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  1. Edited: Bubbla already knows about it.
  2. These sound really lovely, I've just placed an order for my first NAW seeds. Expect a diary from me over the next couple of months. Any test grows been done yet?
  3. Thank you, I also love some Biochar! Bassalt Rock Dust seems to help too, likely the silicate content!
  4. There was one pheno in the bunch that was one of the best plants I've seen, genuinely outstanding. I wish I had re-vegged her now but at the time it would have meant doing a 40 mile drive with it in the car boot and that was dodgy That sounds lovely, I like it when they are soft on the chest though, my lungs are getting old now! I know it was just pure luck, I read that the reclining Buddha had some Hollands hope in and I was lucky enough to grow a great pheno of that back in the day so I thought might as well try it. If I could buy a pack of Holy Princess right now I would, I'm a bit gutted I never bought them when they were available, I could kick my self. mmmm your making me drool
  5. How many weeks feed where in the compost already and how many weeks veg did you give them? I've used Bio Flores before when I first started growing. When I run out of the General Organics nutrients I'm going to give it another go, thanks. Do you add them to a fully fertilised compost (4 weeks food)? How many do you use per 10 litre pot? Thanks, how many tabs do you use per 20 ltr pot?
  6. Old thread I know but I would say that if your working with with benifical fungi/bacteria then the rock dust will begin to be broken down a lot quicker than you think.
  7. I wanted to ask for feedback on the Buffertablets? I was hoping I could just pot up a week before flower (with fully fertilised compost) and then 2-3 weeks into flower (12/12) I would just add some of the buffertablets and that would see me to the end of the grow with just water?
  8. Billy Bunt


    Products I use
  9. I wanted to find out if anyone was using an Orthosilicic acid product, if so what is your feedback on it? Do people consider it "organic"? I've used it for a while now, mainly as a foiliar spray and I think it helps a lot with enviromental stress like heat or cold etc. I prefered it over the Plant Magic BioSilicon I was using, I think it works better. (I can't seem to get my images to appear the right way up, I press the rotate buttons and nothing happens?)
  10. No problem, all I would say is its strong stuff so use it sparingly. Yeah I just put a bit of Charge and Guano into my current pots to spice it up a bit. If I've got the money I also add just a little bit of biochar and rock dust to help them deal with any enviromental stress. Worm Casts always work a treat at keeping them a lush green through veg. One last thing is I spray with Orthosilicic acid AKA Gen 200 Control, again great one for enviromental stresses like heat.
  11. Great news, I love to hear weed success stories lol Lets be honest though, it was you who come up with the idea, not the weed! Good luck with that mate
  12. Choculate Rain is for sure my favorite, all good phenos, I even found one like Terrys Chocolate Orange out of two packs. The freebie I got was outstanding too, Lady Cane X Reclining Buddha. It had an amazing cherry smell/taste and the bottom buds were like rock solid golf balls. I didn't much like the Santa Maria but that's because I don't much like those "blue" strains! Horses for courses isn't it!
  13. I love this strain, it has a real old school smell and taste, hashey and what I would describe as afghani. It really does chill you right out as well, like relaxes all your muscles and just slowly drops you off to sleep. I remember smoking some on a long walk and by the time I made it back home I laid down on the sofa and next thing I know I'm waking up on the sofa lol This stuff can be lethal!
  14. If you want Lemon without the Haze opt for DNA Genetics Lemon Skunk. You do have to pheno hunt to find that truely outstanding lemon flavour but it's worth the hunt and deffo a keeper strain. All the phenoes are nice in my opinion but some are outstanding. I tried doing a Strain Hunter (GHS) White Lemon (Lemon Haze X El Nino) and it was shite really. It was bland rubbish really.
  15. That's the one mate, it really was an excellent yeilder too wasn't it. Do you think it's worth me grabbing a pack of Somas creation then, think I'll still get those same flavour profile? Ah Choculate Cherry, I bet that tasted devine I love the Choculate Rain, another set of amazing tastes. I even found a Terrys Choulate Orange pheno in there. I'm gutted I missed that cross mate. Does Eskobar just move onto bigger and better things when he's done experimenting? Does Eskobar still post here mate? Thanks for the reply. Ah, that makes me think it might be worth me grabbing a pack of Somas Reclining Buddha then as it must be bringing that lovely cherry flavours. Thanks mate. It's amazing isn't it, it was quite a taste revelation when I first smelt and smoked it and was like "wow, cherry, never had anything like that before".
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