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  1. Damn nice scene you have there Shoe,
  2. The moms are looking good. The other screen is full, haha, just wait..it gets better.
  3. This mornings pic is not at my house, a friends place. I don’t have that many pine trees on m property, they are just a couple of miles away. But that Caddy Shack pic is right on with what I have going on with the ground squirrels. I will have to grab my camera and take a few shots of the evil bastards. We also have rock chucks (yellow bellied marmot) out here, they get real big, 8-12 lbs and 2ft long. Rock chucks will leave holes big enough to lose a small dog in. I dont have them at my house, but a friend of mine has a shit load of them. Here is an internet pic of one. These are almost harder to get rid of than ground squirrels.
  4. That’s some funny shit. To definitely gives smoother hits than anything else I’ve tried. Almost like you are not getting anything. But you will surely know three 8 sec hits is quite a bit. Lol Hahaha, yep decarbed bud. That’s the taste. It actually doesn’t bother me. Your weed may be too wet. I’ve noticed total dry worked best in the original Pax for retaining the flavor. Also, half filled oven has a better weed flavor IMO. So you have not tried rosin in it yet. That’s what I really wanted to try in it, concentrates. I think I will try some dry sift first, I should have plenty in the bottom of the grinder. I also have some oil to put into it. I will be sure to let you know how I like it. And you are going to get a few cuts, just have to let the girls grow a bit more before starting to chop on them.
  5. Thought I’d update this. The PAX original somehow got stuck closed and I can’t open it. I really liked using it, but without being able to turn it on and use it, it’s as useful ass a rock. Well, a pretty rock. But it was free, so I can’t wine. So I tased with my friend and she talked with the PAX Rep that she knows. The rep said toss the old one in the trash, and look what I have...a brand new PAX 3. Uses dry herb as well as concentrate. Woot woot. I love free shit....especially $300 free shit. Im out of town today, but will give it a try tonight and let you know what I think of it.
  6. I have literally thousands of ground squirrels. They make giant holes where the horses get injured stepping in them. Them and the jack rabbits. Damn rodents are taking over. Tree squirrels, chipmunks and cotton tails all get to live.
  7. I had spring the week before last, 75-85 F for a week. Then this crap, for two weeks. The temps will be back up in the 80s again soon then I will be in summer heaven
  8. Well my veggie garden is gone, damn ground squirrels. They ate every last thing. I’ve been shooting them daily, I stopped counting at 20 kills shots. Didn’t slow them down a bit. Also, we got snow last night. Just a few inches, but mid May damn. Pic is a couple hours after it stopped.
  9. Yeah, hope they are not all he-she’s. The top right corner is Silverfields and the bottom right is G39. Both have nice open structure. I only removed a few lower leaves, probably didn’t need to take any. Should be some nice buds on them. Yes, I cloned all three. The first that got pulled didn’t show pistils, but that was a week ago. I will be keeping a close eye on the girl. Hope it stays ball free. So far it looks good.
  10. Here are a few pics of the boy clones, the Sultana has balls and pistils. The RB is the 2nd pic.
  11. Ok, I'm at day 60 of veg. I'm flipping them on Monday. Had to chop 2 more males this morning, one Sultana and one Rhino Blood. Looks like the room is officially boy free. Another pic after removing a bunch of fan leaves I am down to 13 girls in reg pots. And here are the octopots, I tying and twisting the Pinks around a bit. I want to see how they like bondage. and last but not least, Rhino Blood sex????
  12. Wow bro. Not too much more needs to be said about those girls. Beautiful.
  13. Man, I haven’t been posting much over the last few days. I’ve been lurking, but never really post when using my phone except for pics. I’ve been pretty busy on the road taking care of family stuff. Any how, I was going to flip my room on Monday, but the weather is changing and we are getting almost 2 weeks of cold. 50*F will be the highs here for a while. Forecast says a foot of snow over the next couple of days. So moving the octopots out of the room is a no go for now. Also, I’ve been on an anti-squirrel mission in the veggie garden. Bastards think I planted a bunch of food for them. 9 down in the last 2 days. About every hour I look out the window and see them chewing away, I jump, grab the gun and head for the door. I think they have a look out or something. They disappear before I can get them in the cross hairs. They have eaten almost all my Brussels Sprouts, and lettuce. Plucked 1 squash out of the ground to die in the sun. Maybe I will go full auto on their asses. I bent the 2nd NaPali Pink over and it’s looking good. Can’t wait for these girls to kick in and start blowing up. I got clones to cut and really want to get some bud.... I will get some pics soon, take care all, happy grows
  14. Damn, it’s looking good in there. Them girls are tall, and may be a little difficult to manage soon. But the yields should make you a very happy grower. MrG, yeah, I flipped mine a lot sooner. Almost from seed, 2-3 weeks from showing their heads above soil. They do need a decent veg to really show what they can yield.
  15. As usual, I agree with Gardenartus. Use 95% ethanol for the extraction. The resulting oil can be used orally or infuse your MCT, butter, honey, etc. I have only decarbed prior to extraction, but plan on doing it after on my next run. Gardenartus makes some very potent oil, follow her instructions and you will be very happy.
  16. Chaos would be awesome, a headache but awesome. I cant wait to see how they look in 2 weeks.
  17. great sounding strain. Looks like this Cali guy has some work to do finding legit seeds at a price that wont give me a heart attack.
  18. Zip Ties work just like mini tent stakes. They do very well while the plants are till small. As the plants get bigger, they will start pulling them out of the soil. then use wire, twist ties etc. Many of my pots have holes drilled around the top for tying off to. Or a zip tie tucked under the pot and tie off on the hook works well also. I bet I have close to a hundred zip ties premade in a pot.
  19. Papas Punch is looking very good. On the screen, I think you can flip now. You can still tuck them if needed for a week while they start to stretch. I think you will be very happy with the results, it will get crazy in there after a couple of weeks of flower......woot woot
  20. We have a good population here. But I hear you. Every time I walk by my fruit trees, sounds like the whole thing is humming. Wasps, all them evil fookers can die....lol
  21. I messaged Sannie, and waiting for a yay or nay. I believe I remember a no guns policy, not sure if that covers other types of devices. Normally a use a “better ask for forgiveness than permission policy”, if a mod was to delete it without it being specified in the forum rules I’d be cool, but you know how people get. No need to have an internet argument over a mod trying to do the right thing.
  22. That’s awesome. A remote tank that shoots BBs. I would have a ball playing with that thing. I have a cannon being made right now that shoots golf balls. I’d upload a video of me firing one made by the guy making mine, but I think it might be against forum rules. Guess I can ask a mod to see if its OK.
  23. Every day there is obvious growth. Mine should really be showing off soon also.
  24. The pasture next door was plowed and planted last fall. It is just starting to grow. I was going to have mine done, but the guy wasn’t able to make it before the weather turned. The new neighbors and I decided to open the fence so their horses could come eat. mows my grass and saves them money on feeding. A win win for all.
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