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  1. Very nice job growing those girls. Can’t wait until they are dried so we can get a smoke report on them all....
  2. AFTERSHOCK ROCKS.... if any of you ever get a chance to make it out to Cali, it is the best rock festival you can imagine. Next year, again, 3 days non stop rock. Metallica is headlining 2 nights, 2 different sets. Already got the tickets ordered...woot woot. Spring the extra cash for VIP tickets...they are pricey, but worth every cent. Minimal lines for food and drinks....bathrooms instead of porta-johns.....lounge chars, couches etc. Also, both main stages have a vip viewing area, so if being up front without the giant crowd is your thing...it’s the way to go. Last night during “Bring me the Horizon” (absolutely amazing show) I lost my phone....it’s the one time I forget to put it in the back pack before jumping into the mosh pit and crowd surfing.... I’m pretty pissed....so no pics and videos unless I get lucky enough to find it at the lost and found this morning. Anyhow, you all have a good day, happy grows and I’m going to get some breakfast, roll a bunch of joints and off for day 3....
  3. I’ve been busy with life and haven’t updated in a few days. Went out yesterday and cut 2 cord of fire wood...I hate wood cutting....it lets me know how out of shape I am...lol .....but it’s good exercise, definitely need it. Anywho, no pics, but the plants and clones are looking good, no roots yet, lost 2 AH, but I have plenty more and looks like I’m going to have more than I can handle, I’m sure I will manage.... resting today from being over worked, tomorrow got a 3 hour drive, AFTERSHOCK Festival.....wooo hooo, 3 days of music and partying...and a whole lot of smoke
  4. I agree with both above.....flush like crazy, I’d even transplant into bigger pots if you can and let them get some fresh soil. Good luck and I hope you get them healthy again..
  5. They all look great, and yeah, the Onyx Fire is smooth going down even with a quick 3-4 day dry...but she does get better a few weeks in the jar. the Lemon Bubba has them colors that just makes you want her in every grow...the visual stunner.. let me know when you try the Haze....hope it’s not too racy...otherwise it should be a killer party weed.
  6. I’ve never grown autos....no reason, just never had seeds, never figured I needed to buy any. I can see some benefits, but nothing to push me to run them. I’m sure I will one day. I do like not having to run a veg and flower room, keep a perpetual grow, just drop more seeds and keep the room an 18 hours of light. But then again, I can run 12s from seed and do the same. keep the autos going Toker....one day I’ll run some.
  7. Call me a skeptic...non of the reviews on the site talk about how good the lights are. Just great packaging and service...that’s important, but that’s a lot of $ for 30w lights.... I didn’t look for addition reviews, and not trying to discourage you, but I’d want to see a few grows before I shelled out $200 for 60w if light...
  8. Hell yeah @Toker , a warm fire, some hot toddies, don’t forget to play Baby Face radio on Pandora....them panties will vanish like a David Copperfield
  9. Damn, Jet sure got quite after the bud pics........just saying hope you are enjoying your night bro
  10. Sorry bro.....we’ve been talking in the PM....no worries, I got ya
  11. By the way... Just got done smoking the Orange Goji again. Damn bro, I think it’s a little better than I thought last time. They wife is tore back....said “ it’s like your so drunk that you stumble bouncing off the walls and fall down the stairs all the way to the bottom, then get up like nothing happened..” ....”But I don’t want to vomit”..
  12. Haha, your pack went together better than the other one I sent....I thought I had more vacuum bags, the other one had to be done in one bag... I lined buds up like coke and vacuum sealed. No way to seal between them. Well, I thought of running a hot iron down it, as I was driving away from the PO. Hahaha
  13. Yeah, 2 different plants. Not much difference, just wanted you to know the one you are growing. Enjoy bro...better grab something to eat....lol
  14. Good luck in your investigation, I’m mean that whole heartedly. I was kind of joking about it’s just humans time traveling, but it explains it as well as anything. Really, we would be dumb to think earth is the only planet with advanced life forms. There is way too much evidence that there are beings way superior to us in technology and intelligence. I think religion is what stops us humans from believing there are aliens. The existence of beings from a place other than earth doesn’t mean that god doesn’t exist....preference of religion doesn’t matter. Something I saw lately on a tv show, I found pretty interesting. There have been several attempts to send nuclear weapons into space by every nation with the ability ....all have failed, they were “shot down” without any explosion and the weapons totally destroyed. That tells me there is someone or thing that does not want nukes outside the earth atmosphere. Also, with all the sightings near nuclear facilities (weapons or energy) I have a theory....they are using the mass amounts of radiation for fuel. Imagine being able to convert radiation to energy safely. We wouldn’t need reactors, every vehicle and building could store uranium and convert the radiation into energy...a forever supply of safe energy. Hahaha...looks like the bud has me imagining shit too.....hahahaha
  15. Good thing I saved the NaPali Pink, got to do a test run with the bubble bags. First, I used the wife’s Kitchen Aid mixer with ice and water to beat the trim. Then I used the 220 to put the weed and ice in then the 120, 73 and 25 bags to catch the good stuff. I had about just under 4 oz of trim..didn’t run the bud yet...ran out of ice...lol not too sure what I should get, but not a lot of triches so I’m happy.. the stuff that made it through the 220 is pretty green, the others look pretty good.
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