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  1. Justcozz

    Growing Just Cozz

    Thanks, thats pretty much what I was thinking. There should still be many variations, just a few less than a male x female cross. I'll wait a few more days in hopes that the males in the grow will start showing themselves so they can be chopped and put the seeded moms in there. Then I'll put the 1 clone into the tent and set the clock to 24 hours. I'll make cuts and fill the tent until I've smoked a bit of this girl. If she tuns out to be a good smoke, then I'll decide to do a fem seed run. Mostly for the learning experience, I got to learn as much about growing as I can. Keeping my fingers crossed for fire.
  2. Justcozz

    Ghetto grow 2018

    Hey bro, I know your working, but I think we are all waiting to see those girls trimmed up. If we have to wait much longer, I'm going to get some people together and stand outside your place with signs, chanting "bud porn, bud porn"
  3. Justcozz

    Epicgenetic searching the truth

    Looking good brutha. My room is at day 12 of 12/12 today. I'm keeping an eye on your grow, I'm really digging those fat leaf girls you got in there.
  4. Justcozz

    The Rat’s Stock

    Hey @Le rat, those look amazing. Very good job.
  5. Justcozz

    Hash Fruit

    Nice report Flip Flop. Sounds like a hell of a smoke.
  6. Justcozz

    Sugar Punch

    Hold on guys....it was just a suggestion Only reason I mentioned that was do to his current stock. Once he does another run and pulls better numbers of seeds, then sell them as usual. By no means would I suggesting to KEEP them as limited edition only. Just give more people the opportunity to get there fingers on a pack until he can get his stock built up. Sannie knows his numbers, and I'm sure will do what he thinks is best.
  7. Justcozz

    Growing Just Cozz

    @saxo thanks bro. I almost pulled a bud for a test. But they are so small...lol. She still has a ways to go before the seeds are ready, so we will see what I end up with. I used the loupe and was very surprised by how much amber she has. I'm thinking of taking the two mom as out of the tent and putting them with the other plants. Then put the small clone in the tent and back to veg. Do a few cutting and keep a mother. BTW, I still have a hole lot of pollen in the freezer to make a huge batch of seeds. Im sure this has been answered before, but if I self her for fem seeds, how likely will the girls be like the momma? With that many amber triches, she may have even been able to be pulled at 5-51/2 weeks. That's definitely a fast flowering plant, without the stress and adding nutes, I'm sure her yeilds would be quite a bit better also. Maybe the more experienced growers can give me some insight on how all that works.
  8. Justcozz

    Growing Just Cozz

    Good morning OG. Figured I'd add an update. Looks like I may have a pretty short flowering pheno of the Lemon Bubba x SiFi Blaze. The one that got topped by the deer, and pollinated is already showing quite a few amber triches. 6 weeks. She isn't going to yield much. But keep in mind, half of her was eaten by a deer, then pollinated in the 2nd week of 12s, then put into the makeshift tent (tool shed & cfl) for a couple of weeks where the temps ranged from 45F-80F. Also, this is the girl that I split the stalk on. I thought she healed and removed the bandage, today I see she split again...So guess you can say she's been stressed pretty hard. I do have a couple of clones from her, so that should give me better knowledge on her flower time. Here is a video of all the plants together at 10 days of 12s. Only one showing sex, Humboldt Kush x Sugar Punch. And here are the seed bearing mommas. 6 weeks flower.
  9. Justcozz

    Sugar Punch

    Yeah, make it a "limited edition" one pack per order, available only when you order a different pack of beans.
  10. Justcozz

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Looks great bro. Now that I have a tent, when this run is over I want to try a small hydro, Hamme style. Still need to get a couple of things, but I thInk it would be fun.
  11. Justcozz

    Survived Day 1 Legal Weed

    Glad all turned out ok... I was worried the whole country was gunna go up in smoke. Congrats to Canada, the first country to go legal. I have not read the laws yet, let's hope they don't go after the home growers to protect their tax revenues.
  12. Justcozz

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    Nobody won. It's up to $868 million. Even better, same odds more money. Next draw Friday night. If nobody wins it this round, it should go over $1 billion. @MiNdLesS, if I hit the right numbers, we all get new lights.
  13. Justcozz

    Howdy OGr´s :D

    Welcome to OG, Zen.
  14. Justcozz

    pretty projects in progress

    Man, she was a beast. Good haul bro.