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  1. @madkevin Hey. If you're in Canada you can buy a lot of cheap grow equipment off amazon. I would recommend at least trying there because if something goes wrong with any of the stuff they aren't a pain for returns like some other companies can be and usually have reviews for most products that people have bought. I would recommend buying each product separately so you can get what is right for your setup. I have a few vivosun tents I am relatively happy with and they are cheap. The lights that tend to come with the kits are cheap quality and generally wouldn't be enough to flower plants (from what I've seen). I've also made several purchases from https://indoorgrowingcanada.com with no headaches or hiccups. Good luck on building the tent. There are plenty of people here that can help you make the right decision for your needs. One thing to note is the cheap LEDs do not actually consume the advertised wattage. A 600W advertised LED is only consuming 108 watts (phlizon).
  2. Missing this stuff. Been a month or so since I ran out. Feel like starting some more, had a really unique smell. Few weeks before chop
  3. neogitus


    This was available as freebies on SH a year or so ago. I wasn't quick enough to snag some but all the pictures/info I've seen of it posted here make me want to smoke it. I'd def grab some if it was available again!
  4. This forum has definitely gone downhill in recent times. This incoherent ranting makes me want to sell all my NAW gear that I purchased over the years (and I've spent hundreds). I don't like to support assholes with my money. I've tried to hold my tongue but this stuff keeps popping up. No wonder no one wants to post anymore. Don't have to act like such a snob... grow up.
  5. Smoking on some green manalishi f2s. Love the old school smell. Lemony/wet forest/fuel/rubber. Relaxing body high with heavy munchies.
  6. There may be a shortage of recreational "legal" weed but there's definitely not a shortage of weed. Black market is thriving as it ever was. The greedy suits who took over the weed business shot too high and thought people were dumb enough to pay crazy prices for schwag. They even created a monopoly where I'm at where you're not allowed to buy any weed unless it comes from the government run monopoly. You cant grow any plants unless it is from "certified" seeds that the licensed producers provide (60 dollars for 4 fems lol). They are allowing private stores to open but the stores only have one supplier they are allowed to get off of (guess who?!) it's all a huge mess and is beyond pathetic if you ask me. Nobody is going to pay 80 dollars for 7 grams of irradiated outdoor grown weed that doesn't get you high when you can easily get twice the amount or 4x+ if you know someone. Weed has always been cheap in Canada no idea who the hell these people think they are thinking they can double the going price when they have absolutely nothing to hide from. I even read recently that one of the suits was whining because black market is destroying their business. Boo hoo for him, we don't need any snakes in the business that had zero interest before it became a possible massive money maker. None of this would have happened had the government consulted and included growers into the framework. After all these are the people that have been fighting for this plant for decades unlike these greedy POS This whole mess is constantly making me roll my eyes. I hope all the LPs crash and burn but it is unlikely. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/cannabis-ceo-pleads-for-ottawa-to-shut-down-booming-black-market-094043361.html
  7. Snapped a pic of one of the 2 females I have going of the Uzbekistan. I will take more pictures before I chop and of the finished product. Has a nice musky fruity smell almost like kiwi/apple with a hint of chewing gum. One of the 2 phenos has notes of roast coffee bean too. That one has super dense Golf ball buds and the other is less dense and has really fat buds. Been wanting to try this one for awhile.
  8. Thanks for the info. @gardenartus after some digging through a bunch of paper found out It's ER+
  9. Thanks for the reply. It is Invasive ductal carcinoma.
  10. @gardenartus Is there any reputable page or somewhere I can read up on making RSO with ethanol? I would like to see if my mom is willing to try it. She got diagnosed with breast cancer 11 or so months ago and went through 6 months of chemo and now it has metastasized in her spine and in her nerves. It is now at stage 4 and the doctors gave her 4-6 months. She only turned 54 the other day. Not necessarily looking for a miracle but if anyone you know has any pointers or how much to use it would be greatly appreciated. I know you have a lot of experience on the medical side of things. If there's a way to reduce the actual high that would be ideal if possible. From what I have gathered, a lot has to be ingested daily. Thanks for any info.
  11. This thread has me excited for my gm f2s. I currently have 2 females growing right now, around 40 days into flower. 2 different phenos. One is like a plant I've seen posted somewhere by ride the walrus. It has a less dense structure sharp leaves and a stretched out bud tip. The other pheno is super dense almost fist sized buds with some calyx starting to bulge out. It has a nice old school smell. I would have to be smelling it right now to give an accurate description but both girls have a different mix of wet forest , hydrocarbon, birch bark, hash and lemon/lime. The dense one looks frostier but I like the smell of the other one slightly better. I will upload some pics when the lights are back on. For now, I'll try one from my cell phone.
  12. Damn, that sounds like an awesome cross. How's she smell? Is this with the ace seeds Malawi? Wish I was close enough to squeeze a nug.
  13. neogitus

    LED vs.....

    I switched to LED from HID a few years ago and haven't looked back. The technology has come a really long way in the past few years. I started out with a few cheap "blurple" ones to test the waters and eventually shelled out for some good ones. With the highest power LEDS you won't be able to take advantage of all the light (running on max)without adding supplemental co2 because the plants will be able to use more light energy and be comfortable in hotter temperatures. http://fluence.science/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/High-PPFD-Cultivation-Guide-9.27.16.pdf I'm currently running a 4x8 with 960W of LED strips ( Samsung LM561C) for uniform light. Took a bit of getting used to but they work very well. I like having more space available in my tent too. Since the lights are mounted 1 foot away and can even go closer I can grow them slightly taller without worrying about the tops getting burnt. You can grow in extremely small spaces as well. I've smoked super dank weed from all sorts of grow methods but for me personally I'm sticking with LEDS because I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives like super high initial cost. I don't even need special sunglasses to see properly since the light is white. A lot easier for me to spot if something is wrong since everything isn't orange tinged.
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