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  1. please order from sannies



    mention your open grow name.

    it ll be worth it.


    just got my order with a nice surprise... 2 times freebies man this is somehow to good to be true... and your get points you can use in your next order


    super stealthy shipped.... :ph34r: my me smile


    chocolate rain fems by ESKO

    bleu cheese by Big leek

    big white x heribei


    i was looking for an other breeder just cause i wanted to grow something else but


    -> sannies truly the best

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  2. having a little trouble upload photos

    eskobars boudica is ready (107g) curing in jars


    the one in the pic is silverfields


    still have

    cheeseberry haze (not ready yet @11.5weeks)

    green manalishi F2 (almost ready)


    i used very little nutrients and i did flush with this organic grow.

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