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  1. Can't say Amnesia on soil tastes better or worse then grown on rock-wool. But i do think soil yields better. And some people do tell me they prefer the smell of my soil grown weed.
  2. Glad to know at least two still give a.... Still care! My 800 watts d.i.y. led yielded the following total grams: So with a led lamp of 800 watts i yielded 1178 grams of Amnesia (!!!) And with 1200 watts hps i yielded 900 grams... Seems clear to me which light is the winner.
  3. Nobody wants to know how much it was in comparison to hps?
  4. Here are some harvest pictures. Led has very much convinced me and i couldn't be happier!
  5. The 61th day of flowering. Since the plants started collapsing and seemed ready i harvested the first ten today. Zero mold, rock hard nuggets and almost no fluff. Two more plants to go tomorrow. The next twelve Amnesia Haze cuts are ready to go and since i plan on doing everything the same and there is not much interest, i won't keep a journal anymore. When the harvest is dry i will post the results in my final update and then i'm done. They say you're only as large as your last hit and this could very well be my biggest yet!
  6. I also use a heater and make sure the temperature is 28 degrees with the lights on and 22 with the lights out.
  7. Thanks! Yes ripen sends the plants into autumn where otherwise i keep them green until harvest.
  8. It's the forty-sixth day of flowering. We're entering the final stages. Almost time to start with GHE Ripen.
  9. Thank you Hidronesia! Thus far i couldn't be happier with how this grow goes. The leds i use are 3rd gen strips from the Samsung f-series. The plants drink twice as much as with hps in my grow. What's very important is how close you have the led to the canopy. If it's not close enough then the plants receive half or even less of the lumen the light produces. But i don't have enough knowledge of the specs to inform you thoroughly on this matter. Look for Wietefras at RIU, my lamps are build according to his calculations.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that Hidronesia, most growers are happy with led but it's nice we have options! Good luck with your switchback!
  11. Somehow the buds wouldn't become as dense as usual during my previous round. So the harvest of my last hps round was mediocre with only 850 grams under 1200 watts but it tastes good! I've taken out my hps lights and installed d.i.y. Samsung F-series led-strips. We're in the second week of flowering with Amnesia Haze.
  12. If i didn't know this is Amnesia you'd scare the crap out of me Smilestyle!
  13. The thirty-sixth day of flowering has commenced. Nothing much to mention besides that i am very happy with the way this grow goes. So here come the pictures. And that's it for now, see you next week!
  14. Looking good Misterdirt! Those buds sure look tasty! LOL!
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