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  1. I never remember how to post on this site... could be the meds. Post pictures***r
  2. Hello everyone. Im having a problem with a strain im growing at the moment (ICE white widow x skunk) everything else in the garden is fine other then the ICE. They are about 5 weeks in flower and the the leaves towards the top of the plant are yellowing with brown spots and eventually curl upwards. The PH of my soil is about 7 as i amend my soil with dolomite lime. Ive been feeding my plants at a PH of 6.5-7 and i have tried to fluctuate it thinking i may have a PH issue but that hasnt worked. I use guanos as a top feed up to about week 4 of flowering and supplement with Mother Earth Grow and Bloom. The deficiency is really starting to progress and im getting worried.... any ideas. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  3. Heres the mix i use and i haven't found anything better yet.... Sunshine or pro mix (Bale) Premier Bio Max Shrimp Compost (Bag) Premier Bio Max Seaweed Compost (Bag) Happy Frog (Bag) Fox Farm Planting Mix (Bag) Fox Farm Ocean Forest (Bag) Top feed with guanos. You can find a feeding schedule for top feed or guano tea from SUNLEAVES. I like to top feed at 1/2 rate with guanos and water every other time with my humboldt organic nutes at half strength works well... a few of my buddies are using the same system except one is using age old in place of humboldt and the other is just top feeding.... we are all having GREAT results.
  4. I just recently purchased the humboldt organic line and the plants are LOVING it! Ive never seen plants get so beastly in my life... i use this in conjunction with fox farm soil and it seems to do the job well. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  5. Hello everyone im an organic grower but i got a bug up my ass and bought an ebb and grow hydroponic system. Everything was going very nicely for about three weeks until a couple days ago... i think its root rot because the buckets werent draining like they were supposed to and when i cleaned the resevoir it had a god awful smell!!! Now 4 out of the 24 plants look really unhealthy severe drooping and overall unhappiness... is their anyway i can clear this up or should i start over??? Please help me!!! Thanks. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  6. mbeezy

    hello you

    Hello caine good to have you around. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  7. Very nice Joker. Im interested in this grow as i grow organic and hydro but ive never did them together. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  8. I would have to agree with everyone on this one... ive grown cheeseberry indoors and tied her down needless to say she was a beast. Cheeseberry is a very good strain and probably will be the most productive before the frost hits. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  9. Hey hiwatt just wanted to let you know how great your grow is looking. I just switched to Humboldt myself I use their 3 part for hydro and their organic line for my soil room. Bloody expensive! Haha. I'm also using gravity and snowstorm. Do you have any pointers on the Humboldt line? Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  10. I apologize to everyone for the way I acted yesterday to this topic. I'm sorry for being a complete asshole their is no excuse for my actions. That was so unlike me and Im sincerely apologetic. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY- P.S. let the best name win!
  11. mbeezy

    Cheese Please

    Thanks Guys.... I appreciate your help and your non biased opinion Biggs- where could I find theses two breeders? Do they deliver to the u.s.?
  12. mbeezy

    Cheese Please

    I already have cheeseberry from esko and its amazing probably one of my favorites.... but I was looking for that raw cheese. The one I have is good decent yield but has more of sweet grape smell. Its also likes to grow horizontally and fold over. Maybe the pheno I had? I did notice that cheeseberry had better overall formation and bud structure.
  13. mbeezy

    Cheese Please

    hey i was wondering what breeder has the best cheese? I have GHS cheese and its alright... but nothing like ive been hearing and the GHS cheese grew like a damn vine. Any input is welcome. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
  14. Peoples kush, the real deal, sannies kush, the blessing, true bliss, mean green, Just seen your list clepter and all I have to say is wow?! LOL! What makes you tick Haha
  15. I'm with hiwatt on this one those buds look very flavor packed. Looks like they will also give you plenty of gear. Thanks for the peak. Have fun and be safe. -BEEZY-
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