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  1. The machine is kinda rough, so i think i can try for 5 minutes the first round.
  2. The Amnesia Haze plants are in the sixth week of flowering. This week i gave them pk 13/14. See you!
  3. You stir only five minutes? Okay! I'll try that next round too.
  4. I can hardly imagine that the machine designed to stir the hash with, would have a clock on board with too much time or stir too hard. I set it to 15 minutes the first time (which is the longest you can stir) then for the second run to 10 and the third to five. In between those runs i sieve the water with pollen through the bags. first through the 220 micron working bag, than through the 90 micron bag and last through the 35 micron bag, which should contain the bubble that makes it worth the trouble.
  5. This is how i go to work too, with the exception that i use a machine to stir sold by the same polinator company.
  6. That looks tasty Justcozz! I have the ice-o-lator washing machine but maybe 15 minutes is too long. Or the plant material was not of the best quality? I'll try some more.
  7. It turned greener than expected after night, which confuses me, since i sieved it with 90 micron and collected it with a 35 micron bag!
  8. This is the haul from 100 grams of waste. I tossed everything above 90 micron. I can hardly wait for it to dry!
  9. Mayday, mayday! My weed resources are running out! But i still have some waste laying in the fridge! That's why I bought a 90 micron ice-o-lator bag, which should arrive tomorrow or the day after and sieve out the bubble hash. Like a wise man said: if it don't bubble it ain't worth the trouble!
  10. Wow, they are gorgeous Jet!
  11. The Lemon Haze seedlings on soil are doing fine. It's obvious that different phenotypes have different nutriment needs, but a bit of yellowing out it no biggy to me. I removed lots of leafs earlier today. This 18 liter pot is full to the top. Imagine how much light those leafs would have took!
  12. I gave them 24/0 light because i have't got a spare timer and the plants will be moved to the flowering room when they matured. But i don't see any advantages. That they grow when 'sleeping' sounds a bit awkward to me, since my plants have grown without rest. Thanks for your visit!
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