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  1. It's been an honor to participate in the e$ko tribute at SeedHeaven. Happy growing! Himbeer Haze 1st week flower
  2. Nice picture from the future, and nice seed selection you got there, @webeblzr Those were the last of my Blue Dream x BBS seeds so treat them well. I"m looking forward to running Sans F2s as well, to get a comparison to the Amnes cross. Lots of Raspberry and cherry. Thanks for saying hi, as well.
  3. This one is sunning with some citrus while I up-potted her sisters. I'm going to run three (confirmed females) indoor this time. We've started calling the AHxCR Raspberry Haze, or Himbeer Haze, as the name is fitting.
  4. Ok these gals got the chop today. Basically flowered outdoor for 18 weeks. There were two types, one green (to the left) and one purple (on the right). They look pretty battered from the wind and rain - some branches broke off. They both have a bright citrus aroma. I''m very much looking forward to the smoke :D
  5. I saw this and think it's appropriate for what I'm pointing at, This is by BeanHorder regarding his version of Blockhead. I found it on HempDepot:
  6. I've been looking around at these mini washers... I like the one's with the 220 micron bag ou put into them, and I guess I'd have to modify the accordion hose to one that doesn't clog so much,,, but does anyone have a good suggestion to a good sturdy washer, possibly with a link? Thank you.
  7. Yes, @saxo those colors are crazy. And the aromas are absolutely stunning. They're temp driven to a certain extent, tho how much I still have to find out. Our winters are so mild compared to most places, or at least a lot of places. I"m running some more indoor, including a cut from this one. We'll see Thanks for saying hi
  8. Not chopped yet. They still have a ways to go. Like two weeks or a month,,, maybe longer???
  9. this plant is all deep purple now. still not ready to come down tho:
  10. Hi @Sacred Plant Warrior the one didn't snap, it split - on the one in the orange bucket when it rained. i tied it back together. Tho the one in the white pot is just propped up, not broken at all. these things are still going strong, btw - I think we've closed out 4 months of flower now:
  11. Yes about the way he spells, and the use of e$ko jargon, but the first thing that jumped out at me was that he named himself: e$kob@r If you're signing up for a new site, you have to create a moniker, you can also add a picture. This person chose a specific and known name and a logo. My guess is he did this to make himself recognizeable. IF someone didn't want to be recognized, they'd choose a name and logo that people wouldn't recognize. I guess that this person wants to be seen a certain way. Why? What's the function?
  12. Thank you! Although I've been smoking scissor-hash, I'll certainly post a smoke report in a month or so... keep on growing
  13. Yeah, I think it was him. I really thought it was an imposter, and was alarmed... Now I feel like I shoudl have just kept my mouth shut about it and waited. I still blindly step into traps that I set for myself... amazing :D
  14. Another nice shot since I"m in the midst:
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