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  1. Alrighty, time for some more pics. I need to get these girls flipped. Weather is still not cooperating, so moving the octos out of the room is out of the question for now. Lows are still in the 40s until next weekend. Another week of veg is throwing off my plans. I can move the tent out and put them in there, but it will only fit 2 octos. That means the Rhino from seed will have to get flipped with the rest of the grow. Not a big deal I guess, It just won’t yield much. All 3 plants in the octos have reached the reservoir. Pretty cool seeing all the roots popping through the bottom. the Octopots, Rhino Blood and the 2 NaPali Pink girls. No more training for the Pinks. Going to let them start doing their thing. Full room pic. I really like the structure on this girl. I’ll be grabbing some cuts before flower. This guy is getting excited, I will finally get to smoke some Silverfields bud. Probably the biggest Rhino Blood in the group. These are staying short and just bushing up, hoping for some stretch after flip. I know 2 of these are male, but my failure to label them correctly has me watering boys. Maybe there will be a few crosses in the room. @Mr Goodfellow needs to give this strain a name. This Cartel Haze has the same structure of my mystery cross above. Maybe my seeds were selfed, I’m good with that as long as there are no hermies. This G39 has great structure also, keep watching this girl for some giant buds.... This Silverfields is staying short, but should really stretch when flipped. This is one looks much more like the other G39s I’ve grown. Topped the same as the other one above, just stying short and bushy. Man, I can’t wait till these all start building some bud. The weed stash is getting ridiculously low. 2 plus months before harvest, looks like I am going to need a run to the shop...Damn it. Overall, I am pretty pleased with this run so far. The few bugs I had are gone. All the plants look healthy and no nutes needed yet. Just hopefully they don’t outgrow the pots before harvest. That will really piss me off.... Hapoy grows to you all, and hope you all have a good Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Yeah, that don’t work. I piss off my deck 3-4 times a day....I think it is attracting them lol. Outdoor garden is done, unless I can find a way to keep the squirrels out. I haven’t given up all hope, but I really don’t want to make a completely enclosed garden either....I will figure something out.
  3. I’m all good bro. Just busy. I’ve been lurking, but a little light on the posts. Getting ready to add some pics now in my thread.
  4. Yeah bro, I agree with everyone else, looking killer in there. Now it’s time to just watch the show, amazing show it will be.
  5. Ok, I just put some of my oil into the vape to see how well it does concentrates. Guess I should have taken a pic, but oh well. I put a decent amount into it, it’s the same stuff from when I tried out my new bong to do dabs. Anyways, because it didn’t get me very high, I figured I could put more in than I needed.....lol, and I don’t have to smoke it all, right? Holy Shiiiit, I am Fooking high. Three medium 6 sec. hits and I am tore back. Screw having a dab rig, this is way easier and convenient.
  6. Yeah, I’ve done it sealed in vacuum bags and boiled it. It takes about 2 hours that way. Works well for not getting the roasted flavor that I get when done in the oven. I also think it does a better job at retaining the turpentines. Damn, I need to get my girls into flower. All this talk of oil is making me want some. Bud is getting scarce at the Cozz Crib.
  7. Damn nice scene you have there Shoe,
  8. The moms are looking good. The other screen is full, haha, just wait..it gets better.
  9. This mornings pic is not at my house, a friends place. I don’t have that many pine trees on m property, they are just a couple of miles away. But that Caddy Shack pic is right on with what I have going on with the ground squirrels. I will have to grab my camera and take a few shots of the evil bastards. We also have rock chucks (yellow bellied marmot) out here, they get real big, 8-12 lbs and 2ft long. Rock chucks will leave holes big enough to lose a small dog in. I dont have them at my house, but a friend of mine has a shit load of them. Here is an internet pic of one. These are almost harder to get rid of than ground squirrels.
  10. That’s some funny shit. To definitely gives smoother hits than anything else I’ve tried. Almost like you are not getting anything. But you will surely know three 8 sec hits is quite a bit. Lol Hahaha, yep decarbed bud. That’s the taste. It actually doesn’t bother me. Your weed may be too wet. I’ve noticed total dry worked best in the original Pax for retaining the flavor. Also, half filled oven has a better weed flavor IMO. So you have not tried rosin in it yet. That’s what I really wanted to try in it, concentrates. I think I will try some dry sift first, I should have plenty in the bottom of the grinder. I also have some oil to put into it. I will be sure to let you know how I like it. And you are going to get a few cuts, just have to let the girls grow a bit more before starting to chop on them.
  11. Thought I’d update this. The PAX original somehow got stuck closed and I can’t open it. I really liked using it, but without being able to turn it on and use it, it’s as useful ass a rock. Well, a pretty rock. But it was free, so I can’t wine. So I tased with my friend and she talked with the PAX Rep that she knows. The rep said toss the old one in the trash, and look what I have...a brand new PAX 3. Uses dry herb as well as concentrate. Woot woot. I love free shit....especially $300 free shit. Im out of town today, but will give it a try tonight and let you know what I think of it.
  12. I have literally thousands of ground squirrels. They make giant holes where the horses get injured stepping in them. Them and the jack rabbits. Damn rodents are taking over. Tree squirrels, chipmunks and cotton tails all get to live.
  13. I had spring the week before last, 75-85 F for a week. Then this crap, for two weeks. The temps will be back up in the 80s again soon then I will be in summer heaven
  14. Well my veggie garden is gone, damn ground squirrels. They ate every last thing. I’ve been shooting them daily, I stopped counting at 20 kills shots. Didn’t slow them down a bit. Also, we got snow last night. Just a few inches, but mid May damn. Pic is a couple hours after it stopped.
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