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  1. I still had twenty female R.P.P. seeds from Collie Weed laying in the fridge, so i decided today was the time to pop them. My motto is: when your grows are going bad, call Collie! And i also cut twenty something Amnesia Haze clones. I hope they will be rooted and ready when i finish my current R.P.P. x Chemdawg grow in three weeks.
  2. I hope there will be anything worth to harvest, because my current R.P.P. x Chemdawg grow does not look good! Probably worse than anything before, but the buds seem to develop so i will give them the ten weeks of bloom. I turned off one light and now it's 600 watts instead of 1200. One plant looks good, it is the one that was much smaller then the others in the beginning and i considered tossing it because of that. Luckily i didn't because it is probably the plant that will have to supply me with weed. And the jars are almost empty. But if worse comes to worse i'll quit for a few months.
  3. I trim wet, plant by plant immediately after i harvest. For the best result harvest one plant at a time, trim it and so on. I use flat blades, not those round ones. Not sure what you mean by the description. I haven't done any updates because the heat made my plants look like so much shit, i didn't even feel like taking pictures. If the harvest will be anything decent i will certainly take pictures of that. And my other grow with all of the different types of seeds i received from breeders was struck by the heat during early bloom, causing so much damage i had to abort that grow.
  4. Yes, the bud leave ratio is indeed very good, she doesn't need to be trimmed at all! I am almost out of my last Amnesia buds, but everytime i read your topic i have to smoke her!
  5. Jet's done a great job resurrecting those clones! By being able to pull that of he can make it happen for you to say that within a year. And i can honestly say i am smoking an growing Amnesia for half a decade and i have her in the bong as we speak. She never bores and frankly: most of the times i feel i ain't high, until i smoked me some of her. She's called Amnesia because she makes you forget all other strains easily.
  6. I am happy if you are happy bro! You can see some in full flower here on the sixth page of my album. I cannot post the links of those pics it seems.
  7. That is pretty amazing too! With tubelight or hps?
  8. I'm almost scared to give you a positive review, but impressive result!
  9. Okay, thanks for clearing that up.
  10. Looking good! I think that no till growing is a recipe for all types of pests, but i hope i am wrong!
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