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  1. Dug out the link, it's only an hour and a half so you can sit through that puppy. Also this is the product I bought after watching the video: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WKQK7KK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The boxes have a tough shade screen on the bottom. I put a layer of sphagnum moss followed by a layer of good high carbon dirt we bought. About 2-3" thick layers. Then I sprinkled the myco mentioned above on top of the dirt of each layer. Then a sprinkling of vermiculite with the myco. I think we repeated that about 5 or so times so the dirt is down 5=6" from the top of the box which is 20" tall. 4 boxes had red clover (worms were added when clover was really going) grown in them then the last two boxes were finished and just got hay on them. The first 4 got hay that squished the clover down. Those boxes show the biggest results.
  2. Someone gave me a link to a video that was way more technical than I was wanting. But he said there was only one strain of myco that was perfect for cannabis and to look for blah blah blah. I went and bought something that had this in it: Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum, G. etunicatum I think it was the glomus word I was looking for maybe. But these results are like what he was showing.
  3. The pics above were taken on 7-4 and these are 7-19. I'm slowly adjusting the lighting but I want to wait some weeks before I go sans lights. It will probably go into flower then. I still wonder if I should use some flower nutes a little. have to think about that. These have only had water. Going to be bending the tops over, scrog type of deal. The back two boxes got planted last so smaller back there. Plants not in the boxes are WAY smaller. I think a lot of that is the microbes I chose and quality of dirt. Earthworms are a big part too.
  4. I was just kind of surprised that this one thing could fix everything.
  5. Had a wild time lately. My knee was giving me problems for a few days then my left hand swelled up and kept me up all night. Went to ER and they gave me flexiril and Ibuprofen. While getting over that my right shoulder started hurting and my hip did the same the next day. I could barely walk around yet alone do anything. Got to doctor and he gives me prednisone. Everything all better and I'm feeling young again. What the heck? So I guess this means my body quit making the stuff it needs to make. Well doctor didn't tell me anything, just take this. You can't take prednisone all the time, so not sure what I should be doing to prevent a recurrence. I am trying this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MCUYRBO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. A crew of these guys came to the place next to me yesterday. Been waiting all day to see if they're coming back. They had big dumpster and a bunch of cars and guys and a helicopter. They cut it down and put it in bundles then lift it with the helicopter and put it in the dumpster. They were out there 3-4 hours, made a lot of trips. The copter is not a pleasing sound to the marijuana grower.
  7. I was looking at the charts, in the middle of September it gets down to 12 hour days. I don't think I can make it that long. I started late so as to grow a Natural Summer Grow, that's my theory. Flowering in the wrong season has caused lots of problems around here. I should be good if I can make it to middle of August or so and drop the lights. I just have regular led bulbs supplementing 18/6 to keep them out of flower. When do you do outdoor flower?
  8. I wanted to read through this, I think it's might be where I got some of my info: https://forum.grasscity.com/threads/no-till-gardening-revisited.1400505/ Anyway, I'm sprouting popcorn and have it ready. Going to see how to use it. You grind it up and mix the water with enough to water the whole grow. But I also was reading about fermenting it. Have to get up on that pretty quick.
  9. Don't know if you saw coverage of a giant bust going on a while back in Anza. The one area in which there is a great deal of unfairness and bitter resentment is found in the Anza Valley. The Anza Valley is a beautiful and idyllic sparsely populated locale nestled in the Santa Rosa Mountains 40 miles southwest of Palm Springs and 90 miles northeast of San Diego. Long a small agricultural community with an ideal climate and rural location, it has for many years been a Mecca for cannabis cultivation. With the advent of Prop. 64, many of the growers there have sought to legitimize their endeavors through inclusion in Riverside County's newly developed commercial cultivation ordinance, but have been thwarted by the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. Not letting a murder investigation that had begun in the area on Tuesday evening interfere, approximately 80 search warrants were served on cannabis cultivators on Wednesday, June 5. With a staging area established at the local Hamilton High School in the unincorporated town of Anza, over 600 personnel including deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's office, Army National Guard, Code Enforcement and Animal Control and other public safety agencies swarmed over the rural area serving warrants, confiscating crops and arresting local residents The search warrants resulted in the confiscation of: 140,877 marijuana plants (estimated at $189 million dollars street) 3,037 pounds of processed marijuana 17 rifles and 10 handguns 70 tons of plants disposed
  10. Long time no been here! Got my beds finished and plants have sprouted. Long ways to go, I try and make a Summer grow so harvest close to fall maybe, have to see how it goes. Long time to be in veg. Or I might just be Bhanging. 4 beds got a lot of prep last two got whatever was left over so I"m giving them some General Organics and some Alaska fish from Home Depot. Transplanted from plastic cups to 1 gal pots the day I got them, straight ocean forest watered with B1. Transplanted into the big boxes 2 boxes at a time. Size depends on how long they been in the big boxes. Coming along.
  11. I use an instant pot to make our pain cream. I use a different deal now, stainless containers (cake pans) that are covered that fit in the instant pot. It pressure cooks for 4 hours then cools for an hour. Just coconut oil and pot, no water gets into the pot. Pretty happy with results and it's easy to do, I have a squishier ( a sausage press) that wrings the oil out of it.
  12. Only use clones I buy. Never had much luck with popping my own seeds and sexing plants. Going to be nice not having to transplant. Getting my clones next week after the predicted rain this weekend. We got a lot of rain this year. Going to be working out clearing weeds for fire safety. The beds stay pretty moist with the hay on top. Have to figure out how much to water without over watering. Things will be different when it warms up, I'm ready, tired of being cold. It goes from too cold to work to too hot to work really quick.
  13. I have 4 beds made. They grew clover then I put hay on it with worms in it. Now waiting for clones coming first or second week of May. The last two beds I'm going to run regular grow with some nutes. The no till will get just water, I guess. Sprouted popcorn water for enzymes. Should be interesting Summer.
  14. Thanks, I have more of a working theory now! I had last years pots which I thought should be good dirt without too many nutes. Then I bought a yard when my neighbor got a delivery. So we stirred up a big pile and two (of the 6) boxes ate it all. Lot more dirt than pots! I'm going to have to get more dirt. I was going to go to HD and get some garden soil but that stuff has guano, kelp, and other stuff that's supposed to last two months. I just want plain dirt, I'll check and see if my local hydro place has something like they mention in the video. I live in the desert but we have trees with natural mulch around them from 20 years of growth. I might do some looking before I get spending too much. Thanks again!
  15. Yea, that would be great. I've never heard a theory about use sand here and then put this and that. I've had problems with some dirt I bought locally getting really compacted. Not sure what I need to put in to keep that from happening. I have last years dirt and a lot of vegetable cuttings from cooking starting to compost. Not sure if I should put stuff like that on the bottom or on top. I also have some of those clay balls that we found at an abandoned grow. About half an inch diameter. They hold water I guess, wonder if they would keep the soil from compacting? I have my crimson clover seed and bio live. I'm going to try the popcorn enzymes thing. But the bio and the popcorn are for later in the grow I think... I'm also buying a yard of some dirt my neighbor recommends, not sure if I want to keep it separate to try growing in it straight or mix it in my beds. Decisions, decisions. Summer coming soon, trying to get in shape!
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