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  1. I have a designated room for drying but the temps are too high in summer and too cold in winter. The humidity fluctuates greatly day to day depending on the weather. I really don't want to turn another large grow of dank into something that smells more like hay. Should I use a domestic (not split system) ac unit? Or will this remove too much moisture from the room? Or should I be thinking more of an ac unit and humidifier and heater?
  2. Yeah I agree with above too, watt for watt cmh will yield more AND less heat AND much happier higher quality plants. Less frequent bulb changes.
  3. Fair advice, I have good practical skills from carpentry and construction through to mechanics and metal work so can happily follow a wiring diagram and I am fully aware of how dangerous to others let alone myself poor quality electrics pose. The ebay link is to a board put together by an electrician with good quality parts (others on ebay are hashed together with cheap unsuitable timers and crappy 4 gang extensions) but I know it is an easy build and with a diagram ia something I would enjoy building. I need it soon though so will buy one if needed, the if I need another I can reverse copy it.
  4. Hi, I want to run a new cable from a fuse box to a room and build a contactor board like this, http://www.ebay.co.u...IAAOSwal5YDvz9. Is there anyone on here who would help me with a wiring diagram? I know there are on uk420 but every time i try and register the confirmation email never comes through!
  5. Ahh, nosey neighbours withotoo much time and not enough of their own problems can be a dangerous combination!
  6. Sorry, i meant mdf (medium density fiberboard), it´s a dense board used in construction and cabinet making that comes in 8´x4´ sheets. the computer autocorrected it rvk fans are the inline fans made by Systemic LTI, they powerful and last for many years, if not decades. http://www.1-hydroponics.co.uk/fans-and-filters/extraction-fans/rvk-inline-extraction-fans.html
  7. The seeds are not readily available from store fronted websites, you send an email and get a product list from a friend of the breeder who sorts your order for you. This is quite common now and the email of who to speak to can usually be found on Instagram. This list I have is essentially a list of names with the plants parents underneath, for example Heavenly Hashplant (Original Bubba Kush aka Pre92 x 1988 G13 Hashplant) They do not state the generations but I will ask. I have a very basic understanding of what to expect from differing f lines, F1 stable, F2 very unstable (good for special plant hunting/breeding as trait variation is greatest. F3 more stable. subsequent generations increase in stability I was expecting a mixed bag of lines and was just going to roll with it, see what they said on the packets when they arrived. Information on Bodhi strains is pretty limited in general tbh as they have no website or dedicated forum, as far as i can tell
  8. Thanks NAW, You are right, In previous runs from seed where I have grown my plants to a large size I could not have told you which ones I would choose to keep by the way they grow in veg. And they do behave very differently from clone. I have actually lost plants I wish I had kept by 1- growing from seed 2- taking cutings 3- smoke test 4- flower all cuttings 5- take cuttings of keeper plant based on seed harvest 6- harvest plants from cuttings 7- regret my original smoke selection I will take your advice and do: 1- germinate 2- short veg, just long enough to obtain cuttings. 3- flower original plants 4- veg cuttings long enough to gain more cuttings. 5- flower original cuttings 6- smoke testing This project begins at the beginning of October and I will attempt to do a journal. Although I am very busy and the journal may very well end up taking a sideline due to how hectic things can get haha
  9. I will be running regulars. I will first run be running 8 Bodhi strains and it will be 20 ish seeds of each strain first run. I will state this is because I am looking to further a commercial plan BUT, it is strictly quality over quantity. Although a certain yield is obviously important, flavour and general balance of high are most important. I intend on running the same method with other strains immediately after. if these numbers aren't adequate to find (probably) ++ phenotypes I am willing to adjust, these numbers are based on my so far successes but these could have been down to luck! peace x
  10. i´m trying to be as vegan as possible, not because I have issues with animal products in general (I use frass, worm casts and sometimes organic manure) but I ave concerns about the sustainability and potential contamination from heavy metals and meds etc. I do admire your organic methodology knowledge though Hempyfan and do absorb as much that you share as I can! And I am aware I can use these methods insync with my personal ethos, just not always in my current circumstances/availability of resources. xx
  11. hmm, that is a great sounding product, I´m going to make my own with the hydrolyzed wheat and vitamin B complex. that covers the amino´s and some of the vitamins. would love to see a full ingredient list though! x
  12. Thanks Mindless, that sounds like a much strongermethod statement!
  13. Now, I am thinking about adding amino acids from hydrolysed wheat to my organic, re-used soil. I am aware that the micro herd are creating these amino acids all the time but I grow trees and am thinking an amino boost could be quite beneficial? Is this worth doing and could anyone give me any advice on application rates? Peace x
  14. Hi guys, I have a couple of questions about plant selection on a large (ish) scale. I know there are some very experienced growers and breeders here who could definitely advise me and anyone else feel free to chuck in knowledge, thoughts or questions. My aim is to grow 150 seeds of a few varieties in phone hunts. My original plan is to: 1- Germinate seeds 2- Top plants after third node 3- Top and take cuttings from the two leaders 4- re-pot and flower My question is should I actually be allowing the plants to grow naturally without topping (and not slowing the plants down) and take cuttings from the lower shoots as they grow? These plants will be far far smaller than how I usually grow and I am trying to understand how I can equate the yield from one of these small plants to a large tree in a 50 litre pot. Is it possible to have an idea of what they would achieve scaled up, or on a pheno selection process like this would I simply be looking at general vigor and final product quality? If I am not making complete sense please ask me to clarify. Cheers! Jamin x p.s I intend to start in sponge root pots, move onto 250ml and flower in 2L pots
  15. can´t beat the acoustic insulated ducting if sound is an issue, especially if you are in a UK terraced house You can silence quite effectively a 10" RVK by building a 25mm mdc box and filling it with said RVK and the acoustic insulation for partition walls (60 quid for two rolls in Wickes) this insulation is also very useful for sound proofing windows and can be hung on walls too. sound can be a challenging problem when running 10" fan, a couple of daisy chained air cooled light fans and pedestal fans !
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