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  1. Zanzibar

    Seed giveaway. Come look.

    awesome share. i'm rarely on this site, but would be down to do a report on one o these:: Blu chocolate reg Vanilla sky x Neville haze reg Neville haze F2 reg peace z
  2. Zanzibar


  3. I grew out two Blueberry Sativas over the Summer, and DAAAAMMMMNNNNN thats good smoke! The taste, the high. It's got the what I like for sure. Very impressive.
  4. Zanzibar


    Durghanchitral Durbanghani x Pakistan Chitral Kush
  5. Zanzibar

    sannie's jack - trainwreck x mango haze

    sannie's jack - trainwreck x mango haze. Hand mixed soil, earth juice, great white, 400 watts Eye Hort (early flower) Philips retro white cmh.
  6. Zanzibar


    This is a test to see if I can upload an image.
  7. Zanzibar

    SilverJack, C99xMask, TW x MH

    Grow journal
  8. Zanzibar

    Blu Chocolat

    BLue Chocolate, Rainbow Loaf, Sugar Magnolia. 400w CMH
  9. Zanzibar

    Kolos & KFxM

    must. try. simpler.
  10. Zanzibar

    BB :: C99 :: KFxM

    3 Bubbleberry clones. 1 C99. 1 KFxM
  11. Zanzibar


    Three Shack F3s: DeWallen, Amstel, Osdorp Three Sagarmatha strains: Sirah, Katari, Terai
  12. Zanzibar

    1st evah! PPP

    Here I document what may turn out to be a natural disaster