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  1. Good luck with that. Oh how many times I've told myself that. I know better know... I either got it and I smoke it or I don't got it and I don't. There ain't no in between.
  2. Yeah I don't go by a lot of the extremists complaining about NGR because they are mixed up with the cali scene I guess and I don't trust that scene at all. I would have avoided all together except dynasty kept reuping with them so I figured...they gotta be kosher right? Well, the beans I got just seemed old. I mean I could get them to pop but they didn't pop like no beans from a reputable shop, and they didn't pop like dynasty seeds I am familiar with, and they were just very slow and unwilling to go and just sat there for ever. I gave them every opportunity to the nth degree, I don't know what to think to be honest but I won't be going another round until I start to hear consistently good things. I just thought the whole thing was odd the way it all happened... it was just odd. the beans seemed old too. Hopefully it all gets worked out and I feel comfortable ordering again.
  3. I go in and out of habituation all the time. At the moment I'm going clean like you mr dirt. Not by choice though. Been 3 days and I'm starting to get over the cravings. Usually takes me 5 days to over the cravings but after a few weeks I always find myself saying something like "Christ I need a smoke." hahaha. Basically this time around my crater lakes didn't work out but by coincidence my buddy had some decent smoke. I hit that daily for a few weeks and now I'm dry and got the kid around all the time and my wife hates it when I smoke daily...anyway. One time I was applying for a job with security clearance and had to pee test. I stopped for only 7 days before the test and was really quite worried about the whole thing. I just knew I would come up pos. and then get fired. This was like 15 years ago ... anyway I got PASSED! surprised the shit out of me. I just said thanks and never looked back.
  4. Alright so...with new ph pen, bulbs, and soil I got 9 out of 20 come up. Three with hemet head, three with deformities, which I didn't like. I normally get 8/10 so take that as you want. I will be cutting my losses until I see otherwise unfortunately. Stick to what I know works...
  5. My first thought was cheese. Have you thought about soliloqueen? white widow and skunk type plants in general.
  6. It's true but we shouldn't focus on the bad I guess, that's a personality flaw that gets me from time to time. There is just as much good we could focus on so the real is just figure it out for yourself and at this point just realize you will be robbed from time to time but most of the time I have good experiences. Just don't spent money you can't lose. Sannies is the most honest people I ever came across in this biz but I still lose one once in a while from the shop too, and I don't order much. Most of the time, in my experience it's the Californians that cause problems so I do have a bias against them in general. They are the only people I ever met that will start a war over a little weed.
  7. Update: Just wanted to add that the first one I put in the dirt came up today, so that's average and a good sign I think.
  8. Personally I think the canna scene is full of shady activity and people trying to take each other down (usually comes from california). There are a whole lot of grown ass people out there that never grew beyond their corner slinging teenager years. They should still be slinging horse and bad e to teenager girls but because of the quasi legalization going on they have found a home in the canna scene. I say stay out of it and use your head and don't judge until you have your own experience to judge on. Really, it's non of our business unless we get screwed in the process, and like I said I never buy anything I'm not prepared to lose. It's not the old days. It's a brand new world out there. Be smart about what you do...but not paranoid. Common sense is your friend. Sorry, that was a rant that I don't think really answered the question...I think there was a problem at some point and then they took to the net to air their garbage in front of everyone, but this NGR guy was smart and stayed out of it from what I can tell. That tells me something about the guy.
  9. Well, after 12 hours soak in some correctly ph'd water and a little H2O2 there are signs of tails. I have removed them from the soak and placed them in dirt. I am pretty confident that the beans are viable and I can say I have had a very nice experience my first time around with NGR. I will take another chance with this distributor in the future. I was treated well and everything happened as it should. It took a little longer than I expected to get in transit but now that I know it won't worry me next time. I can't flat out recommend anybody on a public forum until I have more experience with them but I will go back again.
  10. Environment is the key. They like a constant.
  11. I use sponge pots and have experience with dynasty. The post is me trying to put something out their for NGR that doesn't have an agenda. Just strait reporting my experience is all. I don't panic because I don't pay for anything I'm not prepared to lose. I just found that when I went looking for info on NGR there was a lot of canadrama and not many trust worthy sources. I didn't know what to think. Maybe the next guy will find this useful.
  12. Thanks for the info man. My new ph pen showed today so i will do a little gardening tonight and will know soon. I get the impression that all is good, but there is some kind of breeder war going on. Probably those California guys is my guess. This is my first time with NGR and I wasn't sure what to expect but I trust dynasty so I don't think he would have re upted his stash if it was no good. I will find out soon enough. I just wanted some kind of honest and unbiased experience on the net for folks to reference. edit: since it was here and I was here I just did a calibration of my old pen and it was like...way, way, wayyyyyyy off. To the point it couldn't be calibrated. hahaha. I kind of suspected. Armed with this info I will start round two of crater lake and see what comes of it. More later.
  13. So I have an NGR experience to report.This might be a long post so stick with me a second. I wanted some Crater Lake. I saw it...mulled it over for a while. @ 6+ a seed it's hitting my limit of what I normally spend for my micro death cab. I looked all over the place on info on him and got the usual cannabis forum drama and run around where half the people vouched and half the people said scam. The only way to know was to take a chance. I emailed the guy and told him I was thinking about ordering and he got back right away and answered my email...cool. So one day I saw that there was a special on the dynasty and you get some extra freebies and I popped and hit the buy button. From where I'm situated it should take no time at all to get the package...like two days travel tops. Two days after I ordered I get a notification saying the purchase went through and that the package had shipped. All's good. four days later and no package so I go check and the tracking number says it hasn't been shipped yet. OOPS. I've heard it's only one guy trying to handle things and it was a big weekend where he is... a lot going on, I figure he had too much going on and put the package down and walked away. No big if he follows up. No reply but next thing I know the package is in transit...cool. So the package shows and everything looks kosher to me. I don't know what the dynasty packaging is like these days but it was heat sealed and had an official dynasty logo on it so I'm cool. Looks like the dynasty beans I get from the shop, so I'm cool He even threw in some really nice freebies I am looking forward to. I'm thinking ... cool. I will go another round sometime and let peeps know my experience. So I have thrown down 4 beans in the dirt and nothing has popped...uh oh. I go and look out of curiosity and his site is gone... uh oh. Now, I'm not trying to start some drama here...I'm giving the guy every benefit of the doubt here. I don't know this guy, I don't know the breeders trying to take him down and I don't care to...yet. The guy could be in the hospital or something. I am wondering if my ph pen is off or dead..it's been around a while. I ordered a new ph pen and some ph7 to double check myself. I'm going to make a little cup with some water and see if the beans will sprout tails. I'll also set up a wet paper towel situation to run a comparison. I just want to see if anything will sprout tails at this point. If anything sprouts tails I will report back here. I don't know any of these people and I'm not trying to start drama I'm just reporting my experience for others.
  14. Nice of you to revisit this thread. What I am discovering is that you have to compost any high nitrogen material well before use. So dumping coffee grounds right into the mix is sometimes no good but cooked seems to be good and coffee grounds make excellent worm food. It depends on the situation and soil at hand. Most high nitrogen things need to be cooked well tho I think before use, like chicken shit and dog poop and such. I know shroomers use coffee grounds cause they are high in calcium tho so that's another plus I would think.
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