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  1. Justcozz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    I was never a big country fan, though as I get older I do appreciate it more and listen to it occasionally. I was raised on it, my dad was a huge fan and it was the only music allowed to be played in the house. Maybe that's why I didn't like it. Lol. My dad was a bartender at Gilley's before it became famous and was pretty decent friend will Micky Gilley. We have some photos of him holding me right after I was born in 1970. I also have a very good friend that works at one of the top printing companies in the nation who make the stage passes for bands and road crew. She goes to the Country Music Awards every year and works with pretty much every country band you can think of. One of the few people in this world that truly loves what she does and gets paid well for it. Not to mention, free tickets to any concert she desires....
  2. Justcozz

    My secret garden

    Sure looks like that he-she spewed all over. I also suspect that if you have dark pistils especially on other plants this early, you are too late. I'd still yank that one and get it out of the room. As far as the rest of the plants, I'd go ahead and finish them. You should still have some good smoke. But don't add any more plants to the room before you can fully clean it. Pollen never last as long as we want when we need it to. But sure enough it will stay viable when we don't. Sorry to see you have that imposter in there. Cut its throat, stomp it, and punish it... and as Ms. G said, suffocate that bastard in a plastic bag.
  3. Justcozz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    @ledfoot, this ones for you bro.
  4. Justcozz

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    What PAP said
  5. Justcozz

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    It depends on what you are keeping track of. As far as just germination, day one for me is the day I put the seed in dirt. I do soak my seeds, but I only keep track of the hours until I see a tap root starting. I start again when I see them break soil, then it's day 1 of veg. I also keep track of flower by the day I flip the lights, and the day pistils show. Many only count the days after pistils show, but I like to keep track of both. That way I know how much difference the veg time has on each strain. For example. My last grow with Killing Fields, GM, TPR and Lemon Bubba. They all broke soil within a day of each other. Then they all had the same veg time and flipped to 12/12 at the same time. All but the Killing Fields showed pistils within 10 days. But the KF took nearly 3 weeks. Next run, I will let the KF veg for another week, and see if it doesn't shorten that time down closer to a week.
  6. Justcozz

    Distiller for reclaiming alcohol

    Nope, not yet. Still researching. Got a lot of things to buy and every time I spend money my wallet gets mad at me.
  7. Justcozz

    Distiller for reclaiming alcohol

    Thanks, that pretty much what I figured you had to do.
  8. Justcozz

    My garden

    Looks great. I'm with Mr Goodfellow, just getting mine started. Tell the boy
  9. Justcozz

    Finally setup but i really struggled...

    I think it looks good. The only thing I may have done differently is put the fan outside the tent. It may have given a little more room inside and allowed for the filter to not be pushed up against the wall of the tent. But it's difficult from the pic to tell if it would have really made a difference. turn her on and get them buds.....
  10. Justcozz


    @santero, thanks for the offer Bro. I am actually running Lemon bubba again along with Chocolate Kush to see how they do outdoors. Just two of each along with NAW's Airborne Jack. So when they start growing I'll have som pics up. For now, here is a pic of a LB ready for the grinder.
  11. Justcozz

    stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

    It's always better to do therapy before any surgery. The best way to a speedy recovery is to have good strength and flexibility. We usually get pissed at insurance companies because they won't approve a surgery, and require physical therapy. Though physical therapy may avoid the need of surgery, it is essential to getting the best results from a surgery. Don't half ass it, it will improve your body. Mr. G and GardenAngel....hope you both get the help that's best for you and you heal quickly.
  12. Justcozz

    What do you listen in this moment ?

    Can't believe I just heard this for the first time tonight. https://youtu.be/mz42eclLD94
  13. Justcozz

    0,2 thc strains with high cbd

    I know there are some high CBD strain seeds available, but if you want to be sure of the CBD content, clones are the best choice. From all my research growing high CBD strains from seed can be a crap shoot on the CBD levels. A google search will give you many options, but I've never ordered seeds or grown for CBD. the few strains I have tried were from dispensaries, and I have not been able to gets seeds for them. Harley Tsu and Angels Fire were both 12-13% CBD 6-7% THC. even an Acapulco Gold that was 12% CBD. But unable to find seeds for them. Cannatonic is supposed to be high CBD, though I've never tried it. Good luck and I hope you can find what you are looking for. Happy Grows.