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  1. Hamme Hydro

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    Pap brought us in and will take us out!
  2. Hamme Hydro

    When is day 1 , day 1 ?

    What Papalag said.
  3. Hamme Hydro

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Never tried anything from Sinister Seeds yet, but the great reviews make me even more curious.
  4. Hamme Hydro


    I have a clone only Amnesia, that i received from a Dutch grower who didn't grow or smoke anything else for a long time. I grow her off and on for a couple of years now and even though the yields vary from small to big, the dried nuggets have a distinctive smell like nothing else. To me thát is the real Amnesia.
  5. Hamme Hydro

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    First of all, congratulations with this awesome opportunity! Before going big i would do a few runs with led so you know what you are talking about. Secondly: growing organic is not ideal for bigger grows if you ask me. I would say: go hydro and work with an ebb and flow system. This has proven itself to be very functional and the weed is just as good as organic grown! I have no experience with led myself, but i've heard it is a different experience.
  6. Hamme Hydro

    pretty projects in progress

    Very nice! The Amnesia's looks like the strain i have too.
  7. Hamme Hydro

    Biobizz Nutrient question

  8. Hamme Hydro

    Cannarie's Trees

    I hope you have better luck next time! The good thing is that airy ones taste no different from dense buds!
  9. Hamme Hydro

    Cannarie's Trees

    Mold is a bummer and i suspect that a high Ec is what caused it since you mentioned the temperatures were fine. I hardly ever go higher than 1.8 Ec with hungry plants growing on a 100% inert medium. I would toss the soil for the next round so you can monitor better what goes on. I don't believe radiation caused your buds to be airy, since i have my lamps up close enough to burn the main buds and everything still is rock hard. In my opinion airy buds are a result of spoiled plants that became too lazy to flower. It's the same with people when you spoil them, they get fat but develop no muscles!
  10. Hamme Hydro

    What size pots to use in a 1.2m x 1.2m tent

    I second the 2-3 gallon pots and if i ain't mistaken you can fit exactly twelve in a 120 x 120 tent. But if you don't want to grow more than four plants at a time i'd use four 6-7 gallon pots.
  11. Hamme Hydro

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Thank you, Papalag! It is a clone only strain i received from a friend. It might be from Hypro but i am not sure. It finishes in about 9,5 weeks flowering.
  12. Hamme Hydro

    A city rat story

    Great job Le rat, just awesome looking plants!
  13. Hamme Hydro

    Kinky Blaze x Silverfields

    Congratulations with your haul and see you next time, Justcozz!
  14. Hamme Hydro

    Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

    Thanks bro! No it is the same camera, i just took the pictures with the hps lights on and used white balance to cut out the yellow color.