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  1. really enjoying hammer. Hits me hard face first and it lastsss . Thanks guys
  2. hawaiians...incredible ,will never forget the pan cyans i used to get in amsterdam.
  3. Blue Hammer F2
  4. Smokie


  5. Just taken my Hammer down today. Nice big yeild. Tryed my sample nug that wastaoen down last week. Very impressive knocks you into another time very thougut provoking but no paranoid but you are incredible high.
  6. never tried DMT its crazy stuff. Taken a lot of acid tho my most recent one was last year was a good 2 day experience . Changed my life, Peeled back the scalp of my reality and fist fucked me to view my life and how unhappy i was in my job at the time. I love it for the sence that it can put everything into perspective and see what is the meaning off life. Funny thing I never knew how fucked I was till i went to the toilet , washed my hands and as i went to leave i noticed out off corner off my eye my reflection in mirror never moved when i walked away from it when I looked back i seen a foot and leg coming out off the mirror onto the sink. and in my head i heard like on a speaker this is your mind on drugs. Crazy good trip.
  7. blueberry sativa is one lovely plant smile taken down a little sample nug from annie it is lovely and the fan leaves are caked to the heaven going to make nice hash
  8. Yes it really brightings up your day a little extra will ruin it tho. haha.
  9. incredible . When they are out i shall need to pick up a pack thank you for the work on this fantastic strain
  10. Not bud porn , but does any one else love when the next batch start bursting into life? got 2x off each this time top left is gorrila glue #4 x bubba kush top right is zombie kush bottom left is lemon bubble and last one is Honey badger haze
  11. can i get some bud with my orange hairs ? f3 looks great and the blackberry wow. Taken a little stem off blue hammer 10 week roughly , looks just about ready. up an hanging to dry Love the sativa looking bud and there is plenty of it to go around
  12. Thanks dude! I really loved the GM in Hammerhead got in my 2 beans from Hammerhead. Was narcotic and spicy if i rember? Naws wares are making my mind fuzzy. Maybe they can add to it but I think holland and barret one is fine . Im sure it has to be blackstrap molasses. Nothing added. As you said 3 euro , and companys restrap a label on it to be gigasaurs buds and charge 100 euro . crazy market
  13. Very nice plants sunny some healthy beasts. I see our growing methods are similar I have found simple is better I only mix my soil with complete maybe a buffer tab, Small Nutes 1ml / 2ml per L works for most strains I have grown. and a tea every couple off weeks for the soil.Never had much problem always tasty bud . Keep up the good stuff
  14. quickest and most potent I have ever grown was eskos Holy Princess. Realm and dimension shattering stuff.
  15. Thanks for the kind words, I agree the smell is just intense fruity cocktail with all polder said above sharp tones from the haze at the back right up the nostrils. Can't wait to try out the NAW method for extracts with her! fireworks i noink! keep up good work sunny and naw!
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