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  1. Talking about when to start, glad I don't have plants out. Those are commercial growers and a house close to one of their grows. That's a brown roof except it's white with frost.
  2. I waited until June 1 last year because I've had problems with too early. It was a good grow but the plants weren't as tall as other years, good quality though. I buy clones and put them in the greenhouse, don't have indoor setup at all. Going to try late April this year. I'm running a lot more/stronger light (but still cheap 60w led bulbs). Going to do another wave 2-3 weeks later to compare. I give them some morning light and evening light as well as midnight wake up routine to keep them in veg. I've seen pictures in a book where they were out in the fields holding lights over the plants at night to keep them in veg is where I got the idea for night time wake up.
  3. Paint it White!

    I always tried to use white roofing when I could, or as light as I can get. Stays cooler. Especially now that the planet is spiraling into the sun, we need to keep cool. Saw this article about painting the streets white. Pretty cool. https://www.mnn.com/earth-matters/climate-weather/blogs/how-los-angeles-beating-heat-white-painted-streets
  4. https://www.pressreader.com/usa/los-angeles-times/20180414/281487866934756
  5. Growing Old Fashioned

    I buy from local clone sellers, usually a little of everything they got. I'll see if they can lean more towards indica this time. Main thing I'm going to do is forgo the extra bud enhancers and go for more natural healthy pot. I mean the plants will be healthier. Those salts really hit them and make them droopy and weak. They do make for a more commercial product, where they smell really great and they keep that smell after curing. I don't sell it so don't need to go that route. I always had that as a goal though, to grow as good as the dispensaries. So been there, done that, I can work towards better medicine now.
  6. Growing Old Fashioned

    I've been getting a variety, works good for my wife. I might get more indica this time. I thought those additives were making it too strong but maybe not. Going to try without them anyway. Getting very close to start of Summer Grow! I had 4 quality plants this Winter and 7 plants that got stretchy buds. I'm going to try making a Bhang out of the stretch and see how it is. Thanks
  7. Growing Old Fashioned

    We only drink cannabis (Bhang) but I find that I need the medicine we grew in 2015. I just figured out though, that it won't last forever! My growing has improved every year. Everyone loves what I grow because it's so strong and very strong smelling. But it doesn't work for me, too strong I guess. The 2015 that we call Old Fashioned is good anti anxiety medicine. So I'm thinking about not going for such killer pot. I do General Organics grow pretty much by the book, 2 watering's a week with one being with nutes. But I've been adding the salts Beasty Blooms and Cha Ching, so basically just try it without those, straight organic grow. Other tips for anti anxiety grow?
  8. Bull

    I watch the CBS show Bull, nice show. The other night the episode 'Bad Medicine' was about CDB oil and laws and stuff. Generally reflective of a positive move towards MMJ. Mostly what I'm seeing in the popular media is pro marijuana. Some new wild ass charges, the other day there was some statistic that had a bad connotation and the author of the article laid it off to recreational legalization as the cause. No stats or reasoning just something they pulled out of their ass. Anyway if you want to check it out they let you stream current episodes for free for some weeks after the airing. They try and sell you a membership but if you keep clicking you can actually watch the episode. https://www.cbs.com/shows/bull/
  9. Bug spray

    I've mixed it in some but mainly put it on top.
  10. Bug spray

    I'm outdoor only. Winter was nice, no bugs at all! Summer coming and I'm getting ready. Have to try the diatomaceous earth, I have the bits. I also do dipel dust when they're teenagers. We can have bud worms like crazy some years, that takes care of them. Also Wheezes remedy, dryer sheets on top of the pots. Now it's just a matter of the grasshoppers! You have to learn how grab them instantly while they think they're camouflaged and squish them between your fingers in one fluid move. If they hop they disappear. They are eatable.
  11. Mama's in the kitchen making balms

    I'm thinking of giving away samples of pain cream. So many people only smoke and don't do any edibles or want any balm type stuff. Guess a lot have spent good money at a dispensary for something with no effect. Need to find some nice little jars, they want a lot to buy empty jars! That's one thing about my pain cream is it smells like marijuana. Who would have thought? Hard for working people to use. There's some new legislation starting to protect marijuana users from discrimination in the workplace. You can't fire me just because I'm a stoner.
  12. Soil & Nutrients

    I started with fox farms ocean forest. That's pretty much sure grow type of deal. You have to learn to ph your water and get a meter to do it with or grow organic and no ph needed. I've been really happy with them: https://generalhydroponics.com/general-organics-line/ Good genetics are just as important as the right dirt and the right nutes. Oh yeah, the right light and the right temps. Everything is just as important as everything else! Kind of.
  13. Winter Stretch Buds

    No it looked normal to start with, even was flowering ok. I think the days keep getting longer and it kind of tried to go back to veg and the buds started growing when it should just be flowering. So it's an over stressed plant, hard to say exactly what pushed it too far. It will still make good medicine though, so I'm using it for sure. Whatever the universe hands us!
  14. Bhang by Tacman7

  15. Winter Stretch Buds

    I've had good luck keeping the plants IN veg with lights coming on 3 times in the middle of the night 15min on/15min off. (14 LED floods) This Winters grow was up at a good size and I stopped the midnight lights and after a few weeks changed their nutes to flower. They're coming along, some clear but still lots of cloudy trichs. I could harvest now but a few more weeks would make them better medicine. Summer 2017 was started late but was perfect lighting for the plants, probably best I've grown as far as I could sell those to a dispensary. Starting a little earlier would bring their size up. On the Winter grow here adding the Cha Ching makes them really floppy but makes them smell fantastic.