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    10 weeks of pleasure

    MTF / L.A. Confidential / Madonna / HashplantHaze Kees.
  2. Sorry dude, can't help you, if you were coming to Amsterdam, I could share a joint or two with you... Heck I'd show you around, mostely where not to go..... But thats Holland... No med card needed (YET!)
  3. If you want to grow organically, I would sugges you would use Chicken manure and Mearl (seaweed lime) for Ca/Mg. All things in bottles are bullshit imho. Organics imho is solids, only bottled substances I ever use is Molases, everything else is solid.... Kees. PS EDTA is a non-natural substance, so it's never good for the environment, EDTA when used outside (or indoors with flushing) WILL flush away (all) micronutrients. The EDTA molecule is in constant equilibrium; EDTA + M <===|=> EDTA-M Or something like it, where there is very little 'free' M (metal ion), this constantly goes back and forward, but EDTA has affinity to more then what you buy it connected too... It also flushes away yer micronutes.... So if you use Chelates, be sure to use FULL LINE NUTRIENTS, so u get Macro/Micro's in the right ratio's, and if you want to spike one of the elements, DON'T FLUSH !!! That's what kills your plants, taking away the micronutes and replacing them with a shitload of CA! I hope you understnad what I wrote down, i wasnt feeling like typing 2 pages, so if you want to know more, please ask and I can explain in more detail. (i used to do chemistry/biology/physics education to my classmates that were not so good at those)
  4. Ok. Both KF and Sage have been self pollinated, I don't think it has too much effect on the Amnesia, so I will let them for what they are, I hope to get replacement Amnesia soon, then I will have to do some magic to make it all fit again <10 mins later> soooooo those are removed...... Now wait for the replacement. Kees.
  5. I found some seeds in the SAGE too... I am going to root clones and as soon as they are rooted I will pull these plants..... And start over again. I'm going to kill the KF mom now, bye bye, don't come back. Kees.
  6. It won't give pollen, but it will give seeds if pollinated...
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    Everything that does not fit anywhere else, not size bound though...
  8. I can't believe that the whole plant is pollinated. I mean, there is parts all over the plant that look like seeds are growing, but I don't see any pollen anywhere, I have found one male flower, with pollen, but this one was on the floor... I really don't get it.
  9. Hmm, I have found that part of the KF has been pollinated, I have found seeds and there are hairs that show pollination, I found a male flower earlier this week, just one, and I can't find more, it seems to come from somewhere in the middle of the plant as that is where the plant is pollinated, I hope it did not pollinate the Amnesia (it doesn't look that way). Some of the SAGE seems to be pollinated as well. One thing is for sure, the KF will be binned and after 4 hermaphrodites doesn't ever have to come back. Sad, cuz it's a good smoke. (this was one I selected out of 20 seeds, one of 4 females) No purple pheno's either, god I had bad luck. PS: I have not disturbed them once, the room is completely lightproof, the room it's in is dim lit, no natural light. Nothing extreme on the nutrient side... Good humidity, healthy plants. It beats me. Keep in mind that I'm not blaming anyone for this, but my fun on this one is over. PS: I have checked again, and it seems that all over the plant there are seeds to be found, I can't check on the amnesia, but I sure hope not that I have to pull this one.
  10. Yes, well I think there are a couple of observations to make then. Because excess in heat, like you would have in summer, can shut plants down a little, so turning off a light would help in some situations to create a better climate and thus yield. Also, when the room isn't filled to the top, because the plants still have to grow a little they intercept less light so less light should be needed, I think it saves me a couple of days though, using both lights. I did 12 days of pregrowing and now 28 days of flowering, and it filled the 2m2 room... It comes down to this, the plants usually grow for a couple of weeks and then they stop growing, but the speed they develop at has to do with the available space, if you have more room, light and air, the plants will grow towards that space, maybe that is why you did not notice any difference... Kees.
  11. Okay; 1. It's P2P 2. There is NO central database 3. It's 'open source software' Then ? 1. WHO CONTROLS THE CURRENCY? 2. WHO guarantees that a HASH number is authentique ? 3. WHO KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON ? Nobody, right ? Doesn't this look like a very elaborate way to get people to invest (some) money into a scheme that BEGS for fraud ?
  12. uuuh, I'm Dutch, so I turned them (both) on to the max volume from day one...
  13. keesthemad


  14. My trichome fly killer is FLOWERING!!! Update this week...
  15. Yeah that's basically what I said.. It's a different kind of canopy shape, so different results... I guess they did cucumbers as we grow mostely vine-fruits in Holland, tomatoes, Bell peppers, cucumbers... Kees.
  16. Pfff, this gives me a hard time listening... Pff can't they just speak English instead of this Dutch/English crap ? It's nice that he basically said what I posed before, and that is that better light spreading over the whole canopy is better than high light on the tops and less on the bottom part, good to note is that he used cucumber plants, these are a little different to what we do, they grow upwards all the time, and grow longer as a consequense, we don't have anymore growth after a certain time in the growth or at least a lot less. With this in mind I think the concept has a little higher effectiveness on our plants. It's nice to watch though, but very little research for 4 years of work . What is notable though is that he had curled up leaves from the LED, this is something I can understand, I had curled up leaves too, the same as he had, but then with cannabis leaf ofcourse... IMO, this had to do with temperature/humidity, as I don't have it all the time, but the vertical light does seem to promote it, when the plant gets 'too high' or 'too close'. Both spots in the room that are a little hotter, and less moist. Kees. (will read that document later... @Doc, hell yeah those are trichomes!
  17. @Shill, well have a look at what comes out of it before you buy one... And I definitely wouldn't use it for veg only, even more so after the 'update' that is coming up. Thanks if you got yourself some idea's, have fun and let me know if it worked out for you! @Doc, are you going to clean it for me ? @Satyr, there are some minute differences, the leaves are a little thinner (not actual thickness but broadness), a little more stretch maybe, and more bud sites. I don't see that it goes any slower or faster, only resin production is extremely fast... Also smell production is up and running already, it's not yet reaking, but there is a definite weed odor. I think the plasma especially is good for these old ladies as it improves morphology, really I don't see that they are 20+y. @Whazzup, you won't happen to be able to leak that information... Please ?
  18. @hempyfan, ask me again at the end of this run which one worked the best... @Leo, sit down and enjoy! @Silversurfer, thanks mate, have a good day! @Whazzup; 1. I Have seen plants grow straight up in a vertical HPS setup, but, branches do develop on the 'light' side more than on the 'dark' side. Just as you would expect to happen, if you have a node that has light stimulation, you get growth (that is limited from above). They do seem to be stretching a little more, but a tiny bit. One thing I can say for sure is that the morphology is better, plants look healthier, normally I have some uneven fingered leaves, but right now it's great. There is some claw forming, but that's because I don't have enought time to get all the branches away from the light... I'm doing my best, but the KF is very very sensitive to this (my pheno is). The SAGE is also sensitive to this, but I have not seen any claws. All in all, I think there might be more branches formed, but I can't prove it..... 2. The leaf ratio seems to be a little lower, have you done tests on root growth too ? I'm really interested if that makes a difference too... Grow plants in small sandpots then flush away sand and weigh roots (after drying). I have grown all of these before, and so far they seem to be flowering 'faster' not just in time, but I don't really see a difference in size compared to HPS so far. @Poldergrower, Ok thanks! I misread you I think... Anyways, these are pictures made on day 21 of flowering; There's some flies inside the hood of the plasma, I don't know how to get them out... I guess they get bleached to dust by the high UV output, is this a self cleaning system ? SAGE KF Amnesia The filled room... Hope you liked the pics... Still I want to remind you, your questions make the story! Kees.
  19. Now I heard there are 2 reasons why this pass cannot be used as of July 2011. 1. The EU court ruled that this pass can only be used in local nuisance problems, but not country wide, as it is illegal to not allow other EU-civillians inside, strange ruling, but on our side. 2. Ten parties in our political system first want clear what the privacy is on the pass, something that will make it almost impossible to ever make it....
  20. Dutch, English, Afrikaans, I understand it all...
  21. Yes he has said that before... But he can't change the law, he is mayor....
  22. @Esko, maybe you should stick to belgium Politics cuz the mayor of Amsterdam does not have anything to say when it comes to this, he can make a scene, but that's all... This guy is to blame for everything; He is from the 'Peoples Party For Freedom and Democracy' , and he's minister of justice, he's to old for the job and he did not yet do anything right. The first few months he came up with ideas like locking up 12 year olds, and he is fond of breaking the law... He always says; Smoking weed is bad for you, don't do it. yet he looks like he had one too many beers....
  23. I just made a phone pic, with the light on it, you can see that after 19 days of flowering, the plants have almost reached the shadow zone of the plasma light... For me a proof that it didn't really matter where I would hang the light as my plants would grow very big any way. I will react to the rest later. Greets.
  24. I have found that the broad pitchers work great against the small flies, the sticky heads also work great, as these flies like to sit on plants... They just sit on the sticky... But the long thin pitchers didnt really work that well... Kees.
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