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  1. Fairly long mate about 2 years till I decided to go Live with my Danish g/f in Denmark. Never let a non smoking g/f persuade you to go back to her country of origin. One minute she's all over your dick because she wants it, get home & she's all over your dick to stop smoking Weed ! Err don't think so love! Peace B
  2. How the hell are you supposed to make a profit on them then, eh! Lol .... "A fool & his money are soon parted" springs to mind & I thought The Doggies Nuts Seeds were ridiculously priced!
  3. It's an amazing strain, no stem, no leaves, you just get a huge blob of Thc on the growing medium surface.! Consumer ratings were probably written by them. Seriously, you'd have to be one dim shit to buy those. Pffftt, 100% ! I almost laughed
  4. That's ^^^^ true Automan Males are generally taller, with longer internodes but the biggest difference is that they don't swell up where the lateral branches meet the stem like females do. That's how I weed out males or keep them, never fails. Peace B
  5. Benjamin Zephaniah is superb, reminds me a bit of Linton Kwesi Johnson, probably because he's politically outspoken, great stuff.
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