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  1. Amnesia is slow with rooting, some cuts take me a month before they show any roots. The trick is: minimal light, tube or led ( i use led strips to clone from about 60 cm distance) and take the dome of after 24/0.  When they rooted, i transplant them into startblocks and leave them  there to root some more. I wait until i see them really catching on, about two to three weeks. That's why i take cuts about seven weeks before harvest of the current grow. And when the Amnesia cuts have a nice set of roots and are transplanted into the grow-room, they take off like a balloon. You can literally see them grow.  The first couple of times is grew her, she hit the ceiling. It resulted in long twigs with not much flowers to it. 

    Just be patient and remember: she likes nutriment, but no too much! And she yellows out quick. 

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  2. R.P.P. x Chemdawg is a crossing done by Collie Weed. The R.P.P. was created from ms Universe x New York Diesel done by forum member Crimsonfart a few years back. Crimson arranged a contest that i'won and the prize was 23 of those seeds. I grew them and the results were to our likings.


    Luckily almost of those seeds turned out to be female.




    NYC Diesell x Ms Universe = R.P.P.

    And  because of the buds reeking like berry and the grow came  along online, i suggested to call the strain Raspberry Pi Processor (RPP). Breeder Crimson liked that name so we went with it. 

    Even though the buds were big, they were a little airy, so Collie Weed decided to cross her with Chemdawg, known for it's amazing density.  

    That is how R.P.P. x Chemdawg came together and the buds are now indeed dense. I hope this helps!




    R.P.P. x Chemdawg. 

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  3. Don't overfeed her and certainly don't flush at this point! Give her Ec tapwater + 1.0.  Once she recovers, try Ec  tapwater + 0.8 and if it goes well, try Ec tapwater + 0.7 until you've found the sweet spot. The basic rule is Amnesia doesn't like too much fertilizers and when you found the sweet spot she is one of the quickest growing plants i've seen.  Slow grow is a sign she ain't happy. 

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  4. 4 minutes ago, JetDro said:

    NEW soil yesterday.................INERT soil........................nothing in it.  50 % perlite 50 % Sunshine  4  . Did give her nutes with the water just today............................ARGH.......................

    Then the soil was most certainly not too hot! Giving her nothing to eat with the sun burning on her head caused the leaves to curl from stress.  Since she has a nutriment shortage, give her a little extra. 

  5. 8 hours ago, Justcozz said:

    I’ve been doing some research on the NP, but not much out there as far as grows go. The few journals I’ve seen are right about where I am in flower. I did read somewhere that the pinks will start showing closer to the end of flower. If it is some solid smoke, I don’t care if it has color...pink pistils is a plus. Pink Pistils....should be a band name...lol

    I don't know about that band bro! :P

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