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  1. Dr. Don Bonez - They've got that landrace vigour! Thanks! MiNdLesS - Based on their vigour already I'd say they're going to be maybe twice as big as the last 2 indica dom strains I've done. I'm not going to top them so maybe 2 feet before flip. Thanks! Shoeless - Thanks man! I've been going through your extensive journal since last night. The recipe is plain peat moss passed through a 1/2" sieve, then pasteurized in the oven @180 C for an hour. I then add 15% worm castings by volume of peat. Mix very well and moisten until you can grab a handful and squeeze water out but the soil balls up rather then crumbles. Moisture content is key: not too little it will crumble when pressed and not too much that it's mucky and won't stay in shape. They're really easy to use once you get the hang of it and I don't have to buy lots of starter plugs/pucks. Just peat and castings which I always have on hand anyways. Smokey P - Thanks dude! So nice to hear about your trip to NS. I, too, did a lot of skateboarding as a kid and my parents were always taking me camping around ON(where I grew up). They do it for good reasons. I've got my own kid now I can take camping and instill in her the love and passion for all things nature. About being my new neighbour, I wouldn't worry too much about him. He's not going to be able to do even half of what he promised. He's a man-child, demagogue wannabe who wants to turn the US into a Russian-style oligarchy.
  2. It looks like a potassium deficiency to me, gingerb. But I could be wrong. It could also be too high pH if you're using tap water that is also. What nutrients are in this plant magic? They're probably hungry at this stage. Cheestral is a hybrid of genetically dissimilar strains and therefore heterotic(vigorous) and will grow and assimilate nutrients faster then other strains.
  3. A really nice display of Sannie's Shop strains. Some beastin trees for sure look at those trunks! I'm excited to see how your CB's turn out as I want this strain badly. I will also be watching that Bohdi BB hashplant as I'm sure it will be great pain meds as well. Glad to hear you found the effect you were looking for in the G39 as well! Subbed
  4. I potted up 7 days after germination because their growing very vigorously and starting a second set of true leaves. I made a more mild potting mix than I would for a poly-hybrid strain. It consists of peat, oyster shell, glacial rock, basalt rock and worm castings. I do this because of how sensitive landrace strains can be to nutrients. I'm going to play it safe until I get a read on their ability to assimilate what I've given them. The Grow Plan Germination: 2 days 2"(131 ml) block: 7 days 3.5"(492 ml) pot: 21-28 d 5.375"(2 l) pot: 21-28 d 8.75"(6.3 l) pot - 14-21 d So 9-12 weeks of veg, which is great because the current strain I have in my seed closet is 9-11 weeks and I started it a week earlier. Once they're mature and show sex I'll take cuttings as back up just in case any males or females are spectacular. This may seem like a long veg for some but I'm doing this so I can throw the females in flower first for 10-14 days and then the males to evaluate for any signs of monoecious behaviour without male influence. Enough of the jargon! 7 days of growth. Nice root system developing. I like using the soil blocks for this reason as they air prune the roots similar to a fabric pot. Potted up into 3.5" pots. I will only be posting every other week, unless these things really take off.
  5. Sanji, I am sorry to here about your past troubles, but your future looks bright with Casey Jones x GM by your side. Personally, I think magnetic ballasts are easier and less expensive in the long run to maintain but are not feasible for everyone and they are certainly not energy efficient. I hope you get the lights on soon because I am interested in there development. Especially the CJ x GM. Happy Growing!
  6. Everything nice and green and happy Dr. How does that sour tangie smell and taste? I grew the tangie a couple years ago and got a baby poo pheno and a orange crush pheno, both rank from veg to smoke. What are the genetics of the blue dough and raw dough? Nice set up, too. I'll definitely be watching.
  7. Hey Donairius, welcome to OG. If you are using either SS mix #4 or Pro-mix(BX, HP, MP?) as a base, you will not need yucca. They both already have either a synthetic(BX, HP) or organic(MP - yucca) wetting agents. However if you started with peat it would be useful. As to the worm castings, research shows there is no benefit to plants using more then 25% in a growing medium. I would say this doesn't matter whether you are using peat or any pro-mix or SS #4 mix as neither of them have any nutrition beyond the limestones. Personally I use 15% when it comes to germinating/small seedlings/rooted clones and 25% for bigger plants and flowering plants. I also pot up a plant 4 times before and during the first 2 weeks of flowering, but depending on what pot sizes you are starting/vegging/flowering in and how many times you pot up you may want to use a standard amount when you mix each time to witch I would say start low and experiment from there. The whole idea with organics is providing the conditions for root-microbe symbiosis which allows the plant to show its finest qualities in the end product. Beyond that I don't think you have to worry about burning plants as long as you follow the system. Sannie seems pretty keen on providing a high quality organic product(seeds or otherwise) and not lending people astray with fancy looking garbage that doesn't give great results. Just my two cents.
  8. All good, will know next time. BC makes more sense to me, honestly. I just thought you might be referencing a phenotype. Sounds great! I think I'll go with the original as I like a bit of diversity but I'm sure the BC will have its admirers. By the way I like what your doing with multiple releases/selections of a single line. It allows people to work with something diverse or pure. Just got these in the mail. I've got Cheestral and Turkish coming as well. Thanks Cristalin!
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    Seed production run of RSC's Lebanese
  11. Right right thank you. Does that mean the first release will have many phenos due to the male(s) influence? What colour are the male(s)? Thanks
  12. Your right, they don't. But they ship to CANADA! YEEHAW!!! I would have never thought Malberry to be the source. They've also got a Peshawar Afghani, a pure sativa supposedly. Go figure. I couldn't agree more. Electric orange pistils, neon green calyxes and glossy black leaves. A real stunner for sure.
  13. Looks like magic to me! But what does it smell like it? Tell us what it smells like!
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