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  1. Justcozz

    Well damn

    Out of likes. I had a few of my male SiFi Blaze do the same. I plucked them, roots and all. Tossed them into a black garbage bag in the corner of the grow room. 2 weeks later they were still alive doing pretty well. Even growing towards the sky. Just goes to show how much these plants can be abused. Give that thing some water and put it in the corner. She just might become your favorite.
  2. Justcozz

    A Continuous Evolutionary Grow

    Looking great bro. Guess you can name her strawberry surprise.
  3. Justcozz

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    I had one green and one with some purple. I didn't get a really purple pheno. They were both very similar in smoke, the green was a little more potent, but I think I enjoyed the purple high a little more. I'm out of KF seeds, got to get some more, either pheno is fine by me. Sweet, I think you are the first to pop the Sannie's Jack x Silverfields cross I made. Can't wait to see them. Hope you are happy with it. I'm am adding it to me next grow also. Good luck with her, she should fill a couple of jars for you for sure.
  4. Justcozz


    Yes, give her a month or so to veg and she should be ready to harvest at around 9 weeks with some amber. Take cuttings, clones rooted and showed new growth in 7-10 days just using old soil in a solo cup. i pushed the clones into flower at 30 days from taking the cuts (Oct 10) and harvested on Dec 20th. About 70-75 days of 12/12.
  5. Justcozz


    Leaking brain matter....hahahahahaha that is so funny. My wife calls my Onyx Fire (lemon bubba x SiFiBlaze) "brain drain" she says every time I smoke it I get dumber...stupid ideas start flowing, not creative, just dumb..lol
  6. Justcozz

    NAW Test Center

    When I popped my Airborne Jack, I wasn't blessed with any girls. 2 for 2 males. I'll pop a couple more for my next run. But, I hit the G39 jar yesterday. Pure fire! Just as expected from a NAW strain. I started early with a cup of coffee and every few hours throughout the day. I noticed after 3-4 weeks cure the flavors really pop. Cant put my finger on it, but she has an Italian spice to her. Almost the aroma of pizza sauce. Sounds weird, but good. Not the greatest pic. G39
  7. Justcozz


    Yes, she has a hint of coffee in her. I notice it on the exhale. When crossed with the SiFi Blaze, she still maintained her bud structure, but branches improved. She still likes to veg a while, definitely not a 12/12 from seed strain.
  8. Justcozz


    I went back and checked, looks like I let the Lemon bubba go almost 10 weeks from showing pistils. Remember I had a issue with the cold in the room, 45* temps during lights out, so she slowed quite a bit. With proper temps and 3-4 week veg, she should be ready to harvest much closer to 8 weeks. I would even suggest keeping the lights a little higher than you normally would for the first couple of weeks of veg. Try and get her to stretch a little to open up the nodes. Otherwise she will get dense and the buds growing on her stalk won't get much light. She is unique, and a joy to grow.
  9. Justcozz

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Looking nice, almost time to get that spinner trimmer out. You are going to have a very nice size pile of buds from that room.
  10. Justcozz

    Hello from Costa Rica

    Welcome to OG, looks like you have a hell of a set up. Looking foreword to seeing what you do outside in the tropics.
  11. Justcozz

    My dog ate my homework!

    Great looking dogs you have there bro. Dog thread on a weed site, absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  12. Justcozz

    NAW Test Center

    Yes, it's easy to run out of likes on a NAW thread. speaking of G39, I'm going to have to pull that jar out and give her another smoke. Last time I smoked it, I over did it a bit and was a little to high to appreciate it. She is a potent one.
  13. Justcozz

    Sunnyvale's Pharmacy

    I agree, Killing Fields is a potent winner. I don't think I truly appreciated it at first. But the more I smoke it, the more I like it. Also seems like the more often I smoke it, the more relaxing it feels. Not really a tolerance build up, just comes on smoother and more body to it. I'm down to about a half oz, think I'll add her to the next run.
  14. Looks good MrG. I wanna see it grow a plant bro. And Jets offer is just killer. From all the octo videos I've looked at, it appears to me the sleeves are made from landscaping fabric. But picking up a few off the site is probably the best bet. Then if needed, you can attempt to make your own using an original for a template.