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  1. tacman7

    No Till Raised Bed Methodology

    Thanks! Yeah, I think it will work out. I'm going to use old dirt with amendments and grow clover on it this Winter. Along with add earth worms. I think I should still be able to use General Organics nutrients maybe, at a reduced level maybe. Have to see how that goes. I've had really good luck with them, no ph' ing with it either.
  2. tacman7

    No Till Raised Bed Methodology

    I like the looks of the raised beds, guess I have to do a lot more reading. Like in this link taken from the next thread here: https://www.cannabisfabricpots.com/blog/no-till-cover-cropping-and-top-dressing-with-brownguy420/ They use crimson clover to grow off season to enhance the soil. Going to try that.
  3. So I want to quit using pots because I can't do all the lifting to transplant. I've watched a few vids but not sure exactly what I need to do. I will build some sort of beds with steel mesh bottoms to sit on the ground in my greenhouse. Then fill them up and add worms. I plan on skipping Winter grow and make these boxes. I would then fill them and add worms and let them get working so they would be ready for next Summer. So I only have a general outline of what to do, appreciate help from someone who's used this method etc. I have last seasons dirt and I would buy some new stuff to add to it. Ocean Forest? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  4. tacman7

    Instant Pot

    Haven't been here in a while, I get so swamped during Summer. My sister sent me a 6 qt instant pot, pretty cool gadget. I was wanting to try making our oil for body rub with it and I read something about using fresh cannabis in it. So I gave that a try, have to try a few other ways but seems pretty good, still undergoing rigorous testing. It's just a computer controlled pressure cooker. I put in a bundt cake pan on a wire rack with water underneath it then covered it with foil. Cooked it for 2 hours and let it cool all night. Not wild about the way it smells, strong and kind of burnt smell. As long as it kills pain though. I'm going to try low pressure for longer next time.
  5. tacman7

    Newsweek Special Edition: Weed

    I forgot about ad's. Get the British version on Sound on Sound if you want some ads. You can heat your cabin with them. I guess since this is a 'special edition' is why there's not a single ad in it. Did cost $11, though! I just wanted to support the whole pot positive media, was my feeling at the time.
  6. tacman7

    Newsweek Special Edition: Weed

    Lot of fancy pictures and short bits of information. So you could see a story then research it online to get a lot more info. I knew there was some reason I quit buying magazines! Lot of positive stuff about our legalized landscape.
  7. Saw this magazine in the market and decided to buy it. Nice Magazine, haven't bought a magazine in a few decades but I was moved to buy it.
  8. tacman7

    Nice Letter

    I clicked on one of those things that sends a letter to your representative and got this reply: Thank you for contacting me regarding marijuana protections. I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond. I understand you support the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment to the “Fiscal Year 2019 Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies (CJS) Appropriations Act” (S.3072). As you know, this amendment would prohibit the United States Department of Justice from using federal funds to interfere in state-legal medical marijuana programs. You will no doubt be pleased to learn that the Senate version of the “Fiscal Year 2019 CJS Appropriations bill,” which contains language similar to the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, was passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee, of which I am a member, and now is awaiting consideration before the full Senate. You may also be interested to know that I voted in favor of this bill. Once again, thank you for writing. Should you have any other questions or comments, please call my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841 or visit my website at feinstein.senate.gov . You can also follow me online at YouTube , Facebook , and Twitter, and you can sign up for my email newsletter at feinstein.senate.gov/newsletter . Best regards. Sincerely yours, Dianne Feinstein United States Senator
  9. tacman7

    Canada Legalizes!

    Oh Ya, you betcha!
  10. tacman7

    Summer 2018 Started May 15

    Thanks, they're still inside because we've been having cool overcast days with showers. Next week sunshine supposed to show up. I'm going to put more effort into keeping them in Veg, better lighting to come on in the middle of the night. Lots of cheap LED bulbs. I do 3 burst of light 15min on 15min off around midnight.
  11. tacman7

    Summer 2018 Started May 15

    Bought my Summer clones on May 15th. Started Summer last year on June 1st but wanted to start a little earlier, so Summer has begun! Mix of White widow, Mimosa, Vegas kush, Gg4
  12. tacman7

    Gave Me a Chuckle

    Baby Blues
  13. Talking about when to start, glad I don't have plants out. Those are commercial growers and a house close to one of their grows. That's a brown roof except it's white with frost.
  14. I waited until June 1 last year because I've had problems with too early. It was a good grow but the plants weren't as tall as other years, good quality though. I buy clones and put them in the greenhouse, don't have indoor setup at all. Going to try late April this year. I'm running a lot more/stronger light (but still cheap 60w led bulbs). Going to do another wave 2-3 weeks later to compare. I give them some morning light and evening light as well as midnight wake up routine to keep them in veg. I've seen pictures in a book where they were out in the fields holding lights over the plants at night to keep them in veg is where I got the idea for night time wake up.
  15. tacman7

    Paint it White!

    I always tried to use white roofing when I could, or as light as I can get. Stays cooler. Especially now that the planet is spiraling into the sun, we need to keep cool. Saw this article about painting the streets white. Pretty cool. https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/climate-weather/blogs/how-los-angeles-beating-heat-white-painted-streets