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  1. Five days later, this is how they look. Some are nice and other could have been bigger. Luckily there still is room for improvement otherwise growing might bore me. I am happy that i am finally switching to led during my next round. Remember her? TIme flies brothers and sisters! Peace out and see you soon!
  2. Wow that is a hell of a nugget! What strain is it?
  3. Amnesia is the strain you certainly need to grow at least every grow! And perhaps have one or two plants from another strain for the occasional change of flavor and as a reminder why you need to never change strains. But, that is my opinion and opinions are like voices we all have a different kind. I want to grow some Super Skunk again too and some Northern Light would be nice. Or perhaps Tripple Cheese?
  4. The user you left because of is already long gone. And if he isn't just point him out and i'll take care of it! Brother, you have to come back or did the Amnesia Haze make you forget who you ought to hang with?
  5. At the moment i am growing Amnesia Haze and i took cuts the last day of 24/0 or so. The 'mothers' are almost finished and then their offspring are rooted and ready to go! This way you don't need mothers, but you do need to smoke pounds of the same weed every darn day!
  6. Green tasting? Did you become the Hulk after a hit?
  7. Thanks! It is a very addictive strain to both grow and smoke!
  8. Here we are again. We're entering the final stages.... Luckily for me they are still fattening up and i am by no means in a hurry!
  9. Nice grow, you don't have to worry about a smoke in the near future!
  10. Looks outstanding! Even controlling the water temperature i see, very nice! A falling pH is indeed weird, calibrating your meter is always good but i suspect tossing the water down the drain is what will be needed and starting of with a fresh tank.
  11. Here's the weekly update again on my Amnesia Haze grow. About three more weeks to go.
  12. And here's the weekly update of my Amnesia Haze grow. So far so good! Peace.
  13. I harvested the Super Orange Glue plants which are lying in the nets as we speak and that's the truth! Growing this strain was fun and fairly easy, but keeping the plants from falling down was a challenge. They tend to stretch and if i were to grow them again i would switch quicker to 12/12. And i just might, who knows? Anyway, here are some harvest pics. And my jars aren't even empty yet! Peace out ya'll!
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