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  1. Looks good! don't you want to bend the Sativa a bit open? So more buds can get more light? I think the Indica pot is to small to do it. You will get more light to the branches underneath Gr, X
  2. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Few days later without the light on. I only could capture the 1m2 tent, light switchted on of the 60x60 when I opend it, so no picture of it Day 25 - 12/12 Gr, X
  3. Xaim

    3x purple bud 3x Skunk 1#

    Mammoth tent 100x100x200 HPS 400/600Watt. 6x 18L pots. Siol: Makkelijke moestuin mix. (garden mix (dutch soil). Bacteria. Fungus. Seaweed powder. Lava laom.
  4. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    You won't regret it, you get more weight in it. Your flowers get more light evenly, the more light te more weight you get. Gr, X
  5. Looking good, nice dark green Gr, X
  6. Looking good Cannarie! Keep an eye on that dense buds, you don't want any rot in it The autoflower is doing her best Gr, X
  7. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Yeah indeed, it gives just that little extra weight in the scale and it's not too much work to do it. Gr, X
  8. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    I promised to make some pictures tonight so I did. Unfortunately I was to late to do it without the lights out But still made some pics. The first is from the 60x60 tent, nothing special to say. I only gave some water from underneath. Day 21 - 12/12 In the 1m2 tent I did some bending and broke some twigs yesterday but they will recover from it. The grow like nothing is really happened... I don't know if someone tested bending amd breaking, but my flowers of the bended/broke plants are mostly the biggest. Maybe it's just coincidence Enough said, time for some pictures: Day 21 - 12/12 This wierd bud below is a twin bud, I didn't topped it. I thought make a picture from it. Didn't had this before If you guys have any questions, be free to ask them! Gr, X
  9. Xaim

    Northern Light - Sensi seeds

    Mammoth 60x60x180 1x Cree COB 3500K 52,5W 1x Citiezen COB 3500K 52,5W 2x Northern Lights - Sensi seeds scrog.
  10. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Thx! Only in the 60x60 tent I use a screen the 1m2 tent is just only LST, worked great last round Gr, X
  11. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    I'm still waiting for that strain, I liked it so much, I want to grow it again. Plants where not big or something but the smell and taste where really good My next project will be probably Killingfields or Northern Lights or another 8-9 week plant , depends on how fast this round will be.... Gr, X
  12. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Thanks for the compliments! I will try to post every week some nice pictures, so everybody can see the growth. Yesterday I "broke/bruised" some twigs so they get equally. Today I will see if they recovered from it I only did this in the 1m2 tent. Tonight some new pictures of the bruising and breaking. Gr, X
  13. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Day 4 - 12/12 Day 8 - 12/12 day 15 - 12/12 day 20 - 12/12
  14. Xaim

    Xaim's tents

    Goodday all, I wanted to show my grows to all of you, so i want to start this topic so everybody (including me) can learn something from it. My setup: Mammoth grow tent 100x100x200 EVSA 250W/400W/600W/660W 400m3/800m3 extractor fan. 2x 15 cm fan _________________________________ Mammoth tent 60x60x180 1 COB LED Citizien 52W~ 3500k 1 Cob LED Cree 52W~ 3500k Extractor fan used for the 1m2 tent 1 15cm Fan _____________________________ soil: Makkelijke moestuin mix (dutch soil for vegetable gardens) 100% organic soil. +fungus +seaweed powder +Bacteria +vulcanic laom I use 18L pots in general. ________________________________ Here are some shots from my previous plants: Sannie's - Sugar Punch: White label - "Purple" bud. Wietzaadjes - Northern Light field  At the moment I'm growing several plants. In the 60x60 tent I have 2 Northern Lights from sensi seeds. Here some pictures form it: Day 8 - 12/12 day 15 - 12/12 day 20 - 12/12 In the 1m2 tent I grow 3x white label - Purple bud and 3x sensi seeds - skunk #1 Both tent had 4 weeks Veg time, after they were set op 12/12 I did some LST to them. Here are some pictures:
  15. Xaim

    Previous grows

    Different previous plant from previous grows
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