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  1. Thanks Hillcrest i was looking at canna bio today looks good. I have some clay here I will add to coco.Thanks for links and info.
  2. Lol well my first grow i winged it using hydroton in ebb & flow.Went with coco this grow grow Because weather is too hot here.
  3. Hey opengrow Its time for me to start another grow & i thought i Would try canna coco I have already made a mistake i put seeds straight into 1lt pots of coco But the good news is 4 x moonwalker kush have germed. I was advised only to put 4 plants in a 4 x 4 tent under 600watts I not realy sure When to start feeding them.But will be potting up into 10ltr smart pots or 11lt Airpots with canna coco pro plus with some Ecothrive charge & some perlite and great white Nutrients are gh flora series & some regen a root I an not confident i can do this but i am going to give it a go If there is any info you can help a new grower out with I Would appreciate it a lot Thanks Amaalza. I will post pics soon
  4. great looking setup all the best with your grow
  5. AmaAlza


    very nice buds
  6. thank you for the info,Spacecake I flushed last week with ec 0.2 adnd I used hps to the end of flower herb bone dry was 17.5oz so I would say this first grow was excellent result
  7. I agree with misterdirt raise your temp a few degrees
  8. I would like to add spliff seeds snow white.but I would take it 9 weeks.and I have just ordered some kosher kush.only thing is I read she stretches big time...
  9. hey everyone sorry for the late update. well my Spliff seeds snow white grow is finshed.. all I can is WOW this stuff hits you hard full on body stone excellent strain I took them 8 weeks because I had landlord in doing work.here are some pics
  10. Welcome to the forum. I am new here myself and like the sound of your Grow.best of luck with it...
  11. Thinking about my next grow...

  12. Thanks for the link I will be using these for sure.
  13. Thanks everyone for the replys & info. I am week 5 into flower.& I can't stop Going into the tent for a look.lol I luv watching these plants grow it's Amazing I have been doing a lot of reading up on my hydro system And I have made a few mistakes. I didn't put cover on table to keep it dark and humid So roots would grow bigger. The 2 bubblegum plants I have are for taking cuttings For my next hydro run.so I need to read up on cloning Cheers AmaAlza...
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