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  1. Week five of flowering, the second day.
  2. Today it's the forth day of the forth week of flowering. We've passed the first half. Bye, bye!
  3. Tomorrow it's the first day of week four of 12/12. Nutriment is kept to a minimum and they seem to like it!
  4. Don't know if i could find the spirit to do it by hand. I already hate cutting a square foot of fluff, it's a terrible job. I can only imagine that trimming a room the size of yours must feel like a twenty-five to life sentence. Have you looked at the automated dry trimmers? I think you'll love them!
  5. Week three of flowering, the second day.
  6. I miscalculated, week three of flower starts tomorrow.
  7. Week thee of flowering, day four or five. E Easy does it! Bye, bye!
  8. Even though i am still silly for soil, i commenced another hydro grow today. 13 x Super Skunk x Afghani 5 x Northern light (bottom left) And 18 Amnesia Haze cuts. Later i will install a net across the canopy.
  9. Indeed impressive, a grow this size i can only dream of! But i can imagine how much work it must be, especially harvesting. When i still grew with hps, i often had fluff too, I've experimented with height of the lamp but it didn't help much.
  10. Tomorrow is the first day of week three of flowering and i am happy to see that the plants didn't stretch! No red stems, while i keep the nutriment as low as possible! I haven't gone over Ec 1.3!
  11. @Misterdirt no it's not my first. I use leds for almost a year now. @olsqueak Samsung F series and the room is 150 x 160 x 165 cm.
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