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  1. The hard heads are rockin' it (rockin' it) on construction rock wool! Almost time to harvest. And now for some @e$kob@r inspired hydrostyle: I think it's going to be a lot of fun!
  2. This is exactly how my dog jumps in the water too, with a big SPLASH!! Love the pool also buddy, when is the barbecue? I'll bring a crate of cold Grolsch and some S.O.G!
  3. The mothers are doing well and can soon supply me with more cuts!
  4. I'd love to have some of them! Nice to hear from you pal and i am glad that i played a part in the immigration of a Dutch classic strain into the USA! I can understand you don't feel much like growing when you can buy good weed for a better price legally. Here in the Netherlands the weed that's being sold where they turn a blind eye on is very expensive. But electricity is too, still it is cheaper to grow your own weed and i like growing a lot. I never been to Texas but it sounds like a place i'd feel right at home!
  5. Thank you and nice to see you here again bro! Her name is Benthe. When i see how much fun four dogs are i wish i could get me another. But Benthe doesn't like other dogs so i cannot be distracted by a pup.
  6. Good to hear all is well and cranky cause i can relate to that! So our Amnesia lady likes to travel and lay on her back i guess. Good to hear you dig her!
  7. Thanks pal! I am fine and how are you @Papalag ?
  8. This is my Dutch Sheppard Dog who is very alert and protective. Lots of people are scared stiff!
  9. I lost my old Amnesia Haze mothers due to the heat but managed to get her back from a friend. Here's the new cuts and the mothers. The left one is an Indica. And this is the plants yesterday from my previous post on rockwool.
  10. Howdy @JetDro nice pack of GSD's you got there!
  11. Howdy guys and gals, it's been a while! How have you been? I'm growing ten Afghani #1 and two Northern Light (left front and middle) seedlings on construction rock-wool. they are in the second week 12/12.
  12. They look great but perhaps slightly overfed.
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