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  1. The harvest is dry. It's 750 grams. So almost 1 gram per watt.
  2. Today the 20th of September i commenced another grow of twelve Amnesia Haze cuts on soil. Everything is the same as my previous Amnesia grow, except now it's 800 watts of Samsung led strips instead of 1200 watts of hps. Since i've grown this strain a couple of times before, i am curious to see how it yields with led.
  3. The fifty-fourth day of flowering. The most recent watering i gave them only acidified water (pH 5.5) and they are already entering the final stages! Time flies when you're having fun! And might i add i find it quite alright, to note there's not a spider-mite in sight! Bye!
  4. The forty-fourth day of flowering. I poured 75 liters in the tray, pH 5.4 and Ec 1.2. Since i leave the water in the tray for the plants to drink, i keep the pH lower then i would watering from the top because it runs up. Anyway, enough talking, here come the pictures!
  5. The fifty-third day of flowering. Today i harvested the first six of the twelve plants. Since the rest can go a mile longer i'll let them. I've seen a lot of these today and they are rock hard, so color me a happy smoker! The other six plants will be harvested soon.
  6. Thank you Paps! I am glad that only pouring seventy-five liter of water with nutriment in the tray and leave it there for the plants to drink seems to work! I'm always looking for a way of growing that takes the least maintenance and this current method suffices quite well.
  7. Thanks for the replies! @ Misterdirt, sleeping beauties don't make such good pictures!
  8. The forty-sixth day of flowering. Time for the weekly update. Well, six days since the last update i see now. The plants are still very thirsty so i let them drink. Here come the pictures. Bye, bye!
  9. The thirty-fifth day of flowering. Since i'm growing three different strains in the same leaking tray, it's inevitable that some yellow out a bit. In this case it's the Super Shiva Skunk. Every four to five days i fill a tank with seventy-five liters of water, add pH minus until i reach pH 5.5. Since i leave the water in the tray and the pH runs up, i go a little lower then i go when watering from the top. After that i add Floranova bloom until the Ec is 1.3. Then i pour the water in the leaking tray and i am done!
  10. I put the cuts from the best performing Stardawgs outside because they were infected with spider-mites and some are too good to toss. After some heavy rain, wind and some cold nights i took cuts from two of the three clones this morning. They appear to be clean but i put them into quarantine anyway for a couple of days. Every day i inspect the leaves until i am sure they are clean.
  11. Beautiful plants Mistedirt and they bloom way quiker then my current run from seed did with three weeks and five days. But no complaints, since they are up to par now! Far as i am concerned about the seed vs clones discussion, both have their pro's and cons but most of all: both roads lead to Rome! What i like so much about clones is that they are the same height, you know when they're ready and you don't have to worry about hermaphrodites. And as a smoker you know what you get. It's like ordering your favorite food. The only con is clones are prone to pests, but seedlings are too! If you start clean and check your clones daily for bugs, you should be fine. I've been struggling with bugs for a long time and now i check my clones every day, sometime two times a day! When i i find something that looks fishy, the cut gets put in quarantine and if i find any bugs i remove them with my fingertip and flush with water. The next day i check again and repeat if needed. Good luck with your first clone round! Hope you can stay bug free!
  12. I have a heater in the led room too, now during summer to keep humidity at an acceptable level. I noticed it was much higher then with hps and i like it low. And i agree that the plants need a certain warmth to build thick dense buds!
  13. Those are the freebees Papalag, i like how they are building! The fortieth day of flowering. I used white balance to cut out the led light. Makes the pictures look better i think. The three freebees in the back will most likely take longer to finish then the nine Stardawgs. See you next week!
  14. Yes the good shit as usual. Stick to peppers, dickhead.
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