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  1. Nigerian is Griot weed for sure... tell some great stories with that girl. Where did you source those seeds? Are those Derg Corra? Lets keep this thread up to date with the progress,,, would be cool if we do :P
  2. Hi there, @Maria sanchez. The purples came through with some cooler weather that floated down a week or so ago. Temps have moved back up so don't know if she'll get much more purple. And yes, chop-time is approaching. She's bearing seeds so I'll let her go longer than I usually would. I'll try to get some pics before I take her down. Here are some AHxCR I have running indoor. These are at about 4 weeks: Although I"ve never grown Chocolope, when I look at pictures online the bud-structure of these AHxCR seems to be more Chocolope in structure, slightly more than the Amnesia Haze, which looks like a close second in likeness and structure. I'm curious to know what was the reason e$ko decided to cross the Chocolate Rain to the Amnesia Haze. I mean, I get it that AH was the hottest thing around during the time, so maybe that was a main reason, but I'm also curious if he had something else in mind. Better bud structure? Increase potency? Enhance a certain flavor/aroma profile? Maybe @santero has some insight into this, even speculation would help further the conversation. Also, any input on DNA's Chocolope, or the Chocolope e$ko was playing with, would be awesome. Thank you :)
  3. Oh, ok, the Santa Maria. I have some crosses you've made with her,,, at least one = Strawberry Lemons. The "cerise d'exo planck" is produced through Somatic Breeding, which sounds totally Sci-Fi to me! I"m wildly curious about what it actually means. I have this in my notes: ... totally nuts! @santero lets take a moment and talk about these Amnes x Choco Rain F2's. I just dropped 5 seeds, so that's a start! but the one I put outside is very stretchy, and I"m curious if its exhibiting traits from the Cocoa Kush. Do you have this cut, or have you grown Cocoa Kush? Basically I'm getting a long stretch plant with small golf-ball sized buds, and some pretty amazing aromas. If you have any info on CK, please, do tell
  4. I just saw this concern about herms... as I mentioned above, I think the issue I had was due to a light being on outside near the plant... It's also a landrace sativa, so herming is going to occur to some degree, especially if stressed. That said, my other two plants are not showing any balls. I will post again when I get closer to harvest and let you know if there were any issues. Best, Z
  5. @Griot I have a couple going now, from Derg Corra. I started with 3 females, but one hermed-out, but it was because I had her outside and there was a light on all the time, which I didn't catch till later. Total bummer. I blame that light, but letting you know just the same. She was a shaggy beast, and I was sad to let her go before she was done: The other two are going strong. They're tall, close to 2 meters. The buds are wispy, with a lemmony fuel aroma: 1st one and the 2nd They're all beautiful plants. Long-flowering for sure as these have a ways to go, tho not too much, maybe a month or less. Derg Corra did a great job by providing these. If you're looking for a really nice African Sativa, these Nigerians are really awesome. I can't wait to smoke them
  6. Zanzibar

    Some Gen

    Those are awesome!
  7. Alright, Boosie was the first to respond and said he'd keep us up to date with the grow... I'm stoked. Thank you, @Boosie
  8. I was going through my seed stash the other day and discovered an old pack of e$ko's Vanilla Sky. I don't know when I'll ever get to these, and they've been in my fridge for a long time - I got them from the shop when they were released,,, like many years ago now. If some good person is interested in running these and making some beans to share around,,, than these are for you. If you have some space and want to do a grow show on OG,,, soon, then please announce yourself
  9. This is the other, seeded, AHxCR. It's getting some purps. The buds look loose - in a while I'll post some of the indoors I've got going and you'll see that it's just environment and that this one's seeded. The aromas are dark and sharp ... Keep growing, amigos.
  10. Hey Santero, what's the SM in the cross you mention above? I recently remembered that I"ve grown a ChocoRain cross before.... Blu Chocolate from Fusion Seeds. They used the coveted Dabney Blu for a mother. It was a beautiful plant with outstanding blueberry aromas. I'd forgotten that it was a ChocoRain cross until I was reading the description the other day. Anyway... Here the AHxCR f2 outside.
  11. I've kicked that bitch out of my room. The stretch on her was too much and was overwhelming the height of my lights (for my other plants). I'll have to figure out what this is about, if I need to grow from clone, or what. I still have the parents (male and female AHxCR) and have a bunch of f2 seeds as well as am in the midst of a BX to the mother - so I have lots to play with. But for now I need to focus on what's going on in my room. I will continue to post on here any updates on the AHxCR f2s, but this is where it's at now. Also, she's not dead, just outside now, and I live in a pretty moderate climate, so we'll see what happens. Keep growing! Z
  12. beautiful dark aromas. hints of purple, they'll be here soon enough. my yard smells amazing. still a ways to go
  13. Just want to drop in for an update. I have 1 female from the bunch, the rest males. I think this ratio may have had to do with vegging under 3500k LEDs, or you know, just the way it goes sometimes. Anyway, this one girl is wayyy stretchy. Difficult to grow in my room without some LST. I took a clone, and will probably pop some more seeds to see if I can control them better. I'll still update with pics of her, and whatever else, too... Also, anyone ever make compost tea and add Mammoth P as part of the ingredients? I've been doing 32 hour brews - worm poop, compost, alfalfa, 2 teaspoons of blackstrap molasses, a dash of Liquid Karma, a little spit, and about 5ml of Mammoth P in a 5 gallon bucket. Curious about the Mammoth P as there's not a lot if info for using it in a activated teas. Any thoughts or experience? Oh, and is there anyone with some Chocolate Rain seeds? F2's or whatever, not crossed out tho, please. Will trade. Thank you. Best Z
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  15. Thank you, Papalag. They do indeed look very healthy, and the stretch is somewhat astounding. I"m going to ask the question here: should I top these girls? I'm pretty sure at this point I'm going to up-pot them to larger pots (which I was not going to do but their size is demanding it). But their growth is so extremely vigorous that now I have this elongated central stem.... So the question I pose: Should I top them down to even out the growth? Any and all input is very helpful. Thank you.
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