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  1. Looking good my friend, you did a hell of a job! Enjoy the ride!
  2. The over watering flushed out the last bits of nutriment - which accelerated the deficiency - causing the plants to degenerate quick.
  3. Plants for three weeks in veg on light mix with only water and pH minus? It's a nutriment deficiency if you ask me.
  4. Thanks! Yes i can reuse the slabs despite that, no problem at all! Turning them around after this round is an option to get rid of that green shit.
  5. Here are the pictures of the entire room. Frankly the room is divided into two parts. On the left side i have twenty clones in twenty crates under a 1150 watt dimable lamp. Right now i set it to 750 watts. These clones were the ones that rooted first from the batch. The biggest plants are obviously the cuts that had the most roots when i planted them. A lack of uniformity is the downside of only having one per crate. On the right side i used three clones per crate and six crates under one 600 watts lamp. This is ideally and i wish i could have filled the entire room this way, but i didn't have enough clones. I used slabs in crates and the cuts took off like mad. They beat some of their sisters that have been there for three weeks! These cuts been planted five days ago and look at them go! This is how the entire room will look my next grow, three per crate and slabs for the win! One slab per crate is perfect and the crates lift them up which makes the slabs fully saturate. I watered a little to high causing algae growth on the wet top layer. Not a biggy, but next time i will flood less high. Almost time for 12/12 but not yet. Thanks for following and see you next update!
  6. The medium is not that important, what counts now is that you raise the humidity for those cuts, otherwise they will certainly die. But if you can get your hands on rock-wool cubes i can highly recommend them for cloning. Make sure you keep the top layer dry when you wet the cubes. It will prevent algae growth and speed up rooting.
  7. Impressive how well those cuts remained! Jet has done an excellent job! I'd put them into rock-wool cubes in a propagator under minimal light with the hood on for at least 24 hours.
  8. I have twenty crates under approximately 150 cm x 150 cm and i had twenty clones that all rooted within two weeks. I didn't change my way of cloning, but strangely enough this time they rooted much better then previously. The mother that i kept outside was healthy and kept low on nutriment. Perhaps that caused the clones to root quicker. Ideally i like to have two or three rooted clones per crate, planted deep into the substrate with their feet into the moist. When the clones have a decent set of roots they take off like mad and you can switch within a few days. But i only had twenty and didn't want to wait any longer. It means staying longer in veg and more plants in different sizes.
  9. I have a room full of Amnesia which is going to go on 12/12 this Saturday. Pictures will follow later.
  10. Nine and a half weeks is good for Amnesia Haze. Glad you finally got a chance to try her, i am still fresh out of so you have to wait for my sample. I'd like to try your Silverfields in the future bro and eight weeks is very quick!
  11. That's gonna be a full house! Good luck!
  12. Thanks for the kind offer my friend! I don't have any room now, but i'd love to try them on a later note!
  13. No i still have control, i added dirt to the mix but i didn't change my method.
  14. The golden rule with Amnesia Haze is less is more. I have grown yellow plants that produced more than their green sisters.
  15. Not a leaf burned nor a single red stem! Very good my friend!
  16. I'd only replace the tuner that's broke and use steel strings thickness 012 or 013.
  17. When the rooted cuts almost need watering, thát is the time to mail them, without covering them in plastic. Being dry, they won't have a chance to rot.
  18. Yes they did Jet and i am positive now that the best time to send them is when they almost dry out and without raising the humidity by covering them with plastic.
  19. Try keeping them in the dark for a few days with the dome on. The last thing they need now is light.
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