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  1. topaz

    Drying & Curing

    never had probs or bad smell whi this method; i dry them on a drynet inside my tent,small vent on,not directly pointed to the buds! and temps between 15-20°C,usualy a small week,then i put them in jars and open them 3 times/days during the first week,then they good to store for me : humi strats at 60+% but drops down quickly my in and outlet r put to 20% also,pic from drynet is in older tent now i got a biggerone wich lets the air circulate smoother and also effects the dryprocces i think, grtz topaz
  2. topaz


    wow nice work there,clean setup whazzup!!, grtz topazz
  3. nice filled up and it seems the net is working 2 looking great phazed grtz,topazz
  4. topaz


    update; 68days into flower(after switching 12-12) and they seem to can handle a few more so i shall let them ; grtz,topazz
  5. http://www.youtube.com/user/sanniesshop#p/u/2/U7Qjj-OcxOU the vids are nice 2 i think u can see the tabs bacto and all succes,topazz
  6. i'm sorry to hear this for you in some states u can drive a V8 at 16,cary a gun,drink at 21only,cant cary a pornmag (lmao),the laws there are insane,but no u cant grow a plant....that never ever killed anyone, i understand ur pov of ur family and moving,wish u the best luck and vibes from belgium, grtz,topazz...
  7. topaz


    cute ,succes, grtz,topazz
  8. the mr nice med xG13 oO awesome pic i bet its a killer grtz,topazz
  9. topaz


    proudly green leaves and sprankling white buds,nice pics ,gj grtz,topazz
  10. topaz


    update: i will keep them for another small week i see buds r still devoloping,swelling up,i expected biggerones but that is prolly due to me ; grtz,topazz
  11. nice buds ! ,they are still nice green i think 2,mine are more yellow but whit 2 weeks to go u'l just water only now ? grtz,topazz
  12. he has an autoflower 2,says only 10-15gr/plant but if u put enough they flower instantly whatever lightcyclus grtz,topazz
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