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  1. That looks a lot like the male I used for the dad. How’s it smell? The dad was starting to smell like cat piss about that time.
  2. Besides SiFi Blaze, Cartel Haze is the wife's favorite. It works great on her nerve pain also
  3. Yeah, that and the TPR, she definitely looks like it. Those colas just keep swelling up, they are bigger every day. Some are over 3” in diameter. She is going to be a bitch to trim though
  4. She is really looking like she is almost done...but, her buds are still getting bigger and denser. So I am going to let it keep going for a while.
  5. @Mr Goodfellow, at 40-45 seconds in the vid is one of the other RB....wouldn’t even believe they came from the same batch of seeds.
  6. I’ll make sure you get some of that, as well as some of the other pheno so you can compare them.
  7. No tunes bro, I could have turned off all the fans and made it eerie quiet....maybe sneaked in a ghost face somewhere
  8. It’s cooled down a bit out here, 92 today, and 90s for the next 10 days or so. But it does drop into the 60s at night, so fairly easy to get the house cooled down. All you with the heat wave coming through...take care, stay hydrated and water them plants. Stay safe.
  9. I haven't decided yet. But I'd imagine I will keep something going, got another 8 weeks before the 2nd NaPali Pink will be ready for chop, and 3 empty octopots... lol
  10. They are still mostly clear, but turning amber quick. I should have turned off the LEDs, I will try and get some more pics with just white light.
  11. So, finally able to get some close up pics of the Silverfields and G39... you will need to zoom in a bit to see the amber
  12. I was talking about training...lol....the Mohaw x Lemon Fantasy is doing its job. oh yeah, once the NP starts growing, she won stop. She will need a net, her branches aren’t going to hold the weight of the buds. I think I want to try and grow her natural. Her main stalk is massive, I bet with just one man cola, it would be a baseball bat, and just as heavy.
  13. I had that on my first grow with SF and KB. Both plants had a really good growth spot and both had a below average spot. I was racking my brains trying to figure it out. Figured it out while looking at everything from underneath. Those less quality spots were all on the lowest branch, the best spots were from the highest branch. I must have moved my light 15 times thinking that was it. Just happened lower branches on both plant happen to be in the same spot on the screen.
  14. Hey Jet, when training those, let those bottom branches come up a bit....get them even or just a hair higher than the upper ones. That will help all four branches grow equally. Not real noticeable till later when you can’t figure out why one half/quarter of the plant looks worse/better than the other.
  15. That’s a lot of Mylar.....very nice room and plants
  16. Wow bro, you are making more killer strains......put me down for a pack of each....all your gear has been awesome.
  17. Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy by @Mr Goodfellow...... Small lower bud that got broken while moving things around. Break it up, roll it up, smoke it up
  18. Out of likes.....damn nice plants Jet. Keep up the good work.
  19. Too bad they softened up on you. Maybe try and put them in the oven at a really low temp for a bit to dry them out just a bit more, let cool then seal them up. That ma help. No issue with rain and humidity here out west....averaging 90F and <10% humidity. Yesterday I took a piss off the deck and it evaporated before it hit the ground....lmao.
  20. yes, that RB looks like it’s all GM....we shall see how she smokes... Not getting a lot of smell from either of them, well from anything in the room really. I’d say the G39 has the strongest in the room, a little funky, but she lets ou know when you get close to her.
  21. Picture Blast day 46 of 12s. Mini cup challenge...still mini All the rest are labeled
  22. Wow bro, looks fantastic. Those little mini cup ones are looking great too. Much better than my two little ones. I came up with the mini cup challenge...and have the sorriest looking plants of all of us....,hahahaha.....good luck bro.
  23. Not too sure about yield as far as weight goes...she is big, but pretty loose buds on her. We will have to see if they bulk up much. I will try and get some better pics today. Yeah bro, 1st time running it. I wish I had the other pheno in the Octos to get a real comparison, it definitely has tighter bud structure. I will include pics of all the RB I have going. I have a lot of pics to take today.....Need to get some trich pics of the girls that are turning amber so I can get all your opinions on if they look like close to harvest. Thanks all
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