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  1. Almost forgot....Silverfields is trying to stand out....I used the flash to capture all her beauty. Only 2 weeks in and building nice colas. She stretched, but nice tight nodes for a spiral of buds
  2. Now for the tent. Both Napali Pink are doing great. Even showing pistils, I didn't expect to see them in veg, but then I've never grown out a clone before. I'll take some more curs this week. They are almost ready for flower. Not sure why, but most of my cuts are looking like crap. I didn't take a close up, but you can see them in the pics. What nutes do you guys give them? I've just been giving water and super thrive. Maybe I should give them a light dose of food??? And this little girl testing out the mini grow cup. Got roots starting to extend from the basket....my water level may be a bit low, she is starting to look hungry, I will add a few oz of food.
  3. Flower day 14...woot woot, 2 weeks down. Silverfields Sultana Silverfields G39 G39 Rhino Blood octo Rhino Blood Rhino Blood Cartel Haze Cartel Haze x Mystery Cartel Haze x Mystery Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy Little ladies Everything seems to be almost on autopilot. The one RH is a little lighter green than I want. Its probably a ph issue in the soil. I will pull them all and flush them and paint some buds on a few. Edit....damn, my pics are blurry....WTF....
  4. Very nice. Good variety too. Can’t wait to see the SiFi Blaze and JC Haze growing side be side. And the Onyx Fire is a super pretty one with all her colors...just like her momma Lemon Bubba from Santero.
  5. Sweet, that tent is full and looking good. Also, 100% on the seeds, killer bro. Can’t wait to see the little ones.
  6. Hamme has spoken very highly of it for a long time. It’s been on my gotta try list. But hearing someone else give it just as much praise, damn, it’s on my NEED it NOW list....lol It will land near me in the future, and life will be good.....
  7. Bro, after you get an octo, you will be a believer. I haven’t even finished a grow and I’m sold. It’s literally that easy, fill it, and leave it alone. If a grower wasn’t training, he/she wouldn’t even need to go into the grow room but about once a week just to make sure the electronics are still doing what they are supposed too. Scrog takes a fair amount of time. But it keeps you close and intimate with the plants. With the constant tucking and bending, you know every inch of every branch. You really build a relationship with them. Everyone should run a true scrog at least once.
  8. My pheno had a hint of chem, not very noticeable unless your really trying to identify it. I actually didn’t smoke it last night, I grabbed a KF joint that I rolled a couple of days ago. I do that sometimes also, roll 3-4 joints, toss them back into the jar. Like little gifts when you don’t feel like messing around..lol
  9. Great find bro. Looks to be very close to the same size also.
  10. Very nice, can’t wait to see them start building those big frosty candy like buds you guys are known for.
  11. Epic........yes, I think that describes that cross perfectly. Do it Jet.....Do it.
  12. That sucks Hamme. Can’t believe how people like drama on the internet. I come on this site for fun and knowledge...if it ain’t about having fun, you all wouldn’t see me. If I’m talking shit to someone, it’s definitely all about fun and games. Me and my white sneakers....lol
  13. Hamme knows its all fun and games.......oh, and he doesn’t mind dishing it out either....trust me.
  14. What’s funny, is the Octopots is almost exactly what Hamme does. Coco & perlite bottom feed. We just only have to feed every 10-12 days...
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