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  1. Dear Growers, the result: Reduced: 58% of original size [ 1024 x 683 ] - Click to view full image The result is 335 g on the scale plus 6,5 g wich where smoked yesterday during a meeting: 341 g / 540 watt = 0,63 g/w. That is not a good result. But the quality is fine: Reduced: 58% of original size [ 1024 x 683 ] - Click to view full image Reduced: 58% of original size [ 1024 x 768 ] - Click to view full image But it was just a test, just for seeing what the result of one-finger-plants will be: My conclusions about this grow: The quality don´t have to suffer under less vingers , but the weight will. The next grow will be with 5-vinger-plants again! Greetings Torsti
  2. Torsti


    Omg! The forum lost a fine man. A real grow-teacher with a good hart. May Maverick rest in peace! Greetings Torsti
  3. Dear Growers, Thanks to the fine weather today. The girls are dry. Tomorrow I´ll start stripping the girls and the trimming will begin asap. A few trich-shots: Reduced: 58% of original size [ 1024 x 768 ] - Click to view full image Reduced: 58% of original size [ 1024 x 768 ] - Click to view full image It won´t be a fantastic result qua weight but the quality is fine. But, it was just a test! In one week, we´ll know more. @Link 420, BeachBud and Roodni, Thank you! Greetings Torsti
  4. Hey Indican, I hope these are the right ones: Blowsterke was one minute faster! Seems like Formula 1 The big buds are comming! Greetings Torsti
  5. Dear Growers, The update of day 1 (Drying): Yesterday I cut of the ladies and hang them up to dry: I´ve cleaned up my cab this evening en took some pics Now, I´ve got a little bit time to test my camera: Macro with a normal macrolens: Macros with the MP-E 65: I love these macro-shots! @LaVie, I was saving money for these things a long time. And now I want to see what it can do. Enjoy the pics. Greetings Torsti
  6. Dear Growers, The last update with living plants. This was the situation in my cab this evening: A few buds: and the trichomes: Tomorrow I´ll finish this round and the girls will be hanging at their feets! Than two more weeks and we´ve got a result. @Plasma, Thank you! Greetings Torsti
  7. Dear Growers, the update: Tonight the girls got for the last time 15 liters water to drink. Wednesday the girls will hang at their feets. Pics of the day: @Dear Santero, thank you! This grow was a test. I want to know what the result will be with "bad" cuttings. In two weeks we´ll know the result and then we´ll know if you better can stop a grow with these kind (one-fingers) of cuttings. Let´s wait and see. Greetings Torsti
  8. Hey Indicaan, the way you waste the light doesn´t mind me. I`am working in a different way, but here, in the Netherlands, a normal household uses circa 3.500 kw in a year. If you´re coming too much above this, maybe that you´re got questions about that. That is the reason why we´re trying to grow most efficient as possible. I didn´t know that the US don´t produces mirrors. But I know your grow will finish wth a awesome result. I´am more afraid about this twine, I would always use a metal chain to hang up the lights. It´ll give me a more feeling of safety. If this hot bulbs are falling down, I won´t think about that what could happen then. Greetings Torsti
  9. Hoi Kafka, I´am sure that have to grow in scrog. But also, you´ve got not enough light in your cabinet. The easiest way to double your harvest is to double your lights. A second T-Neon won´t be bad. The ventilation: It depends where your cabinet is standing. You can use a Plieger-vent (Gamma or Praxis) with a small carbon-filter. That will be enough, but it´s a little bit noisy. Succes Greetings Torsti
  10. Dear Growers, after a few day´s of stress on my work, I´ve got finally the time for an update: On monday 4 liters of water run back. The ladies are still drinking. Pics of 01-04: II switched the exhaust lower during the day and I forgot to switch it back, the result 31°C in the cab. Tonight the girls got 15 liters of water.. I decided to harvest next wednesday. The trichomes tells me that that the ladies are ready. Temperature today 26°C with lights on. Pics of the day: and the trichomes: Just one more week! Greetings Torsti
  11. Hoi Indicaan, I agree with Whazzup at this point: But there´s one issue where I have more problems with: There´s a 1000 watt bulb hanging on a thin rope? Do you think it´s safe? No better options? Your plants are looking great but the safety in your growroom? In my eyes a NO-GO! Greatings Torsti
  12. Hi LaVie, these ladies are looking great! A real keeper! Good work. Greatings Torsti
  13. Dear Growers, the update of day 53 (Bloom): tonight the girls got wet feets again, 15 liters of water with 20 ml Connoisseur A and B and all theBoosters following the schedule. Pics of the day: And a few trich-shots. Sinds a few days I´am the proud owner of a MP-E 65 mm. To make good pics with this lens is very difficulty. Everything is shaking and moving.wacko: To make a good shot with a gun on a thousand yards is a lot easier. But here they are: I like this shots @Indicaan, we love this plant and we know where we are talking about. It would be nice if the other side will understand that! I enjoy everyday with this girls. Greetings Torsti
  14. Dear Growers, the update: Now I´am sleeping with a open window again. It´s getting cooler in my room and in the cab I`ve got better temperature. The ladies like it: A few trich-shots: I´ve got a new toy for my camera, so a few shots with the upgrade: Greetings Torsti
  15. Dear Growers, the update: Tonight the girls got something to drink again, 15 liters water with 15 ml Connoisseur A and B each. I also opend a window, the girls need a little bit more cold air. The temperature was again above 30°C. Let´s see what it brings. Pics of the day: Trich-shots: A lot of the trichomes are still clear. How long will it take to get ready for harvest? @Whazzup, it could be, that I´am too optimistic about the harvest-day. If the ladies takes a few days more, I don´t worry about that. @thesamyboy, let us wait and see. I don´t know how long the ladies need to get ready. Greetings Torsti
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