirmed females. I'll wack up a grow show diary on opengrow in the next few days.
  2. Ok well I've gone with the Fat Cherry x Orgasmatron (og nepali x stevie wonder) to start with only x8 due to limitations etc. I'll setup a grow diary shortly.
  3. Cheers for the info Cloneman, I'll be getting the Fat Cherry x Orgasmatron going first and taking clones along the way.
  4. Lemon thai indy is possibly an indica pheno version of Lemon thai.
  5. No info came with the beans, I've requested more info but so far not received anything back. There was a post on a few different forums requesting anyone interested in testing for Bodhi, I thought it was along shot but dropped an email and within a week I had x2 packs of seeds.
  6. I've been lucky to get hold of some test strains from Bodhi, but am keen to find out abit more about the cross strains I am testing. See below the strains I have: Fat Cherry x Orgasmatron (og nepali x stevie wonder) - Keen to know what the fat cherry is or made up from. Lemon thai indy x old mother ghani. (older mother x pure ghani) but have no idea what the Lemon thai indy is. I am leaning towards starting the Fat Cherry x Orgasmatron first off, but keen to know abit more about it,
  7. I only popped x1 seed, I've got another x5 seeds to pop. I'll grow more out next and see what i get.
  8. Ah glad am not the only one with non lemony skunk @gardenartus, I'd will grow again as and hope for the more lemon pheno. As for heavy hitter your very correct on that account, droopy eyes kick in pretty quick. Photo of the lemon skunk cured.
  9. Some photos of the cured cheestral buds. Cheestral (green) Cheerstral (purple)
  10. I'll sort you some cured bud pics in a few days wisecalyx
  11. Hey Mindless I was told the lemon skunk would be stinky in grow but I would't say my one stank that much at all, only when being moved around etc. I need to check again and see if the cure is improving. There is hint of lemon for sure but its does like proper stink like skunk should do. I dry my buds hanging up in a dark tent, usually for 7 to 10 days then jar them up. Never usually have problems the Cheestral I did at the same time as the lemon smells amazing. I think I just had a odd pheno like Tyo mentions above with the lemon I grew.
  12. Just about a month in cure, buds took a while to really dry out. But strangely I don't get much of the lemon/citrus smell, it's actually quite hard to place the smell more a very slight lemon kitchen cleaner of a sort. Smokes very smooth, but with very slight hit of lemon on exhale. The high makes up for the missing lemon smell, strangely its much more of an indica high, sort of head and body buzz and very sleepy too as in heavy eye lids. I've got more seeds to grow, so at some stage will grow again and see if can get more of a major lemon version. Bit surprised its more like an indica then a sativa.
  13. I'm reporting on the x2 different phenos that have been curing for a month now. The purple pheno cheestral is much more berry smelling but also gives off a sweetness type odor. I'd say the smoke is very smooth and you get hints of berry on the exhale, the high is to my standard very heavy but special in the way it lasts for sometime. Its does give some headyness but then much more of a body stone. The normal green cheestral has a much more fruity/candy smell to it, but once put in grinder I sort of get hints of a cheesy smell. I think the high is stronger then the purple pheno, but gives a much more fruityness on exhale. Overall I'm impressed by both of these cheestral's and will in due course grow out the rest of the seeds i have left. Am sure when growing again I can get abit more out of them.
  14. Right i best do a smoke report on these now, just about a month in cure today.
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