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  1. Good choices bro! what made u go for the Rom x Afgooey rather than the straight Rom? and C99 is a given lol Any chance you can share the love for the 10% off my man? ta
  2. The Stawberry Cough Rez used is the clone only KKSC ie Kyle Kushman Strawberry Cough. Sounds yummy! Thanks mate. The C99 & Rom x Afgooey are both def... still thinking about the 3rd one tho! Yeah Rom x Heri sounds fire... Mota actually said he is going to release this cross at one point.. still waiting for this one Thanks everyone for their input!
  3. ive been having the same problems with seeds ever since i bought my first pack... im such a seedwhore lol Im really struggling to choose between the Romulan IBL to Romulan x Afgooey... Ive read loads about both of the strains, never smoked either, but both sounds amazing... now just need to decide between the StraD and C99 can choose only 3!! Guys which 3 yould you go for out of these: Romulan IBL Romulan IBL x Afgooey Strawberry Diesel C99 Thanks for your help
  4. Thanks for the reply mate... ive heard plenty on the strains mentioned, thats why i wanna buy them seeds lol Im asking about the breeder, or his versions of the C99, StarwD, Romulan etc... Yeah mate Romulan sounds lush but the afgooey x romulan sounds even better and the price is def right
  5. Hello guys, Just came across Classic Seeds... anyone has any experience with them or has any info about their strains? In depth research didnt really come up with much... they used to have a forum at IC, which got shut down ages ago, and they hold a forum at the seedbank they are sold at (google is your best friend lol)... but no smoke reports or grow logs tho? Really interested in some of their strains - C99, StrawD, Romulan, Afgooey and Romulan x Afgooey... all in very reasonable prices (under £30 for 10)... guy seems honest and nice, no shitfests in his posts etc but lack of info hold me back tho... Anyone care to share some info? Thanks.
  6. Ha nice idea boneheadbob! e$ko, please scribble my name on that list too please Im giving up on waiting for my beans, unless any other guys from the UK are waiting for their package too still? I guess the postie took a nice one this time lol... i guess it wasn't meant to be? Its alright, going to buy a pack of Choclate Rain and *another* pack of CB to numb the pain lololol On another note, had I gotten my package, pheno #2 sounds like my winner!
  7. The blueberry description sounds awesome! Now if only I would get that mail!! I think the postie is having a blast now lol cross your fingers for me guys! (but thanks anyway e$ko!!!) To the guys who did get their package, which pheno did you choose?
  8. Sign me up bro! Might take a bit till i can pop 'em, but will give them extra love fo' shizzle! Thank you esko, looking forward for your upcoming offerings! Opengrow rules!!!
  9. Is that the name of the Satori mother? oh well you learn something new every day thanks for the info dude
  10. welcome Fusion Seeds! 30Eur/15 seeds is very cool... on par with Sannie's seeds standards! I will def pick a pack of either when I get some more funds available...All the best for you guys!
  11. Haha sorry dude nothing personal How about (apologies in advance): Lucid Dream Visual Paradox Amneizure Fire Rainbow Soul Eclipse Setting Sun Dark Matter Hallucinuana
  12. This strain is going to be like a mule kick to the face! Sounds great :( I love this type of games! My names are: Coma Brain Coma Seroxat Hazejuana Paralysis/Paralyzed Paranesia/Paranesia Haze Delerium/Delerium Haze Thats it for drugs name, if I got any more bright ideas I will pop em in... thanks again for the competition wazzup!
  13. Nice work dude! Those buds looks delicious... and the foxtailing mmmmmmmmmm Some questions if you don't mind as I have a pack of those in the fridge: So, it looks like you have two phenos... Pheno1 more indica, pheno2 more sativa... But, which of the parents is dominant? I mean, if pheno1 is indica, is it more blueberry dominant and pheno2 is sativa is it cheese/g13haze dominant? I smoked the UK/Exodus cheese many times and its a hydrid with a sativa dominant high... maybe after they cure for a bit you can tell by the tastes and highs? maybe e$ko can help? And finally, how long did the two phenos flower for? Keep on rocking bro! :)
  14. congrats guys!!! :) I think there is no better place to introduce your gear to the world than sannies shop!!! I am all over the LemonThai & LemonBerry... Just a quick one... when should we expect seeds to be up and how much will they cost? All the best guys!
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