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  1. Yeah, JustCozz, you probably want me to supply all Open Grow with Amnesia Haze just to hear that hydro weed is shit!
  2. Yeah bro, it is that good! Soon as my current Amnesia grow is done and dried (which is soon) you'll get to try it too!
  3. If the ones that survived were not together, then you have them both and that was the idea buddy!
  4. Nice job Jet, the clone only Amnesia Haze has crossed the pond!
  5. I do like fun and games but i have had some very bad experiences with growers from the Dutch side of this forum whom i helped that turned on me for no reason (and that is all i am willing to say about it). So, i am always prepared for people to change like the weather. It's nothing personal!
  6. Nasty hydro shit? You are the one growing on poop, not me. I've grown her organically before i switched to hydro and frankly i would never want to go back!
  7. It is one and the same pheno indeed, the moms, the cuts and the buds.
  8. I like the video but i don't see 98 rooted clones.
  9. Great to hear that Jet! As you can see from my topic i share your opinion about Amnesia Haze. I can't wait to take fresh cuts from the three to be mothers shown on the pictures above. The high is off this earth indeed and she is a hell of a yielder too when treated right! Basically: less is more.
  10. Nice to know that the Amnesia Haze i send you is so much to your liking my friend. I absolutely agree that she is special. As many times as i've grown this strain, it never bores me. She is a pleasure to grow and a pleasure to smoke So i can understand why you want to keep her. If your A.H. cuts don't make it, i'll send you fresh ones soon as i have 'm.
  11. I cannot tell yet which is what, but from the looks of it this one is certainly going to make it.
  12. Lol, i gave you the two most beautiful clones, what did you do to them?
  13. I've topped the biggest plant and made five fresh R.P.P. x Chemdawg clones. I've treated the mothers several times severe against pests and thus far i haven't detected anything suspicious on them nor the cuts. They look clean don't they? And here's my last three Amnesia clones that have to become mothers. They ain't too happy at the moment, but i'm sure they'll be fine soon. The third from the left is almost the right one. The one in the middle is almost a goner. And the one that's left is half decent. They've rooted in rock-wool, which i planted in coco. After that i added masonry sand to the top layer as bug prevention. And i've planted about half of the stash of seeds that my breeder friends shared with me. Some have been there for a while, causing me to forget where some seeds came from. More on that project when they've popped.
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