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  1. Great info Paps. Plants are looking great, I’m watching this.
  2. Welcome back bro, good to see you
  3. I don’t even own a peddle bike anymore. In fact, I don’t own anything that I could look like that if I wanted to. If you ever see me posing with a bike, it would be a motocross bike.
  4. I’m with MrG on this, I’ve looked at triple pak a few times and didn’t order it....I’m definitely missing out I think.
  5. They are just hating...lol if I was a real hipster, I’d have on logging boots and a flannel. Oh, both of which would have never seen the woods. Lol no lumberjack beard or man bun for this guy
  6. I think that gallon jar takes up way too much space. Send it over to me, I have a spare room to keep it in. I don’t want you getting too cramped over there.
  7. One idea for a shirt .
  8. That is some funny shit. Trust me, they look much worse in that pic than they are. And nope, no sagging for me. I’m 6’4” and wear 34x34 Levi’s. Skinny and tall....I must have forgotten my belt....lol
  9. Yes, fill the screen by topping, binding and tucking, then flip. No topping after flip, just adjust them so they all are the same height. When they start stretching, you do little but enjoy. You will keep getting new growth under the canopy, little suckers that turn into popcorn, remove them. Other than than, take pics and feed her until harvest. The pic of the mom looks good. Maybe on the others, once the canopy is full, let them grow up through the net a few inches before you flip. Remember, these plants won’t double in overall height, but will double in overall size during stretch. Unlike a natural growing plant that focuses the majority of its energy on one top, these have to spread it out to all the tops. But no worries, everything at and above the screen will be good solid bud. I think mine were a couple of inches over the screen when I flipped mine and got the 10-12 colas. But both were strains that can hit X3 stretch.
  10. Ok, I am missing something...lol
  11. That’s what I expect, but don’t know first hand yet. I hope it will fill the truck...lol. I’m pretty impressed with the Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy so far. No matter how much training and topping I give them, they stay happy. Looking foreword to the Rhino Blood too. I like smoking on joint filled with RB. The Cartel x Mystery looks identical to the NAW Cartel Haze. I’m pretty sure it was hit by the G39 that grew nuts, or itself. Either way, they should be female and killer smoke. Time will tell. I wasn’t going to even grow them this run, but the wife loves her some Cartel Haze and G39 (thanks Nerds) so I thought I’d add those couple of seeds I got from it to see what they will do. Hahahaha, hipster? We don’t have those in these parts...lol
  12. Yeah, when the screen is as filled up as you want it, flip them. It can’t get too thick, shoot for 1 cola to come up through every square in your screen. Use topping to get the numbers up and slow down the branches that are running out of room. It won’t take long to have a hundred or so colas ready to produce big buds. I’d suggest starting to remove undergrowth from the soil up to a couple inches from the screen now. A little a day to keep from slowing the plant too much. Continue to tuck and bend just enough to keep all the tops as even as you can for the first week or so as they stretch. After that, it’s just stripping the new growth down low that eats up nutes and won’t produce much. On my scrog, I had good buds 3 inches under the screen and most all my colas reaches 10-12 inches above it. Over sixty colas on my Kinky Blaze and almost fifty on the Sannie’s Jack.
  13. Oh, if I get a chance, every band on that list will smoke a Just Cozz Joint. Hahahahaha I will get as many pics that I can remember to take. Also taking the GoPro camera. Last time I went I got some cool videos. Amazing what women do when you toss a camera in front of them. I should get a couple of t-shirts made. I’ll need to come up with a design. Maybe something like “ONYX FIRE” over a joint with letters wrapped around saying “A JUST COZZ JOINT” hahaha I can do a different shirts for JC Haze, SiFi Blaze and Onyx Fire
  14. I have a mix of 20 regular pots and smart pots going. And after a month I am watering some every other day. Every time I go out of town for a few days I know there are going to be a couple that are too dry when I get back. Just for the convenience of being able to leave for a week make the octos worth the money if they provide equivalent bud in the end. If I mix up a barrel of nutes, I can be gone for a month and only need a babysitter to fill the res a couple of times. With how often I’m gone, these may prove to be priceless.
  15. I should remember most of it...I don’t usually get too messed up when I go to these things. Funny how us stoners who grow our own think. I just had to count how many weeks (24) I have left to finish this run and get it chopped, dried and cured before I have to pack up enough for a long weekend of smoking and sharing. I better get some more seeds going..got to have enough Just Cozz crosses to share with the bands in the VIP tent.
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