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  1. The plants look healthy, but they seem to grow a lot of leafs. Is this because a nitrogen surplus or strain related?
  2. Perhaps try bigger containers, they cause less fluctuations of pH- and Ec levels. I am reusing coco coir for many rounds now and i never flush it after completing a round.
  3. I assumed you use large containers, please don't make an ass out of me!
  4. Just tear out the clod, loosen up the coco and water new plants with Ec 1.3 and pH 5.5 until you have drain. Then wait for a week before watering again.
  5. I am afraid you drew the wrong conclusion, because back in the days when there weren't stores where they sell soil for cannabis, people grew and smoked pot! And please don't take my word for it, but simply press the button in my autograph and see it for yourself: reused soil works like a charm!
  6. When growing mineral, reusing soil should no be an issue, simply because the medium functions merely as a tool that holds moist. Its not about being on a tight budget, but it is convenient when you can simply plant the new cuttings into the old pots! And it works, i can prove it if you don't believe me. Just follow my current topic to see reused soil live in action!
  7. I am by no means a master grower, but thanks for the love Dieseldog381! In my humble opinion problems only arise when growing organic (when reusing soil) because what goes on inside the pot is a mystery.
  8. I have to disagree. Frankly all the soil we use is reused, since soil itsself is older than dirt. The soil in the new bag isn't new, it's just old soil that has been treated and put into a new fancy bag. I recycle my soil for many rounds now and the harvests seem to get better the more cycles i complete!
  9. I don't think over watering is/was the issue here, but the new leaves seem fine so i'd leave them in there. This happens to my cuttings sometimes when they have trouble catching on, but soon as they do they're fine.
  10. Here's two photo's of the Amnesia Haze plants with the lights out. Now you can see their true colors and don't you love it!
  11. Howdy folks! Today, the eight of February 2020 the first day of flowering has begun for my twelve Amnesia Haze cuts. And that's all for now, bye bye!
  12. Looks delicious, enjoy!
  13. Time for some hydro action! Ladies and gents, i present to you Super Orange Glue and Watermelon Zkittles in the third week of flowering. And that's all for now!
  14. Damn it i'm hit with the Jet hammer! I love the cross my friend! Hope that you'll be back!
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