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  1. i didn't they fucked up the whole place, maaaan. It's a new beginning far away from my old hometown with new strains and nearly the same setup. i had to pay a lot of bills because of the faults of my partner (getting back driver license and law punishment). BUT they cant hold me down....i'm not a toothed wheel of society. I've long enough played their game and i'm sick of it. Nice to see many of you taking care and still here
  2. Yes, dang partners!!! But the real problems are the law and the law enforcement https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHQGZkPDNrI
  3. finally i'll be back in the end of this summer ;-) nearly under the same conditions with other strains, a lot more security improvements and as standalone player (no more partners). Cant wait.... see you guys
  4. Hmmm worst case happened. after putting the last male away, they came in. It was carelessness of my partner, but i dont want to drag him down. Comeback anytime in the future and in another country. But at this time were fightin with germanys babilon bureaucracy and enjoy the life without smoke wish you all the best my friends and keep save. P.S: uhm, iam lookin for work near africa
  5. word eskobar. i never heared that fem seeds could take out male
  6. it is a jungle dude But temps okay for summer in the roof 28°C at the tops and humidity is fine with 50%. Vents are running 24/7 Tomorrow were sure about the the 2 unknown plants...than we reduce to 20 plants for better conditions. Thank you for stoping by
  7. yes since today i missed good viberation music and some visiters Yes a friend asked me: "Is this a monogrow, i cant differentiate them?!"
  8. so you want to grow them out in 3.5l? I know what you mean....i love my 11l pots but we have to respect every little life. So theyre good how they are....guidance and protection fi dem thank you for your visit
  9. Is it an development from Heidelberg self? Iam a technical draftsmam so ist possible for me to get bought-in parts in a professional way
  10. I hope so too, yesterday they were about 70-75cm, they stretch 5cm a day. Thank you No i didnt, because i have to move 4-5 plants out of the tent for watering. I hope bamboo sticks can stabilize branches from Jack or do you think a scrog net is fundamental, because of the stretch? If the Jack stretch too much for the middle they have to avoid to tent walls. I hope understand what i mean. my english is not the best... green greetz GG
  11. congrats to your first female theyre lookin very healthy to me....keep di gud vibe sistren something for the ears green greetz GG
  12. some news, master sannie? Iam sitting here cant wait to see new pictures Which fan do you use in the Selene testgrow? Can you tell me a distributor in EU?
  13. Great to watch your reports wünsche dir nur das beste
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