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  1. Well, guess I need to be back on here to liven things up a bit...you know JUSTCOZZ.....
  2. Damn brother, looks like you still got the touch. Them bugs are great.
  3. The JC haze is looking great. I had to step away for a bit. Just dropped some of those beans a few days ago, waiting for them to break soil.
  4. Hi Hamme. Looks like the AH is still strong.....great work bro.
  5. Hello Angel... probably just going with some SiFi Blaze this run....it grows great in 12s from seed. Maybe start a second run in a few weeks, and give it some veg time. Pretty much just need some jars filled.. some short flower autos would be the ticket right now, but this guy hasn’t grown an auto....maybe I’ll pick up a few packs of auto fems for future times like this...lol
  6. What’s up beach? The grow is looking great bro. Loving that PHK....
  7. What’s up everyone? I made it home, no more work for me, was expecting to be home a few weeks ago, but shit never seems to work out as planned. Had two days of nice weather and woke up to 3 inches of snow...I was hoping winter was done this year. Damn it. Still no grow going, I should get some seeds in the dirt within the next few days. Start them in a tent and push them into flower, 12/12 run this round. Got to get the stash stocked back up....the Cozz crib is dry....haven’t been smoking while away and the wife cleaned me out...lol. no worries, stopped and picked up some store bought bud....man, shit seems to be getting worse all the time. Dry, over trimmed crap....why is it dispensary bud seems to last 30 minutes and leave a headache....total crap... missed you all. I’ve peaked in now and then, but way too busy. Money was right, but 16 hour days take a toll when you have been retired for almost 7 years....suits and meetings....finally get to wear some jeans and my white sneakers...lol good to be back.........
  8. Your still killing it Hamme.... that last haul looks awesome bro
  9. Looks great bro....that PHK is damn nice, well done
  10. What’s up everyone. I’ve been busy and away from home since early December. Still gone and hopefully make it back by the middle of next month. we had more power outages and freezing weather .... lost the whole grow... Finally got my iPad so I should be able to check in and say hi a little more often. Got to go through the threads and see what all I’ve been missing out on. Hope all has been well for everyone.
  11. I’m still around....just only got the phone while I’m out of town...I hate typing on my phone. LED in the winter won’t cut it up here. Not without running a heater...good job adding the 600w, much better to add light for the heat...heaters are more expensive and don’t feed the plants.
  12. Welcome to Open Grow Spunk
  13. I’ll be dropping some C99 beans again after the first of the year. None of the ones I dropped last run grew. I got to grow this...thanks shoe
  14. Mixing everything in a bucket with just your largest mesh bag works well. It makes it a little easier to agitate the ice, water and bud without beating up the bags. Let all the good stuff fall into the bottom of the bucket. Then stack your desired bags in a separate bucket, pour all the material from the bucket through your bags.
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