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  1. neogitus


    Snapped a pic of one of the 2 females I have going of the Uzbekistan. I will take more pictures before I chop and of the finished product. Has a nice musky fruity smell almost like kiwi/apple with a hint of chewing gum. One of the 2 phenos has notes of roast coffee bean too. That one has super dense Golf ball buds and the other is less dense and has really fat buds. Been wanting to try this one for awhile.
  2. Thanks for the info. @gardenartus after some digging through a bunch of paper found out It's ER+
  3. neogitus

    Green Manalishi Searching for the Best CBD Strains

    Have been super impatient lately.
  4. Thanks for the reply. It is Invasive ductal carcinoma.
  5. @gardenartus Is there any reputable page or somewhere I can read up on making RSO with ethanol? I would like to see if my mom is willing to try it. She got diagnosed with breast cancer 11 or so months ago and went through 6 months of chemo and now it has metastasized in her spine and in her nerves. It is now at stage 4 and the doctors gave her 4-6 months. She only turned 54 the other day. Not necessarily looking for a miracle but if anyone you know has any pointers or how much to use it would be greatly appreciated. I know you have a lot of experience on the medical side of things. If there's a way to reduce the actual high that would be ideal if possible. From what I have gathered, a lot has to be ingested daily. Thanks for any info.
  6. neogitus

    Green Manalishi Searching for the Best CBD Strains

    This thread has me excited for my gm f2s. I currently have 2 females growing right now, around 40 days into flower. 2 different phenos. One is like a plant I've seen posted somewhere by ride the walrus. It has a less dense structure sharp leaves and a stretched out bud tip. The other pheno is super dense almost fist sized buds with some calyx starting to bulge out. It has a nice old school smell. I would have to be smelling it right now to give an accurate description but both girls have a different mix of wet forest , hydrocarbon, birch bark, hash and lemon/lime. The dense one looks frostier but I like the smell of the other one slightly better. I will upload some pics when the lights are back on. For now, I'll try one from my cell phone.
  7. neogitus

    Smokeshack Photodump

    Damn, that sounds like an awesome cross. How's she smell? Is this with the ace seeds Malawi? Wish I was close enough to squeeze a nug.
  8. neogitus

    LED vs.....

    I switched to LED from HID a few years ago and haven't looked back. The technology has come a really long way in the past few years. I started out with a few cheap "blurple" ones to test the waters and eventually shelled out for some good ones. With the highest power LEDS you won't be able to take advantage of all the light (running on max)without adding supplemental co2 because the plants will be able to use more light energy and be comfortable in hotter temperatures. http://fluence.science/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/High-PPFD-Cultivation-Guide-9.27.16.pdf I'm currently running a 4x8 with 960W of LED strips ( Samsung LM561C) for uniform light. Took a bit of getting used to but they work very well. I like having more space available in my tent too. Since the lights are mounted 1 foot away and can even go closer I can grow them slightly taller without worrying about the tops getting burnt. You can grow in extremely small spaces as well. I've smoked super dank weed from all sorts of grow methods but for me personally I'm sticking with LEDS because I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives like super high initial cost. I don't even need special sunglasses to see properly since the light is white. A lot easier for me to spot if something is wrong since everything isn't orange tinged.
  9. neogitus

    How long do you hold it?

    I barely hold my hits in. I have never noticed a difference between holding it in for 5 vs 10 vs 20+ seconds besides coughing like crazy. I only use a vapourizer through my bong now, and even with that I don't find a difference aside from more coughing. I'm not sure about vapour but my guess would also be that with combustion the extra feeling might just be a rush. Back in the day me and buddies used to take huge bong rips and hold them in for so long that you wouldn't even breathe out a wisp of smoke. We also used to pass around joints take a few huge hauls, run up a big set of stairs with it still held in, run back down and breathe it out in time for your next round to do it all again (lol we were young). Even doing this, other than the short rush from holding my breath and coughing up nasty brown phlegm every morning, I never noticed an enhanced high whether from combustion or vapour.
  10. neogitus

    "interveinal death" on Holy Princess

    I am far from an expert but I had a similar looking problem recently with a few of my gm f2 plants and it ended up being due to a pH fluctuation. (thanks to the one who helped me) I stabilized my media pH (it kept dropping) and I haven't seen the problem since.
  11. neogitus


    If you are talking about SH they accept US dollars too. There is a little tab on the top left corner where you can change it from EUR, USD and GBP. It would be nice if they had CAD avail but I don't mind taking a short trip to the bank to turn my monopoly money into American so I can send it away. If it seems like a hassle, make a bigger order. That's what I do @Sunnyvale Great seed choices, got a few of those myself. Can't wait to see how they look and smell in flower.
  12. neogitus

    Coop seed run clone only or discontinued strains

    Speaking only on people who create an account to get free seeds and never post otherwise. Would never think about denying someone who is actually in need. It's a great idea and I hope it works out it's just a shame that activity spikes when there is free stuff involved. People come out the woodwork. Not saying you have to be an active member to participate but maybe contribute more than one post to the forum and that one post is asking to be added to the freebies list. Join a discussion, stick around etc. I have seen so many people swoop in for free stuff never to be seen again (medical excluded). You are right though, there's no way to tell who's in need and who's bullshitting so that's a tricky one. Just sucks seeing a good thing be taken advantage of. If the ball gets rolling on this I have some rare gems I'd be willing to donate for the cause. I love the idea of making things available for people that either couldn't afford it at the time or weren't around when it was available. PS gimme some free seeds!
  13. neogitus


    Damn those pics are making me drool. Some of those strain names are awesome. Kunt joose gave me a good laugh Which one I'd most like to try? Probably all of em
  14. neogitus

    Coop seed run clone only or discontinued strains

    I am also on that forum and in my opinion it might be a good idea to set some ground rules like being an active poster or member for a certain time to receive anything. I have seen this seed run co op take over most of the activity on said forum. Many people who NEVER post are always lurking in every one of those threads to ask for free shit. It is my opinion that the people who post and make this forum a great place are the ones deserving of things that go on, not someone who sees "free seeds" and signs in to ask for them and never posts again until the next time free seeds are available. As nice of a gesture it is there are lots of vultures ready to take advantage so be wary of that. 2/3 of the people on that seed list are not active members. Kind of backwards that members are paying monthly fees out of pocket every month to pay for server space when none of these hundreds of seed packs are benefiting the forum in any way. It's up for debate whether it should but I think so considering it might not be possible otherwise. Might be unpopular opinion but something to think about for sure. It would be great to have things resurrected and shared but maybe a free for all as seen elsewhere might not be the greatest way to go about it. Or maybe I'm just a stingy fucker! Just my 2 cents
  15. neogitus

    Blueberry Quintessa CBD

    Sounds like a great medical strain. Welcome to the forums. This one will definitely be in my collection soon.