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  1. Hi Sunnyvale, long time no see, hope all is well! I'll ask the ladies if they have a room vacant for you!
  2. Thanks for stopping by! Don't exactly know what you mean with at the wall, but no it's from above. A veteran grower? Thanks but it's just a hobby that ran a little out of the hand like we say here in Holland. The cost of the lamp i can't recall, but i can assure you it was worth it!
  3. Nice! And, did he change the price of his product now that it's legal?
  4. Hamme Hydro

    Unsafe Website!

    Please identify yourself i cannot like your post.
  5. Three days ago. And tonight, the twelfth day of flowering. I still have to get dialed in with led. The plants hardly stretch so it's easy to switch too quick. But it's certainly worth the learning curve.
  6. I finished my first round Amnesia with 800 watts of ledstrips. The score was almost 1200 grams. The buds are rock-hard and people are asking for seconds. What leds did you use?
  7. I bought cobs too! In the bags are another six i was told.
  8. Not much time to update my phototopic but i am still growing with led. And still in soil too... But not hating on rock-wool at all, i still have some stacked up for future use.
  9. If you want to be paranoia go to a party with some anusholes in their car and smoke a pure joint of Amnesia.
  10. Today the 4th of December i commenced another Amnesia Haze grow. Everything is the same as before except this time there are eleven Amnesia Haze clones and two Afghani x Skunk seedlings that i planted together in one container. There won't be a journal, just some notes to self that may come in handy.
  11. Can't say Amnesia on soil tastes better or worse then grown on rock-wool. But i do think soil yields better. And some people do tell me they prefer the smell of my soil grown weed.
  12. Glad to know at least two still give a.... Still care! My 800 watts d.i.y. led yielded the following total grams: So with a led lamp of 800 watts i yielded 1178 grams of Amnesia (!!!) And with 1200 watts hps i yielded 900 grams... Seems clear to me which light is the winner.
  13. Nobody wants to know how much it was in comparison to hps?
  14. Here are some harvest pictures. Led has very much convinced me and i couldn't be happier!
  15. The 61th day of flowering. Since the plants started collapsing and seemed ready i harvested the first ten today. Zero mold, rock hard nuggets and almost no fluff. Two more plants to go tomorrow. The next twelve Amnesia Haze cuts are ready to go and since i plan on doing everything the same and there is not much interest, i won't keep a journal anymore. When the harvest is dry i will post the results in my final update and then i'm done. They say you're only as large as your last hit and this could very well be my biggest yet!
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