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  1. nuggs


    very sad by the news and hope the family and friends cope well with this sad passing.
  2. winning you are lavie ,those nuggs look like you can hammer a nail in a wall . mites or not shes a beaut!!
  3. nuggs

    bud shots

    random smoke stash along the trip
  4. very dank very dank carper hows the smell in there?
  5. very displeased with the news and what you had to go through maverick. this is good to know since i am looking for more equipment in the near future, just today i was thinking of how to move the trays from the store to place of grow.
  6. welcome to open grow, very nice parent box I really like the fact you added the wheels.
  7. the seeds have landed safely, rather fast as-well and will be popped after this run. thank you e$kob@r and good luck to all
  8. ran out of likes ^^ so im forced to ask my question.a friend has some bubba kush in week 1-2 flowering but it has powdery mildew on the leaves, and wanted to know how many weeks is good to spray before spraying it itself will be a problem. thanks to all and sorry lavie for the hijack
  9. lol can i join the inspector on the taste test. very healthy ladies and gents rollit did you find a good ko.kush mom/pop, that selene crossed x ko sounds nice? -but just a thought
  10. count me in sahaq good vibes your way .
  11. very nice read.i have always heard about overgrow but the story behind it is . i feel bad for all those that went threw that episode
  12. record breaking yields here we come.been waiting to grow beauty out
  13. 1st pic of sugar punch looks like a dragon. whats the difference in the highs from the slow and fast sugar punch.
  14. heres the best i can get from the comp camera only 1 main top from a plant remains standing while the rest fell over a shot of the fallen tops 3 trays 2 in the back where the scrogg worked and 1 tray in front where it didn'tgo so well. i still got a lot to learn with the scrogging and overall plant health but these cubes make it easier for a guy like me. positive vibes -nuggs
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