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  1. Beaned in Boston

    BnB's grow

    Killing fields and blue amnesia
  2. I start the day with Sweet Tooth, midday Acapulco Gold (Barneys), and G13s Pineapple Express to finish off the day. I have got Sannies Killing Fields in the tent now.
  3. Beaned in Boston


    Here they are a week ago
  4. Hello all, I have just started 3 killing fields from Sannies. I am going to try a Scrog for the first time. They are three weeks old and in a tent measuring 3x3x6 feet with two Mars 2 700w LEDs. 5 gallon airports filled with Foxfarm ocean forest. I have heard great things about Sannies seeds and KFs in particular. I will post a photo of the youngsters as soon as I read the instructions. Peace
  5. I like to mix it up during the day with sweet tooth in the AM, Acapulco gold in the afternoon and Pineapple Express at night. I have got 3 killing fields and one amnesia blue in the tent. Peace
  6. Hey M G, Thanks for sharing your grow!
  7. Hey Barrie, Great report with excellent photos. Being a long time smoker and short time grower, I love trying different varieties and these reports are a great guide. That and they are fun to read. Thanks!
  8. You have a great selection! It will be fun to hear of your results. Good luck and welcome
  9. Hi Gingerb, I am starting my third year growing and I too still feel somewhat new to it. But to be honest, I took it slow and careful which improved my chances of a successful first couple of grows. It is fun with a great reward at the end. Welcome!
  10. Thanks, everybody! This is a cool site.
  11. Hello all, I now live in a "legal" state. A long dream coming true. I have a couple of grows under my belt indoors using a Mars 2 hydro 700w. Led in a 3x3 foot tent. I stumbled across this site while researching for a good sativa for my spring grow. Having read great things about Sannies, I went and ordered some killing fields for my spring grow. I have taken it slow from the beginning starting with autos then gems, and more recently lst,cloning and topping. Next with the K.F.s I would like to try a Scrog or sog. I have read a lot of good information and checked out some grows on Opengrow so I am jacked to get my new seeds (on order from Sannies) .
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