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  1. nr1 tip use some medication before work... wish i could come and help you out (different continent)
  2. SaintFune (cheesus x SanFune - > thanks to Santero) 1Gall. twintower it grew like this from seed
  3. Sanfune 1gall pot thanks to Santero
  4. Sanfune 1gall pot thanks to Santero
  5. Sanfune 1gall pot thanks to Santero
  6. they just sprouted going in 1 gall. 12/12 from seed with 1 half buffertab. in some gold label custom no per-lite halfway bloom i ll ad some biobizz premix. i will post some pics when things get interesting best wishes
  7. i ' m growing the AH x CR X Bluechem ... cant wait to see these ones best wishes
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