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  1. Haven't been around much lately but too bad to see you go @smilestyle i'll miss you in my topic. Maybe we'll meet again!
  2. About five days have passed since i took the pictures above. This is how they look now. I gave each of the plants 1.7 liters of water with Biosevia grow (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) which i poured into the crates. Easy does it right? Hydrogrowing can be very low of maintenance, just tag along and i will show you! The humidity is higher then desirable, but in this stage of the grow no biggie. Bye, bye now!
  3. Howdy folks, long time no see! I commenced a grow on rock-wool big-blocks under 650 watts of cob ledpower. The nine Amnesia Haze clones are in the first week of flowering. And that's all the news, see ya!
  4. Yes @gardenartus and never any lesser pheno's amongst the bunch! One knows the date when it's time to harvest. Clones are the coolest if you think about it!
  5. @Misterdirt If it came from @JetDro than it is indeed the same clone that i often have grown. Edit: i see it was @hidronesia his cross. I personally never crossed anything being a dedicate clone grower.
  6. Looking very healthy. Some are a bit on the yellow side like you might have noticed too. But besides not being it my favorite color on the leaves of beautiful plants, certainly not with reds stems and unfortunately they tend to go hand in hand, experience taught me - and may i add that experience is my favorite teacher on earth - it is really not a biggy. Not at all. Some even say that yellow plants deliver the best. Different plants require different foods and i know you all know all of this and this is what happens when experienced growers cross paths. There ain't much to say besides that there ain't that much to say and sad as it may be i said it! Nice first clone only grow, no turning back to seed if you ask me! Have a nice day @Misterdirt
  7. Funny you mention this, as indeed since i started using a machine my hash turns green. The first couple of times when i mixed the trim by hand, the quality of the bubblehash was just as good as shown by Coxnox in this thread. So i guess i better stop using this machine and see what happens. It is very demotivating to collect a nice amount of kief and seeing it turn green. With this helpful info you and Coxnox provided i can probably motivate myself to give it another go. I collected lots of trim after not making hash for a while.
  8. True. Ever since i got the bubble machine my hash turns green. So i stopped trying to make it since it was trash to smoke. I probably should stop using the machine.
  9. Thanks a lot! I think that not using fresh water every pull is what made my bubblehash so green.
  10. I am a bit confused here. If you sieve just once, but mix three times, where do you leave the remaining water after each mix?
  11. Sorry, but i don't understand what you mean.
  12. So you stir it 3 x 10 minutes and sieve it twice after that?
  13. Nice! Do you sieve it three times too?
  14. That looks incredible, how do you get it like that?
  15. Thank you @Sacred Plant Warrior let's say i take my hobby serious as a vet! You can read about the genetics of the clone i have here.
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