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  1. Yeah, I saw it. But I’m not using a full dose.
  2. I noticed after adding the Kool Bloom I got a little bit of tip burn overnight. Not enough to hurt the plant, maybe just a bit of shock, from getting food it hasn’t had yet. We will see....... edit..... Ive been running the TTF at 3 tablespoons per 5 gallons, so just a bit higher than 1/2 per gallon. I added the KB the same, it’s half recommended dose.
  3. I agree with Bigun, I got to look through the San Gear before I drop any seeds. It’s all good.
  4. Yeah, I’m sure. Black widows everywhere here. Ive taken pics and they are not mites...all black widows. I’ll see if I saved any pics and post them.
  5. It wasn’t that long ago I was doing just that.....but also I was reading post by @.: V :. That guy can have anyone confused...lol....wonder where he has been?
  6. I haven’t had any mites...knock on wood. I don’t do anything but clean the room well after harvest and fire off a bug bomb before the next run. I have a black widow issue this year.... so battling webs has been an issue, but no bugs to harm the plants.
  7. Haha, you are probably right...they are pissed...their friends are in mansions and they are in studio apartments.... BTW.....the Silverfields is on point. After extensive testing, I’ve learned that I like it..a lot. It can get a little racy when the high kicks in, but goes away quick... then just happy good time after that. I need to slow down, it still needs to finish curing, then it will be killer.
  8. This morning I added equal portions of TTF and Kool Bloom 0-10-10 to the 2nd NP. So my new ratio in the octo is 4.0-12.9-16.7.....figured it can’t hurt.... big bump of N and k. I’ll back off the TTF after I see how she is doing. If this doesn’t cause it to build some triches, smell and flavor, then I will call the NP a lost Cozz.
  9. Looking good @Gardener..... I won’t be coming in from behind with the win...mine are still only 3 inches tall...still hasn’t reached the sides of the cup. Pitiful....just pitiful
  10. When it first came on I thought it was, then the racyness went away. But nice and clear headed. Would be good for any activity. Potency is probably 5-6 compared to everything else I’ve grown...but seems to last a decent amount of time. If the taste doesn’t come around, I probably wouldn’t grow it again..
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