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  1. Thank you smilestyle! And you are right! I am currently updating my last grow report and my first with led here so be welcome to check it out and perhaps it makes you smile!
  2. A final update concerning the two remaining Amnesia Haze plants. Yesterday i harvested them both. But it was such a disappointment that i decided to make hash from it when it's dry. It wasn't even worth the trouble of trimming. Failure is also part of growing. You win some, you lose some. Twelve worked much better for me, so that's where i'm back to. Today, the ninth of July 2020 i planted twelve fresh Amnesia Haze cuts, that i am going to grow the same way as shown in this topic. After this round i will switch to led in this grow-room too. So, no need for a topic since it would be more of the same.
  3. A week later this is how they look. So far i haven't watered the seedlings since i planted them. The tensiometer read 110 mbar meaning they won't get any water yet. I'll let it run up some more. The day before yesterday my buddy cranked up the dimmer a little bit so the lamp is now the equivalent of a 1000 watts hps like i wanted . And that's all the news!
  4. Perhaps i was lucky, but i received the seeds without issues in Holland.
  5. The babies are catching on. I think they like it
  6. Sannie is the only one who can help you. To contact him click on the link posted above.
  7. Here's a picture of the led-light in action!
  8. Thanks HereticCleric! From the ten StarDawg seeds nine came up and all three freebees . So we're off with a great start! I planted these twelve seedlings immediately in the final 18 liter containers, so they can adjust to the light asap. And then i gave them 1.8 liter each (GHE pH minus powder (pH 5.5) Biosevia grow (Ec 1.0) and a little Fulvic Acid). I kept the Ec low because I couldn't get my hands on light-mix and this soil is kinda hot. After i was done i fired up the led. Love the color of this light, it takes a lot after the sun. Forgot to bring my camera, but i promise to post pictures soon.
  9. Since it is my first led grow, i'd like to share one last journal with you. Today i put ten female Stardawg and three freebee seeds into 4 x 4 cm rock wool cubes under a Samsung led strip 24/0. I was looking for a sativa dominant strain with indica like buds and stumbled upon this one. I got it from marijuana-seeds but can't quite determine which breeder it is. But that doesn't matter much to me, no pheno is the same anyway. The subscription sounds promising if you ask me. Although the lineage suggests it is more indica and so you would expect this to be a couch-lock inducing super stone, that is not the case. The appearance, effects and aroma of this variety definitely leans towards Sativa dominance. Highly energising and euphoric the cerebral high that this strain gives is nothing short of a joy. The parents of Stardawg are the Original Chemdog#4 crossed with Tres Dawg (which itself is a Chemdawg x Afghani cross), meaning that it has refined and concentrated all of the best aspects of the line into one beautifully punchy package. THC Levels are regularly tested in excess of 22%, but 19-20% would be the normal range for most growers. Because of the Afghani way back in its family tree the overall height of the plant stays relatively short for a sativa type plant. That being said, it still tops out between 150cm-2m indoors, and considerably taller outdoors. This means that training and topping may be needed if space is limited. The leaves are longer and thinner, although not pure sativa “fingers”, with a light “unripe lime” colour to them. Stardawg is quite hardy and will put up with a fair amount of rough treatment. It has a good resistance to pests and diseases, although in very high humidity areas it can sometimes be susceptible to mould if it gets wet. For medical patients Stardawg is a must for people experiencing anxiety or depression type disorders. It has received especially positive reviews from PTSD sufferers, and it is also an excellent appetite stimulant. Truth be told, i prefer cuts but i didn't have the patience to wait for them to root. I will certainly take cuts from these very expensive seedlings and would advice everybody considering to buy these seeds to do so. The Led light is made by my very gifted friend and is 660 watts. I'll post pictures of it later when in motion.
  10. The harvest is dry and with 904 grams under 1200 wats on 150 x 160 m2 i don't complain! Since i have leds now, i decided to do a final grow report. If it's going to be another Amnesia grow depends a little on if my cuts recover good enough. Probably because of the heat the cuts didn't catch on as well as last time. But it would be nice to do a grow under led with the same strain and under the same circumstances as my previous one with hps.
  11. Be sure to get your hands on this beautiful strain, cause it is a joy to both grow and smoke.
  12. Today i harvested the twelve Amnesia Haze plants. Due to the spider-mites a week earlier than desirable but nevertheless it seems to be a hell of a haul. Since this is my last grow report it would be nice to go out with a bang! When the nuggets are dry i'll let you know the score.
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