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  1. Welcome to Open Grow, love your garden!
  2. I appreciate it Indicalicious. Indeed reports certainly come in handy every now and then!
  3. Day six of flowering. Yesterday i poured 75 liters water with nutriment, pH 5.4 and Ec 1.3 (GHE BioSevia + BioBizz Fishmix.) in the tray and left in in there for the plants to drink the next couple of days. How much easier does growing get? On the left side Amnesia Haze and Super Shiva Skunk and to the right Super Orange Glue. Left. Right. The plants to the right are filling up a little less nice but when they are done growing i can switch crates with those that perform better.
  4. Note to self: Today the 26th of July 2020 i switched the clock to 12/1/2. I vegged the plants for 12 days, which may be a bit too long. Time will tell.
  5. The ninth day of flowering. Today i watered the plants and divided about twenty five liters over all twelve of them , pH minus powder pH 4.8 (a bit too low but it runs op anyway) GHE Biosevia Ec 1.3 and a cap of Biobizz fishmix. And after a refreshing drink: The plants are finally starting to look like i want them to! In retrospective i would not have hung the led so close to the seedlings from the get go. With hps it works fine to go full power soon as they show their faces, but when dealing with led it is a bit too harsh. But no biggie. The plants grew over their troubled youth and came out stronger!
  6. I read some very good reviews about the Super Farmer leds. I am considering the SF 4000 myself.
  7. Yesterday i topped all of the bigger plants and made cuts from the Amnesia Haze. After that i poured 75 liters of water (pH 5.0 and Ec 1.3) into the leaking tray for the plants to drink the next couple of days. This morning i lowered both lights to the lowest point possible while trying to find a compromise between the plants in the middle and those on the side. Almost time to flip!
  8. The fifth day of flowering. Even just a day after defoliating the plants are still leafy. The different phenotypes all have different drinking needs, so i am lifting up the pots and only water those that need it. I raised the light a little to cause some stretch.
  9. Almost time to top the cuts and they're not even a week in there! Except for lowering the lights a little each day, i have done nothing since i planted these cuts!
  10. Hi Saxo, nice to have you in the front row! I am fine thank you and how are you? A day after being topped this is how the Stardawg seedlings look.
  11. I think it's safe to say the cuts are starting to catch on. Soon as they grow a bit bigger i will top them.
  12. I topped the nine Stardawgs and three freebees and made cuts from them. And after that i switched the clock in the grow-room today to 12/12 on the 16th of July.
  13. I believe that's why they leave the bottom leafs on the plant. Nice plants you got there, they look healthy as can be!
  14. The more i read about it, the more appealing defoliation sounds to me. I've pulled of a couple of leaves during my past grows, but some growers go as far as removing nearly all leaves on the twenty first day of flowering. They only leave a handful of leaves below and claim they seen their harvests increase ever since.
  15. My buddy had some cuts left over and i was lucky enough to be granted them! Namely Amnesia Haze, Super Shiva Skunk and Super Orange Glue. Since there were plenty of them, i dusted of the crates. I'm going to grow them hydro style by ebb and flood with dirt as the medium! I planted two cuts in each of the nineteen crates. After that i flooded 150 liter water (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) left it in there for a couple or hours and pumped it out. I got about seventy-five liters in return. To decrease the pH i use pH minus powder and the nutriment of choice is GHE Biosevia grow. I didn't water the cuts from the top yet, long as they look happy i don't think they need it. Amnesia Haze to the left, Super Shiva Skunk in the middle and right Super Orange Glue. The light is 2 x 600 watts hps and maybe later i will add another 400 watts in the middle. Every now and then i will post pictures of this grow.
  16. Yesterday I watered the plants severe. This time by holding the pots with the bottom into the water (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) until the medium was fully saturated. And this is how the plants look today. The plant in the middle right looks a little awkward. Never seen this before, at least not to my recollection. Than again, i never seen a ufo in my grow-room neither, but does that prove anything?
  17. I think your best bet it to pay cash.
  18. Thank you smilestyle! And you are right! I am currently updating my last grow report and my first with led here so be welcome to check it out and perhaps it makes you smile!
  19. A final update concerning the two remaining Amnesia Haze plants. Yesterday i harvested them both. But it was such a disappointment that i decided to make hash from it when it's dry. It wasn't even worth the trouble of trimming. Failure is also part of growing. You win some, you lose some. Twelve worked much better for me, so that's where i'm back to. Today, the ninth of July 2020 i planted twelve fresh Amnesia Haze cuts, that i am going to grow the same way as shown in this topic. After this round i will switch to led in this grow-room too. So, no need for a topic since it would be more of the same.
  20. A week later this is how they look. So far i haven't watered the seedlings since i planted them. The tensiometer read 110 mbar meaning they won't get any water yet. I'll let it run up some more. The day before yesterday my buddy cranked up the dimmer a little bit so the lamp is now the equivalent of a 1000 watts hps like i wanted . And that's all the news!
  21. Perhaps i was lucky, but i received the seeds without issues in Holland.
  22. The babies are catching on. I think they like it
  23. Sannie is the only one who can help you. To contact him click on the link posted above.
  24. Here's a picture of the led-light in action!
  25. Thanks HereticCleric! From the ten StarDawg seeds nine came up and all three freebees . So we're off with a great start! I planted these twelve seedlings immediately in the final 18 liter containers, so they can adjust to the light asap. And then i gave them 1.8 liter each (GHE pH minus powder (pH 5.5) Biosevia grow (Ec 1.0) and a little Fulvic Acid). I kept the Ec low because I couldn't get my hands on light-mix and this soil is kinda hot. After i was done i fired up the led. Love the color of this light, it takes a lot after the sun. Forgot to bring my camera, but i promise to post pictures soon.
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