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  1. Looking very good my friend, you sized them up pretty nicely! The more the merrier! But what hipster sneaked up in your grow room buddy?
  2. Today, the 23rd of April i switched the clock to 12/12 in the room of the twenty R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings and fourteen Amnesia Haze cuttings.
  3. Here's the weekly update of my three Amnesia and two Sugar Punch cuttings grow. They are in week eight of 12/12 and it seems as tho they can go another round or two. The Amnesia's are fattening up nicely, but the Sugar Punch plants seem to stay behind. Perhaps 1,5 liter per plant every other day still wasn't enough. However: the scale will have the last word. Lights on.
  4. And here they are, fourteen Amnesia Haze cuttings on four slabs! Soon as they catch on i switch the clock to 1212 which i probably already could have.... But decisions, decisions. Another 48 hours of veg probably won't hurt. And the new generation of R.P.P. x Chemdawgs are rooting. Aren't they lovely? Thanks for watching my show and peace!
  5. Today, on the 20th of April, i will commence another Amnesia Haze grow with the same genetics i've been using and cloning for ages. It will be 14 cuttings devided over four slabs (4/3/4/3). Here are the candidates. Even though i couldn't see any pests, i treaded the cuttings again two times with different insecticides. Happy 420 ya'll!
  6. Thanks a lot my friend! They ain't tables tho, the slabs are on the floor.
  7. Thank you my good friend and yes they are! Today i took two cuttings from each of the female R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings with the exception of a few laggards. The plan is to clone those later, hence the empty cubes. And after i was done i installed a net across the R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings through which i will be stringing the twigs. I think they can have a few more days of veg before i switch to 12/12. Certainly the laggard on the left!
  8. Nicely done my friend! Cloning in rock-wool is my favorite method! But wait a minute, what we're gonna do here is go back. How far are you going back? Way back, back into time. Drop an old-school beat. clickclickclick drumroll Hold your horses brother and don't get heated, how you gonna say another grow method completed?/ That sounds to me like you have cheated!/ i know you don't mean it, you must be weeded! Mark my word i'd like to see you try inert/ but for now i you only flowered weed in dirt! until you harvest some hydro don't say you understand/ Justcoz you rooted clones that could be men! Just joking, you know i like you!
  9. The R.P.P. x Chemdawg seedlings are doing fine. One or two are a bit behind but the others will fill up the gaps. I noticed that the slabs weren't fully saturated when i moved them to their final position. so the plants have been a bit thirsty which is good during veg. Nevertheless i cut some more holes in the cover of the slabs and flooded them. After pumping the remains back half the barrel was empty. I switched the Lumatek lamp to 750 watts. Soon i will install the net and switch to 12/12. And that's all the news!
  10. They look thirsty and hungry. I'd give them a good watering from the top with Ec 1.8 and pH 5.5. Assuming your environment and the rest is all locked down.
  11. That is most likely where it went wrong. When you place the cube on top off a moist suface the rock-wool dries out and the clone in it dies. That is why i bury my cubes into the slabs instead of planting them on top.
  12. Being able to buy clones in a store sounds like you are pulling my leg brother! Over here, today that is unthinkable! When a noob asks for clones in a grow shop they quiver! What a privilege you can buy them! How much are cuttings and how many can you buy? And do you have to id yourself when you make a purchase?
  13. A week later this is how the Amnesia and Sugar Punch cuttings look with the light out. Unfortunately they suffer a bit from spider-mites, but it's no biggie; i'll wash them post harvest. I still water them heavily and the floor is dry two days later, sometimes three. Soon as it is, i water them again. I do it by hand, mostly from the top this run. And i secured my Amnesia Haze genetics. The new generation and their offsprings are safe and sound in rock-wool cubes. I cut the offsprings yesterday and after 24 hours i remove the hood. Sometimes i rather not use a hood at all if they can handle it. Light on:
  14. What is all this talk about putting your grow rooms and tents down? You guys are obviously paranoid from all that weed you've been smoking!
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