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  1. That sure looks good Sunny! The nine Shiva Skunk cuts are entering their final stages. The plants in the middle suffered a bit from light stress, but the buds seem to devellop fine. Hanging the lamp a little higher put further yellowing out to a hold. I think they can go another two or even three weeks. What do you guys think?
  2. I can dig it Doug. so i dug it you dig? Loving the leds! Keep it up!
  3. I never grew anything that Esko crossed, frankly i didn't even grow yet when he left. But i did learn a lot from his hydro growing topic in the hydro section and it was the main reason why i registered here. The HD method he advocated works and it works well. I dont understand why people who helped the grow community to grow get hate instead of credit. But that all makes it much easier to understand why Esko kept the honour to himself and took the hell off.
  4. Nice man! The plants obviously like the ledlights!
  5. Another round of Amnesia Haze is ready. My jars are full again, finally!
  6. And here are the pictures from the eight lemon Haze and one Northern Light seedlings. Almost time to harvest, right?
  7. Thanks! I am him and he is me. The camera is a Canon eos 500D.
  8. Yesterday i defoliated the nine Shiva Skunk clones and strung a net across them. This is how they looked this morning. The nine Lemon Haze seedlings are getting huge buds, but i'll take pictures of those when the lights are on.
  9. Three of the nine Lemon Haze seedlings are almost ready while the others can go for another week or two. And the nine Shiva Skunk cuts are building nicely! And that's all for now!
  10. Thanks! Good to hear you finaly tried her, i love citrus!
  11. Welcome to Opengrow Zeus77 from Greece. I hope you find the oldschool strain that you are looking for. Good luck! And your English is fine if you ask me.
  12. Growing pot isn't science if you ask me, but neither must be thought of too lightly. But that's just the opinion of a grower that still has lots of room for improvement.
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