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  1. Yes, this how it should be.....AH for the win.... @JetDro, @Hamme Hydro....thanks for sharing. Jet, this is much better than the last. I think when the fresh cut bud was smashed it just didn’t get air for it to dry properly. This where I wanted SiFi Blaze to take my mind but with some body....my mind is spinning....thinking calculating
  2. You will like the Black Cherry Cola also.... Got to have some more to really see what it can do, but so far, I think it’s a winner. I have some working to do to get it into my grow room...if even possible.
  3. Haha, I’m not mixing the hash with anything...just it by it’s self. thinking I’m going with the AH...the wife is wanting some Goji...so I’ll let her have enough for a hit or two...lol....
  4. Oh yeah it did..... about to go on an amnesia journey
  5. Yeah, but no worries.... this stuff is sticky sticky....my fingers are sticking to the iPad...haha...that is a real test.
  6. Got some Black Cherry Cola this weekend....nice flavor, maybe a hint of cherry flavor. Definitely will let you know you smoked some...hard hitting head high, hazy, and a bit hallucinogenic. I didn’t smoke much, just wanted a taste...it’s a take it easy strain, it won’t fully hit you for a good 30 minutes.
  7. Wow, the smell hits hard on this one...wife came out of the back room saying “my house smelled like weed” hahaha, “yes it does” was my reply with an evil smirk... Got a home for each of them...even though it may be temporary housing for those who smoke the best...lol and a temple ball to boot!
  8. After a 5 minute wrestling event and a new diagnosis of carpal tunnel I get to the damn thing laughing at me.... Then after taking some aspirin and a couple of tokes for the new pain...hahah the smell comes through...wow and I got these goodies.. still working on getting it all unwrapped....more to follow thanks bro!!
  9. @JetDro, @Hamme Hydro.....hey, just noticed when I was taking the pics, the woody stem AH was the first to root....maybe that’s the ticket with this girl???
  10. Alright here are some pics....the only plant that looks like this is one HKxBG... here is a close up and an under side shot... Amnesia Haze.....GOT ROOTS? a pic of the tent... yes, I’m using domes, just took them off for pics....lol
  11. You got her looking great bro...very nice. Can’t wait to hear how she smokes.
  12. Looks good, glad it worked out.
  13. Sure hope not, I haven’t ever had them, and the cuts from Jet were mite free...it’s the only plant that looks like it. I’m suspecting some nute are micro issue...
  14. Looking damn nice bro...make some room in your message box...
  15. Got a little update. No pics.... so far, I’ve only lost 2 cuts... Amnesia Haze....got 1 rooted so far....woot woot Silverfields... 2 rooted Goji... 2 rooted RPP... 2 rooted still waiting on some Orange Goji to pop roots, the cuts still look nice and healthy, roots will show soon. I may have more rooted, half of the cuts are in soil and I’m not screwing with them to find out. So time will have to tell. the 4 girls I brought back from the mountain grow are now officially back in veg and growing serrated leaves again....now I just have to figure out what’s what. More updates soon, have to get the rooted cuts into cups and up-pot the mountain plants. All the seedlings are doing pretty good, except one SiFi Blaze is looking kind of crappy...a bunch of tiny white spots all over the leaves...I’ll post pics later.
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