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  1. time to contact the mods
  2. gift from order at attitude smaller nuggets purple kush smell pretty uniform as i grown it before also as a gift this time i took a clone
  3. please order from sannies mention your open grow name. it ll be worth it. just got my order with a nice surprise... 2 times freebies man this is somehow to good to be true... and your get points you can use in your next order super stealthy shipped.... my me smile chocolate rain fems by ESKO bleu cheese by Big leek big white x heribei i was looking for an other breeder just cause i wanted to grow something else but -> sannies truly the best
  4. wow man chucky F3 's where can i buy them i wantz it....
  5. whooooo man looks good do you make this yourself,
  6. Guys i m going on a little trip to Amsterdam-Holland do you guys now of some good shops or stores to visit on my little trip. buy some weed buy some good seeds eat some cake .... stoned day in Amsterdam who can help best wishes
  7. Bob Marley and the Wailers - Full Concert - 11/30/79 - Oakland Auditorium (OFFICIAL) its my new bible
  8. freebee harvest time @11weeks green manalishi F2 lemonfoxtailheaven woowwww
  9. groene vingers

    green manalishi F2

    lemon foxtail heaven
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