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  1. A little difficult to see, but here's a couple Silver Diesel Hazes eating up the sun. They recently started to flower
  2. Zanzibar


    This is a test to see if I can upload an image.
  3. Hey there, Neo. Really nice to see those videos. You move quick tho. So cool you got some Choco Fudge females. I want to see those. But it's such so nice to be able to see these. I"m now thinking Sanfune might be next for me. Thanks for the trour
  4. My latest rendition... a clone from one of the above
  5. Two BlueChem F2s with the lights out going on 8 weeks
  6. Zanzibar


    BlueChem transparency follow-up, because that's what I do, foos! This is the other female used in making the F2 seeds, sister to the purple goddess above. All organic soil-less on a Blumat watering system. Stress-testing this plant and not seeing any probs whatsoever. I've moved the moisture down to 240 mBars,,, (normally I like the moisture to be about 80 - 100 mBars...) so this soil is dry, and although she is showing leaf curling, there's nothing else to note except that she's frosty as fuck! I'll of course post lots of bud pics toward the end
  7. Aloha. Here's the cola on one of the Blue Chem F2's I've got going - the second plant/pic above. She's at about 6 weeks (I lost count as they started flowering outside before I took them in).
  8. This was a limited release by e$ko, and then repo'ed by San. San sent a lot of these out and they were also on SeedHeaven for awhile. I just wanted to make a thread for people to show their Rhaspberry Truffle grows. I love the aroma, the high, and the structure of this plant - short and tough, is extremely nice. Here's some of mine: latest re-run Earlier version: OD Dried ... please post more
  9. Thanks for showing that, @webeblzr and please post pics of your (AHxCR) x Bluechem @groene vingers would love to see how they do for you.
  10. I ended up with two females out of the 5ive. and remember that serrated leaf trait from one of the males in the f1? here they are pronounced in the f2
  11. I just saw this. Are those Blue Chem f2s still available from the shop? How do I find out?
  12. They've been spending time outside. Taking advantage of this light cycle to get them to show which way they're bending peace brothers and sisters
  13. Those all sound awesome. Thanks for making them.
  14. Thanks for stopping by, @groene vingers It's become an unfortunate issue regarding this BlueChem name. There's confusion, and it basically stems from e$ko releasing two different versions of BlueChem. So, first off - there is no "wrong" one... there is no wrong version. Although I have not tried epicgenetic's, I'm sure it has it's strengths and is worth growing out. And I want to, and I'm too busy with projects to fit them in right now. I think you did well to get the epicgenetic version into your collection. I really want to see them side by side... for no other reason that I'm very curious to see how they both look next to each other, and because I"m not able to right now. Maybe you can grow them both. So there is no wrong version, only different versions. I hope that's clear. Also, yes, SH has a re-stock of the Amnes hz x Choco Rain,,, I think he's waiting for the weather to get a little warmer before he posts them. I think San will send some things in as well. Peace and happy growing
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