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  1. Hi Hamme. Looks like the AH is still strong.....great work bro.
  2. Hello Angel... probably just going with some SiFi Blaze this run....it grows great in 12s from seed. Maybe start a second run in a few weeks, and give it some veg time. Pretty much just need some jars filled.. some short flower autos would be the ticket right now, but this guy hasn’t grown an auto....maybe I’ll pick up a few packs of auto fems for future times like this...lol
  3. What’s up beach? The grow is looking great bro. Loving that PHK....
  4. What’s up everyone? I made it home, no more work for me, was expecting to be home a few weeks ago, but shit never seems to work out as planned. Had two days of nice weather and woke up to 3 inches of snow...I was hoping winter was done this year. Damn it. Still no grow going, I should get some seeds in the dirt within the next few days. Start them in a tent and push them into flower, 12/12 run this round. Got to get the stash stocked back up....the Cozz crib is dry....haven’t been smoking while away and the wife cleaned me out...lol. no worries, stopped and picked up some store bought bud....man, shit seems to be getting worse all the time. Dry, over trimmed crap....why is it dispensary bud seems to last 30 minutes and leave a headache....total crap... missed you all. I’ve peaked in now and then, but way too busy. Money was right, but 16 hour days take a toll when you have been retired for almost 7 years....suits and meetings....finally get to wear some jeans and my white sneakers...lol good to be back.........
  5. Your still killing it Hamme.... that last haul looks awesome bro
  6. Looks great bro....that PHK is damn nice, well done
  7. What’s up everyone. I’ve been busy and away from home since early December. Still gone and hopefully make it back by the middle of next month. we had more power outages and freezing weather .... lost the whole grow... Finally got my iPad so I should be able to check in and say hi a little more often. Got to go through the threads and see what all I’ve been missing out on. Hope all has been well for everyone.
  8. I’m still around....just only got the phone while I’m out of town...I hate typing on my phone. LED in the winter won’t cut it up here. Not without running a heater...good job adding the 600w, much better to add light for the heat...heaters are more expensive and don’t feed the plants.
  9. Welcome to Open Grow Spunk
  10. I’ll be dropping some C99 beans again after the first of the year. None of the ones I dropped last run grew. I got to grow this...thanks shoe
  11. Mixing everything in a bucket with just your largest mesh bag works well. It makes it a little easier to agitate the ice, water and bud without beating up the bags. Let all the good stuff fall into the bottom of the bucket. Then stack your desired bags in a separate bucket, pour all the material from the bucket through your bags.
  12. For 90 mesh, that is pretty green, looks like the plant was worked to much.... I save everything from my 220, 120 and 73 mesh bags. The 220 has some green, both 120 and 73 are tan and yield the most. I keep the 220, figure why toss it, it may not be quality hash, but it’s definitely mostly trichomes, and I don’t complain about green in my bud...lol.. here are pics of my last wash, Rhino Blood from the OctoPot. close up 73, about a 1/3 of it is gone...the wife likes topping off a bowl with a chunk. close up 120 and last the 220, you can see the small plant particles in there, but overall, nothing wrong with adding this to a joint
  13. Very nice harvest bro. Lots of fine looking bud....that should keep you smoking for a few days....lol
  14. Well, quick update. Looks like I have them doing better. Still have a ways to go for them to be growing proper, but they are finally going in the right direction. Left - SiFI Blaze, middle - Kmix, Right- AH 3 Goji 3 Silverfields 2 Goji 3 RPP x Chem Dog left - SiFi Blaze, right BG x SD back - HK x SD, front left - SFG x LF, front right RPP SOLO CUPS, left going clockwise, the 4 plants I had up in the woods...lol...2 SF, 2 NP...not sure what’s what. Then the other 4 are goji and an SF in the mini dwc No octopots yet this run.. With the weather, lighting problems and power going out, just figured I’d finish this run in regular pots. Maybe I will put one of the goji into an OctoPot into the tent for a scrog.
  15. Back home again after a few days, went into the room.....damn it.....the timer must be failing. It’s still set for 6 hours of dark, but all the plants are in full bloom. Both my HKxSP are full of balls, they got tossed into the shop... almost every other plant is throwing pistils. Only 2 are not showing sex. Ive had timers fail before, but they either stay on or stay off. This timer seems to be working and the power outages shouldn’t be enough to start flower. But full blown flower means the plants are not getting light..going’s to the store today to buy a couple more timers. Still have some more transplanting to do. This is going to go down as the Cozz’s worst grow.
  16. Justcozz


    Wow, nice grow. Buds are looking great bro.
  17. He’s hanging out at the other spot. I jump over now and then, but I’m not real exited about that place. No reason, just has a different feel. Maybe it will grow on me.
  18. Sweet, hope the flavor gets better for you..... My seedling didn’t make it, I need to drop some more. This grow is going really slow for me. I’m so busy lately, It’s hard to find time to get in the room. Still have several cuts and seedling that need up potting. That’s what sucks about living in a rural area, always going out of town for something. Leave for two days to find out the power is out at home, besides light, the girls need their heat...they always look like crap when I get back. Almost thought of ditching this grow and start over in January, but too much invested. It won’t be a show stopper, but it will produce some buds. PG&E needs to get their crap together. For years they put off cleaning and clearing their power lines, now they want to blame everyone else that they couldn’t keep their lines clear.
  19. @Mr Goodfellow As long as you can seal off the basement from the outdoors, it will regulate and should maintain a decent temp. The ground is a great insulator. A couple of fans will also help. A pellet stove may be a bit much, they put out a lot of heat...they also dry the hell out if the air, you will need to keep a container of water on it to keep some moisture. I’d check on getting a gas heater...propane or natural.....they are easier to regulate the heat and add moisture and co2 back to the environment. Don’t know if you have gas service at your place, but adding on an additional appliance is pretty easy
  20. It will raise the temps quite a bit. Added benefit, all the excess heat will radiate into the house.
  21. Finally snapped some pics, got a few up potted, and most of the clones into cups. I over fed them, but they will be fine in a few more days...although the light green does look kinda cool along the edges of the fan leaves. Got two LEDs and the MH on full power. Speaking of power...it went out last night for about 5 hours...temps in the room dropped to 46. Rolling blackouts are going to hurt, hope it ends soon. It will be difficult to have nice plants when the power company can get their shit together.
  22. That’s a tough one. Infuse peanut butter. They can put it on veggies, crackers etc. make sammiches....and peanut butter is good at hiding the taste.
  23. Looking good, they are healthy again! Great job, now time to see them buds swell......
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