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  1. Beautiful plants and seeds. Given the interest in skunk i have seen in this forum, this cross will be a sure success. Maybe there is a chance esko has selected some male too for his personal skunk#1 project and that He will meet your mother?
  2. light mix + tabs + fungi (mycorrhizal fungi, so Bac funky fungi or Myco maximum) + bacteria. Then let rest a week or two to make soil life begin. Tabs are good for vegetation and some of flower (depending on length of vegetation). Neither more tabs or mycorrhizal fungi cannot be added, when first signs of deficiencies shows you use a simple bloom fertilizer like Bac bloom or Humboldt bloom natural. You can add other stuff if you see the need in the plants (like carbos stimulants amminoacids and the likes). With a bit of knowledge of organic growing and soil life + reading the ingredients of the tabs, bactos fungis etc. you can make your head around what you are giving to the plants and what you could add.
  3. Informatic/Pirate (as in illegal) based name SS Hack.
  4. Usually the tablets should work at least for the first week or two of bloom, maybe the long veg period has an influence on your problem, or that u didn't used the suggested amount (1 tablet for each 5 liter of soil), or, didn't used fungi and bacto with them? Also I think when the pots used are small (like 5 liters pot) the tablets effect could be shorter than usual. In any case, just add little bits of ferts (less than you would without tablets) and see how it goes.
  5. KO BUSH SKERIJUANA (as in scary) KUSHBA (as in cashba)
  6. Any chance/plans to get anesthesia back on the store in the future? Thanks
  7. Between 250-400 depending on strain and other factor. I am not sure dehydrator packet would work, at least looking for those tablets I found that another type of dehumidifier exist, based on silica gel or similar, that work at low temperature and are more effective. I still don't know if these are available at low prices for home use (only found industrial ones until now).
  8. Maybe this was better putted in growroom design? If so could the moderator kindly move the topic?
  9. Thanks to all of you again for sharing your points of view and infos. I just started looking into this topic and I am eager for informations. Never looked into breeding before for regional issues. Now that, in next monts, I will have to leave my country to live in Netherlands for work reasons I decided to start to inform myself cause I would like a lot to start this "hobby" (my english doesn't suggest me a better term right now). I know issues and risks exists there too but is a total different story that where I live now. Until then I will improve my knowledge of botany (I already know a bit) and related matters. @whazzup: my reasons are no professional or commercial, only I am in the constant need to improve and saturate my passions and knowledge and all this breeding story always interested me but always hasn't be workable until now (and I think won't be for some months still) but i wanted to start to gather informations and knowledge to know how it could be.
  10. Thanks for your info too! I see what you both are saying, and i will start reading some about topic. I have this book to start with. Is it considered a good text?
  11. I am in need of a drybox, and I thought i could use a darkroom80 (80x80x160) with one or two circulating fans inside. Problem is, I can put an extractor/carbon filter in there for space and other problems. To avoid humidity i could use a little dehumidifier ad to eliminate odors i could go for something like this. My main doubt remain if in a box like this, the internal air circulation is enough and I can go without an air extractor. Someone of you that has experience can help me clarify this point? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the replies. @joker: Yes I thought about this, and i have my preferences (mostly hybrids leaning to sativa, due to pragmatic problems, otherwise i would go for mainly sativa strains). But my question (that probably was bad written and not clear enough, I apologize) is a bit different. What i would like to know is if there are strains that breeders with experience (i know there is a lot in this forum) know to work better than others when crossing. And wich their favorites are. Also, if documentation about this topic already exits (like books, papers, also internet articles) i would love some suggestions about what to read.
  13. Hi, if you would begin some selections to get good mothers and fathers to breed with (both refinement selection than crosses), which strains would you choose to start with? I would like to make a good top-list of classical or contemporary strains that have good results when breeding. Thanks b
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