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  1. Thanks I've had years when it was a jungle in there when I was growing in pots but I think there's more packed in there this year. They're tall plants but no buds on the first 3-4 feet. You could get the same yeild with shorter plants probably but yield isn't my first concern. Trying to grow good medicine and have sustainable beds. Planning what to do with the boxes after harvest is over. I'm thinking spread my vegetable compost I'm making over the top with a little dirt and grow clover again. Keep the worms alive. Hard to check the worms, don't want to disturb the layers. Not sure if the mycos will still be there next year? Thanks Hempyfan for all the vids! Very educational, and I can't chew the cover off the books. Still a lot I have to watch.
  2. This is what it was looking like last year, not one of the better years. Doing better this year
  3. I was really blown away at how well this layering things works, that and the proper mycos put down in the dirt. I can't rebuild it every year so I guess it's just supposed to keep going. I could cut a hole where the old plant was maybe big enough for the new clone to be planted. Have to see how that goes or how I would do it, hole saw?
  4. I read somewhere that the roots will help your grow. I'm wondering about end of season this year how much plant do I want to pull up? Maybe cut the main stalk down a few inches underground? So All those little roots would provide a pathway for next years roots? I'm curious to see how organic no till will do in upcoming years. I think I plan to add a little more soil and grow some clover in the Winter. That would be all the prep I do...maybe
  5. Guess I'm being a tightwad wanting to save oil by using water and oil. I haven't tried water, coconut oil and lecithin yet, have to see what that does. I think I cook too hot. I have the instant pot go for 4 hours then keep warm the rest of the night. Has a very light kind of burnt smell. I might try cook for half an hour then just keep warm all night, might be good. I use the low pressure setting and cooking a small amount setting. I don't know how it would change the pressure other than turning up the heat. The one I made on high did have a burnt smell. The other way I have is leave on the stove all day. I have these simmer plates I use to keep the heat down. I have to try double boiler. Be much better in the Winter to keep the room warm.
  6. tacman7


    Growing in pots I watered twice a week and one of those was a feeding. In raised beds I try and keep the worms alive so I water everyday according to how hot it is. Sometime very lightly. Home depot has Alaska fish fertilizer that seems good. Comes in a bloom version too. I always used a system like GO when I was in pots. http://greenbookpages.com/general-hydroponics-general-organics-feeding-charts/
  7. That looks like it took more than a year to grow? Pot tree. Just reach out your window and cut a bud off when you need it? Looks amazing. So you had to trim it and train it to do that?
  8. I was thinking this decarb is to activate the medicine, but what does it do for you if it's going to be cooking all day, doesn't that decarb it? Decarb shrivels it up and shrinks it? I don't have enough freezer room so this trim is in bags. Thought l'd try and make up butter/oil in advance. I wonder if you can store the oil at room temp? Or would it mold? I guess the trim can be stored for some time room temp, I'm using oven baking bags to keep it in. We thought we had problems when we didn't have any pot. We weren't prepared for success. Thank You! Picture: Left Coconut oil no water, right butter with water and lecithin.
  9. I been having problems with my hands so haven't been doing too much. Have to try making Ghee. I have a can of it, about 5 years old, have to check it out. Got it to try making Bhang. I haven't found a good way to decarb. I do small batches in a skillet to make a Bhang. My oven is an RV 3 burner and it just burns the bottom close to the pan. Have to experiment with half at a time maybe. The butter seems like it worked out ok, didn't taste burnt but got a little blackened when cooking. Thanks
  10. I let it run all day. I let it get too hot in the afternoon but maybe not. I'll make something and see if it tastes burnt. Costs extra for the toasty flavor. After testing I will try it again with oil. Easier to store now. I like that you wouldn't have to make butter, it's in the freezer ready to go. I hope freezing is ok. Thanks
  11. Thanks guys I got into making RSO for a patient a few years back. We bought a freezer and a still and an induction cooker. Made a bunch of oil but it wasn't my cup of tea at the time. Might have to think about that some. I'm going to try a water and butter and lecithin batch. I'm thinking I can process more trim with less oil/butter. I could use coconut oil instead of butter I guess? Never made it with coconut oil. This stuff is really good but it was really dry when trimmed so you have all that sugar leaf crumbled up into the mix. So 7 cups of trim will fit in my sauce pan. 1 pound of butter? maybe 2, then water to cover mixture. It really only needs to cook for an hour? Thought I seen that somewhere. Well just thought I'd try and see how it does.
  12. I make pain cream with coconut oil in a pressure cooker, just started making oil for cookies and brownies the same way. My neighbor gave me some trim. Problem is I don't want to use all the oil or butter. Well I'd like to get the good stuff out of this trim but I don't want to make a gallon of butter. What about going back to the water and butter or water and oil method? Would that be able to process more trim? Seems like I remember if you get too much pot oil the butter had a problem maybe, can't remember. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks
  13. Sorry, just saw this post, I'll get reading, looks like a lot of info! Thanks
  14. I was reading that if I'm not mulching I'm missing the point or something. I was just burying my half a cabbage head or other cooking waste. So I dug out a mulching machine that runs on electricity. Does pretty good. Can't use it on vegetables though, makes pulp. (going to put in food processor) Tears up weeds though. Also gets rid of your stalks at harvest time. I been popping those weed things in the pic out with my granpa's weed popper, I'll grind them up and see how it looks. My wife was reading about this and wanted me to find out where it grows (nowhere near us): https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/gardening/a21598753/giant-hogweed/ So that might not be good for compost. There was a guy in the hospital that cut one down that had permanently damaging burns over blah blah blah. Didn't look like fun anyway.
  15. I added a little less than two teaspoons of this powder per box. In about 2 1/2 gal of water for each two teaspoons. https://buildasoil.com/products/coconut-water-powder-raw-freeze-dried-organic?variant=1040251460 I didn't shop around enough. Usually Amazon's price is just as good. But I paid $36 for something they sell for $20, both free shipping. I was reading about coconut water, pretty interesting. It was mentioned in the video that I was following. I'm cutting the lights off completely today. I been cutting back and they look pretty pre flower. The leaves that will be buds are a lighter green. I also bought some of this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002YI4ZTS/ Going to water that in very lightly but I'm going to wait until they're used to natural light.
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